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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Lots Of Privacy

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Lots Of Privacy

The next area that we have homes available in is going to be in jinx. Jinx is a very popular community, um, and it’s growing really fast. Um, so we know that it’s, you know, it’s Kinda hard to keep a homes here that are readily available. We currently have five homes that are available in our genx and neighborhoods. Um, we have them available in three different neighborhoods and Elwood Park, Yorktown and timber creek are going to be the three neighborhoods in links that are available and move in, ready with custom homes. Broken Arrow. The first time is going to be our model home in Timber Creek, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma which is going to be our Monterey one. It is 3,448 square feet, four bedrooms, three and a half baths, a two story home with a three car garage. This is the jinx school district, so it is chunks west elementary, jinx, middle school, and high school.

It is our Monterey one h floor plan and Timber Creek. And our Monterey one h is a really beautiful floor plan. It’s what really separates this floor plan from so many of our others is the way that that upstairs is laid out with that hallway. In that landing upstairs, you have a lot more space. The bedrooms are, um, are really spaced out upstairs. I’m giving you a lot of privacy in this upstairs bedrooms. The next time that we have available is in Elwood Park. We actually have two homes. I’m listed with custom homes, broken Arrow in elwood park, and that’s going to be our Redford one story. And our Ventana Q, r, Redford. One story in Elwood Park is listed at $297,959. It’s a 2,349 square foot home with three bedrooms and two baths. Um, it does offer a three car garage as well. It is also in the school district with Jinx West elementary jinx middle school and jinx high school Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

This is a really great plan for someone that wants to be in jinx but wants to stay under $300,000 a new built home. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, this is a great price for this neighborhood and this community and this home has so many upgrades and features inside of it. It truly is a must see a custom homes broken arrow also offers the Ventana q and Elwood Park. It is currently listed at $319,000. Twenty $3. It’s 2,595 square feet with four bedrooms, three baths, and a three car garage. It is also jinx west elementary, middle school and jinx highschool. The ventana q is a great layout. Um, the upstairs features a big game room that feeds into two bedrooms on either side of that game room upstairs. Um, so it’s really great if that’s shared with, um, with two kids around the same age. Um, it’s a super, super smart layout. You’re getting a two story home with four bedrooms under 2,600 square feet.

This is a very, very smart layout. And our Yorktown community, we have two different homes that are available. One in the York town, Birmingham neighborhood. And that’s going to be our parkwood. L are Parkwood. L is priced at $339,900. It’s 2,894 square feet, four bedrooms, two and a half baths, and is currently pending. This is a really beautiful floor plan and really popular with that four bedroom layout. All three of those bedrooms are going to be upstairs with the master down. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma That’s really what sets this, um, floorplan apart from so many of our others with custom homes. Broken Arrow in our Yorktown community, um, are, are Henley community of Yorktown. We also have the Ventana q similar to the one in Elwood Park. Um, it is actually our model home here in Yorktown. It is a beautiful home, has all of the upgrades inside of it. It truly is a mess to see home now to move on to the home in the available homes that we have in broken Arrow, we have so many homes that are available in broken Arrow that are going to be moving ready.

Um, I’d like to tell you about some of the ones that we have available. Um, the first one being in millicent pond. It’s our stonebrook v. it’s listed at 300, $19,000, $900. It’s 2,532 square feet with four bedrooms and two and a half baths. It’s in the union school district. Um, Anderson Elementary Union Middle School in Union high school at this price point for this area. It really is such a beautiful location and such a great. I’m such a great community to be in. So I really recommend going and seeing this home and millicent pond. We also have a few that are available and highland creek. Um, we have a crescent one in Monterrey to eat and a findlay and that findlay actually just sold and at 1,802 square feet. It’s a very popular floor plan. Um, it was listed at $225,388. It was a three bedroom, two bath, one car garage. And that highland creek community is um, in broken Arrow, his third school district. So that would be oak crest elementary childers middle school in broken Arrow high school. The next time it’s available in Highland Creek, is that monroe to each floor plan? It’s 2,952 square feet with four bedrooms, three bathrooms in a three car garage. It’s listed at $299,900. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, it’s a really, really beautiful floor plan and such a, a large floor plan for under 300,000.

The Crescent one floor plan in Highland Creek is priced at 250, $2,949 and it is 2095 square feet with three bedrooms and two baths. And this is a one story home. The Crescent one is a very popular floor plan because it’s so smartly laid out in a one story, being able to give you those three bedrooms and that study layout in that floor plan. It’s what has been so popular with custom homes, broken Arrow in that floor plan. Another really popular community has been our seven oaks south community, um, are seven oaks south community currently features for floor plans that are available are addison. One story, our Greenville One e are Stonebrook Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

and, and another stone Brick v in there as well. Um, we just recently had a couple of homes sell in this community which were our Ventana q and r Addison p, um, so it’s a very popular neighborhood, um, that is being built. Um, two of our model homes sit in sevenoaks south though. That’s our stonebrook vein, or Greenville, one e, the other homes that are available in there. We do actually have a Stonebrook v that is available in seven oaks south. It’s listed at $294,790. It’s 2,619 square feet with four bedrooms, two and a half baths. This is a really beautiful floor plan. And the third broken Arrow School district, a leisure park, Middle Leisure Park elementary school, all of our middle school in Broken Arrow high school. The other floor plan that is currently available in sevenoaks south is our addison one story, um, and it’s actually currently sold it sold for $245,455 and 1,857 square feet. This is a beautiful home given you three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a study. Um, custom homes, broken Arrow also offers the Monterey one single story. It is currently under construction, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma will be priced at $316,901 at 2,419 square feet. Um, this will be a three bedroom, two and a half bath home

in the next community is going to be brightened village. Uh, our Finley floor plan is priced at hundred and $27,005. It is 1,802 square feet with three bedrooms and two baths. Um, this is with Spring Creek elementary school children middle school and broken our high school, um, and it is in Brighton village located at 121st between county line and Lynn Lane. Really beautiful community here. Um, there are, there is a community that is currently going in called Tucson village just down the street. Um, and that’s where we will feature two of our new model homes are liberty floor plan and our Newport floorplan at the liberty floorplan is 1,932 square feet featuring three bedrooms and two baths. And our Newport floor plan is 2048 square feet featuring four bedrooms and two baths. These are exciting new floor plans for Edmond New Homes Oklahoma with shaw homes. They’re great because they are in our Manchester series homes, but we are giving you a little bit more square feet. Um, so they’re both around 2000 square feet with, which is really exciting for the price point they’re in.

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