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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Meeting The Requirements

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Meeting The Requirements

Custom homes broken your Arrow builds and shaw we build in several neighborhoods and Edmond New Homes Oklahoma And in some of these developments, um, and neighborhoods, there are landscape requirements and Hoa Requirements, um, which, which helps a lot of our builders and custom homes, broken Arrow, um, decide on certain neighborhoods to build in. Um, in broken arrow, there are several neighborhoods that have landscape requirements, um, in Ashbrook and that is our half acre home site. It includes a robotic septic, a metal culvert, and full sod with a $500 landscape requirement. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, so that’s something that is going to be included, um, because it is a required item in those neighborhoods. I’m in bell trace in broken Arrow, um, there will be two trees included as well as a thousand dollar landscape requirement. Um, in Brighton village, you will also have a $500 landscape requirement as well.

Um, Chisholm ranch is another broken Arrow neighborhood that includes sprinkler, gutters and landscaping with a $1,500 budget for landscaping as well. Um, one of our Tulsa communities in the Manchester series, homes for custom homes, broken Arrow is the neighborhood of Crystal Creek. I’m Crystal Creek will be brick on three sides of the home, uh, with a thousand dollar landscape requirement in jinx. I’m in a wood park. There are sprinklers, full gutters and landscaping that is included with a $1,500. Um, inclusion for landscaping as well. Um, edgewood estates also in jinx includes sprinklers, full gutters and full side with a $1,500 landscape requirements as well. I’m in fee, the neighborhood of estates if the river will include sprinklers and full gutters and highlands at Forest Ridge and other neighborhood for Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, what is included is an $800 landscape requirement with full gutters included. Millicent pond is going to be another toolset and neighborhood. Um, and that is um, it’s broken Arrow neighborhood, but it is union school district. I’m not as going to include a sprinkler, a one car garage doors, full gutters and landscaping with a $1,250 in landscaping. Remington trails will include $500, landscaping, septic culvert, a water tap, and 10 foot concrete as well. Ten feet of concrete. I’m rush. Brooke north is going to be another broken Arrow neighborhood for custom homes. Broken Arrow. I’m in rush port north offers a sprinklers full gutters, landscaping and $1,500 towards a landscape.

A seven lakes you will find in the chinks community. Um, seven lakes. Alright, I’m sorry. And the big suite community and seven lakes has sprinklers. Full gutters and landscaping with a $1,500 a landscaping budget as well. I’m broken arrows. I’m seven sound for Edmond New Homes Oklahoma includes $500 for landscape requirements. Um, and then the um,

Spring Creek, which is also going to be in broken Arrow and will include $1,500 and landscape requirements, uh, with sprinklers, full gutters and landscaping as well. Stone would crossing. I’m also includes $500 in landscape requirements. And another broken Arrow home for custom homes. Broken Arrow includes $2,000 and landscaping sprinklers, full gutters and landscaping as well. Well, stone, which is going to be the gated community that is inside Forest Ridge, will include $2,400 in landscape requirements, so you’ve got a huge budget here for landscaping, also sprinkler, sprinkler system for gutters, landscaping, and some other options in there as well. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma finally the community of Yorktown, which is going to be located in jinx area code, but that will be the big ski school district and there are three different communities in Yorktown there, Birmingham in life. And then finally, um, our shelby neighborhood that will include $1,450 in landscaping, sprinkler system, full betters landscaping with a mailbox as well. So those are all going to be, um, what’s included in those neighborhoods. So some things to consider when considering community and the different developments and there are, um, highlights for those different neighborhoods

for broken arrow. There are several different school districts for elementary schools, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, and depending on where those neighborhoods are located, um, there’s going to be associated with different neighborhoods, um, for different elementary schools. Those elementary schools are arrowhead elementary, Aspen Creek, elementary country lane, elementary creek, wood elementary. Highland Park Elementary Leisure Park, elementary, liberty elementary, linwood elementary, oak crest, elementary roads, elementary, spring creek elementary, vandiver elementary and Wolf Creek Elementary. And so those are going to be all spread out through north, south and east broken Arrow and will be dependent upon where the neighborhood is a located. The Broken Arrow, middle schools are going to be the same way. Um, and that’s going to be for all of the Edmond New Homes Oklahoma so the, the middle school redistricting, um,

it’s going to be based on where, where they were for elementary as well. So centennial middle will come from country lane and creek, wood elementary. Oh, Nita Ridge middle will come from highland park and liberty elementary. Sequoia middle will come from Arrowhead roads and vandiver elementary and all of our middle will come from leisure park. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Linwood and Wolf Creek Elementary. Childers metal will come from Aspen Creek, also Indian Springs, oak crest, and Spring Creek. And the different capacities on there are a little different as well. The tow target capacity for centennial middle school is 1000, 190. The target for only to ridge middle is 1020, that target for sequoia middle is 871. While the target capacity for all of our middle will be 978. And the target capacity for childer’s middle will be 893. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, so that’s going to be 86 percent for childer’s middle 81 percent for all of her 65 percent for sequoia, a 74 percent for Oh, Nita Ridge and 77 percent for centennial. Um, and those are all going to be within custom homes, broken arrow. Um, and so those are gonna be all of the middle school boundaries for all of those broken your own neighborhoods. Um, so you see that obviously there are m, five m, five middle schools, um, and there were

13 elementary schools. Um, so there are going to be three of those middle schools that have three elementary schools feeding into them and then two that have, uh, two elementary schools feeding into them. So, um, that’s really gonna change the, the capacity and the total as well. So, um, you see obviously all of our, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, is at 81 percent and shoulders at 86 percent. So middle schools like sequoia, I’m at 65 percent. Those are going to have plenty of room to be filled in in time.

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