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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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At Shaw homes as a broken Arrow, custom homes builder, we uh, we build it out of homes every year and we try really hard to make our customers happy and one of the best ways to do that we have found is to set the proper expectation upfront because, um, we, we lead our clients through this process of course, and if we don’t set the proper expectation up front, well that’s where we ended up with people that are confused or unhappy or disappointed. So, um, but we have a number of move in ready homes as a broken arrow. Custom home builder and rush. Brooke north. Let me tell you about that one. It’s my notting Hill Ellis. It’s beautiful. It’s 2,605 square feet. It is. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I’m located at 3009 West edgewater street there in broken arrow. Um, it’s only $327,960. $16 with three bedrooms, three and a half bath, three car garage.

This rush, Brit North home range group is located off of the, it’s on the east side of 129th street. Halfway between a 91st and 101st street south and it’s a beautiful neighborhood with kind of rolling hills and some curious some bridges and uh, just all the charm in the world and some very high end expensive homes in this neighborhood. So this would be a great investment as well as one of the least expensive cost per square foot homes in the neighborhood, you know, that’s always the best resale place to be where you are the least expensive, the smallest home and the neighborhood that’s the best place for resale. So there’s a home here in rush Brooke, but certainly do that for you. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Also as a custom homes broken arrow builder in Remington trails, we have one of our highly popular Ventana cues available. I’m just under 2,600 square feet.

It is located at two, two, four, four, six east, 115th place south that is in broken arrow. It’s only 300, $11,434 and it is ready for you to move into, um, a four bedroom, three bath, three car garage. Then also as a broken arrow, custom home builder. And Spring Creek, we have our former, uh, monroe model home for sale. Now this model home is special. It is, first of all, adorable from the outside with a, with an old craftsman style, uh, elevation with a very large front porch area. And as well as inside a, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma since it is our former model home, we have got, oh my gosh, every upgrade you could possibly want added to this home, including, um, well the moldings on the living room on the great room ceiling. You just wouldn’t believe they’re beautiful. And, um, the, uh, the, the kitchen and the, and the tall wainscoting in the dining room and all the hardwood floors everywhere. The custom island in the kitchen in this thing is just to die for. It also has a 26 and a half foot covered patio,


right there in spring creek. Um, and it’s just a beautiful home for sale at a beautiful price at three 69, 900. This is a five bedroom home with three bath, three car garage. It has a huge game room upstairs as well as a bonus room. Also right there in Spring Creek is one of our crescents for sale at 2,946 square feet. This home is located at six six, one three south chestnut avenue. I’m in broken Arrow and it’s for sale for 3:45 to 86. This home is complete four bedroom, three bath, three car garage with the formal dining room and a study as well as a game room upstairs. So this home is a and is beautiful and is a broken in our custom home builder. Both of these homes are for sale in Spring Creek. If you know where that is, it’s on a hundred 21st street, which is Tucson in broken Arrow and it is very, very close to the Warren Theater. I’m just fact. You could walk to the Warren Theater. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma She’s right around the corner. From there, right off the creek term pipe with easy access to any place in the Greater Tulsa area

as a broken arrow. Custom home builder, we have two homes for sale in sevenoaks south. One is my Stonebrook v at 2,619 square feet. This home has the master down and all the other bedrooms up as well as a game room up. And um, then downstairs it’s got the cute as kitchen and nook area set up. It actually won several awards during the parade of homes because it’s just so darn cute. I’m not only that, but it has this adorable half bath downstairs, which I love the location of it too. It’s nice and private down a little hall past the study. Um, the great room area is large. The island is kinda turned sideways to the great room areas. So rather than looking at the backside of Your Sofa, you are, when you’re standing at the sink doing dishes or preparing a meal, you are looking out your over your nook into your, uh, the windows from the Nook to the nice backyard. So this home is gorgeous and it is ready, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma ready for you to move into in sevenoaks south, uh, located at one five one. Oh, east roanoke place at $294,597. It is in the final plum stage. So I’m also in sevenoaks south. We have one of our popular Ventana cues available at just under 2,600 square feet. Um, it is located at one five. Oh, four east roanoke street. It is $297,714. It is currently being framed right now. So it’s a four bedroom, three bath, three car garage home there in sevenoaks south.

Oh, as a

broken arrow. Custom home builder. Additionally, we have presale and Brighton village, one of our Monroe twos. This is a single story home Edmond New Homes Oklahoma at 2,172 square feet. It’s located at six. Oh, one, three south 13th street for only $269,700. Um, this home is actually just in the design phase, which means the designers are picking out the pretty colors and finishes for this home. So it will be about four months to completion, but it is available at three bedroom, two bath, three car garage. And of course I have model homes that I could show you if you were interested in seeing or purchasing this home. If you drive out there and you like the way the yard is positioned and you decide you want to go see that, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I’m thinking about buying it. Well, we can sell it while it’s under construction. Of course. Also also has a broken Arrow custom home builder. We have one of our Addison piece for sale at 2,430 square feet in Ashbrook are Ashbrook neighborhood is. Um.

Oh Gosh.

It’s actually on the Far East side of broken arrow. I’m about 101st street and this home is complete. It is ready to go. It’s located at nine five one six south 238 east avenue. And it’s only $282,400. So those are half Acre lots out there. So if you’re looking for a place with some land a, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma this might be just the home for you in beautiful ashbrook. So you can call me about that.


Just down the road from Ashbrook and Highland Creek, we have a, another crescent for sale. This home is located at one. Oh, four, three, three, a south 233rd east avenue. It’s only 250, $3,960. That’s complete home. Three bedroom, two bath, three car garage. I’m single story home, 2095 square feet. This a highland creek, a crescent is a beautiful home and it’s one that I show a lot for people who were looking to buy a, a, a crescent or build a crescent. So anyway, um, uh, my name is candice meter. I’m with Shell homes. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I’d love to show you these are any of the other move in ready homes that we have or any of our, uh, furnished and decorated model homes. Call me anytime for a tour.

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