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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Light It Up

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Big Spaces

Candice metter here with another podcast for shaw homes, custom homes builder in Broken Arrow, and today I’m going to continue telling you about some of our beautiful move in ready homes that we have for families who don’t have time to build a need something quickly. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, so, and continuing in big spaces and beautiful somerset neighborhood. This is a gated community just off of the intersection of 121st and Sheridan. We have one of our Redford’s are redford three for sale, um, which is my favorite version of the Redford Redford. It has a, a big front porch on it, a nice front porch area, beautiful elevation as you walk up. This home is 2,354 square feet.

It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a three car garage. Now, uh, there’s a lot of things that make the Redford such a special home besides that big front porch area. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, the, the great room is large, which is really, really nice, overlooking a large covered patio, but our, as a broken and our custom homebuilder people, our clients kept telling us what they wanted. And one of the things that they wanted was not to have two eating areas, they just wanted a one large eating area that was big enough to accommodate formal dining room furniture. So that is what we have given them in the Redford. I’m the great room is open to the large kitchen, which is another thing that makes the Redford so special in a lot of these open island floorplans you lose a lot of storage space, a lot of cabinet space in the kitchen, but this Redford, I’m not only has a cabinetry behind the island,

but also on one whole wall on the side of the kitchen, which is so great for lots of extra storage. Then when you’re standing there at your kitchen sink basically in the island looking straight ahead, you are overlooking this very, very large eat in area just off of the kitchen and it is plenty big enough for all your formal dining room furniture. It has beautiful windows that overlook the backyard and adored that walks out to the patio and a or you could customize it by putting a second fireplace in there. Of course it comes with a corner fireplace in the great room, but you could also put one in the nook area if you wanted to. Um, the, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, the hearth room or the Nook area that we call. I mean, it’s just one of those wow factors when people walk in and they see it, they literally say, Oh wow. Um, we call the red for the marriage saver a home because you don’t have to share. I hear from a, as a broken arrow, custom home builder. I hear from husbands and wives all the times that they don’t like to share cause closet space. Well, the Redford checks that box because it has a, his and her side. Um, so you don’t have to share

also in the master bathroom, his and hers vanities. Check that box too. You don’t have to share. So I’m, the Redford also has a nice study in it. And Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, as well as a large master bedroom with that very, very popular lock in from the garage into the mud area, through the utility room, into the closet, kicking off your shoes right there. And then stepping right out, or walk it into the garage from the garage into the mud area. It just straight into the kitchen area, just off the large walk in Pantry. So just a few steps from the garage to unload groceries. Just a few steps from the garage too. Change your clothes or go to the bathroom. Um, it’s a wonderful floor plan. It’s a great value in gated somerset. Again, three bedroom, two bath, three car garage for only $342. A $342,925. So that’s a great buy. Also close to a 121st street between memorial and Sheridan.

Beautiful Quail Creek. We’ve got a 2,274 square foot monroe. I’m located at 73 81 east, 125th place ourselves. Um, it is in the trim stage, which means it’s really close to being done. It’s a single story. Three bedroom, two bath, three car garage home with a for only 300, 15,000, $129. So that’s a great buy in a beautiful neighborhood right there in the big speed north elementary school district as well. Also as a broken arrow. Customs home builder. I have two homes for sale in seven lakes, located at 128 and sell Sheridan. Uh, one is my former model in seven lakes. That’s our window model. I’m 3,561 square feet. It’s a big boy. I’m the model is built backing up to a beautiful lake there in seven lakes. I have a gorgeous view from the back of your home. And this home got well. It’s just got everything for a big family.

It’s got four bedrooms, two and a half bath, three car garage. I’m actually with a large great room area. And then upstairs you’ve got a huge game room and also uneven. Another huge bonus room. So if you want a game room and a theater roadmap, or let’s say you want one for the game room and one room for toys, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, it could also even be converted into a really large, um, fifth bedroom if you had an older child that wanted to their own room upstairs or something. This, a former model home is for sale and ready to go for only $399,900. So it’s a beautiful home with custom cabinetry. Lots of custom details throughout. It is beautiful and I would love to show it to you also in seven lakes on the most amazing lot, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, is our Stonebrook v. This home is great because it backs up to a green belt, which I don’t use that word loosely.

Um, it’s not, it’s not something that I say, unless it truly will never be built behind. And this one has a big reserve on one side and then a reserve that runs between it and the next million dollar plus neighborhood over. Um, so this, uh, this lot is, and I have called a sack on the backside of the property, um, this stonebrook the is a four bedroom, two and a half bath, three car garage, and it’s only 2,619 square feet, but it feels a lot bigger than that. Um, this home checks a lot of the boxes with, uh, the master and the other, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, living areas downstairs. And then all the other bedrooms are upstairs as well as an upstairs. A game room are Stoneberg B is for sale there in seven lakes at seven zero, nine five east, 124th street south for only 300, $27,907.

And it is complete and ready for you to move into. It’s mls number is one eight. Oh, two, six, seven one. Or of course you can call me, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, as a broken arrow, custom home builder. My name is candice meter. I have worked for Shaw homes for over 12 years and I would, um, I’m also a licensed realtor and I would be honored to have the opportunity to tell you about any of the homes that I have for sale or custom building a home, have done this for a number of years. So I’m able to help clients avoid a few pitfalls because building a home is a messy business. It’s just a lot of, a lot of work, a lot of sweat and a lot of different people involved, lots of different vendors and suppliers involved. So, um, you really have to be careful about your paperwork and making sure that that’s all correct.

And as a custom homes broken Arrow builder, we have learned that lesson building a over 200 homes a year for a long time. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we built thousands of homes for thousands and thousands of families and as Mr Shaw likes to put it, we don’t need any more practice, kind of have this deal down. And with our inhouse warranties, the best warranties in the business. We can certainly take care of you and your family’s needs. And you can, um, as a broken arrow, custom home builder, you can give me a call. Nine one, eight, seven, two, four, two, two, eight. Oh.

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