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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Moving Fast

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Moving Fast

Hydro arnold here with custom homes, broken Arrow builders specifically. I work for Shaw homes. My number is nine one eight five one eight slash 26 six. The email. It’s inArnold@Shawhomes.com. I’m the number one agent with Shaw homes and have been for this year so far and most of the year last year. So Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I’ve been doing it for a while and no good thing about. Good bit about customizability. So I wanted to talk to you about that topic. We talked last time on our podcast about that topic a lot. So kind of going to finish off what we talked about last time with the customability and properly we’ll get into a little bit of our process today. So anyways, we were talking the last. We gave four points that kind of stood out to me about customizability and what Shaw home offers a as far as the desire to have a custom home and how it compares to the other broken Arrow custom home builders, which there’s not much of a comparison.

So which you’ll find out as a buyer if you do that and shop builders that that builders don’t want you to customize because it changes the process of which when you change processes up and homebuilding you create issues. Usually there’s a lot of mistakes that are made and that’s true even for Shaw homes and we do it better than anybody, but at least we allow there to be some custom options. Meaning that for instance, you take the front study in the Greenville and you’re saying, well this is too small for me. Can I push that wall out? Well, yes you can. If you said that to another builder in whatever floor plan they had and said, this room is too small to me. Can you pursue all out? It’s an immediate no without consideration at all. And so that is a big area where we kind of dwarf customer on Edmond New Homes Oklahoma as a, as a competitor, we kind of eat their lunch so to say, because it’s easily a noticeable that we kind of dominate them.

Especially on a from a custom home is perspective. And so a lot of times what you see is, oh, what’s happening a lot, especially like say in the Rose district downtown broken Arrow, people are taking all these craftsmen homes, these farm house homes and they’re building them to look like that. And so you have all this, these custom homes that are coming out like that, these 400, $500,000 home, well our homes and people are wanting that. Well you can’t, that’s a custom home. There’s not [inaudible], there’s no custom home broken Arrow builders that’ll do that. Um, because those are absolute customs. So what people really generally usually want is they do want custom. As a matter of fact. It’s funny because me and my wife were out house hunting the other day and we just, first off, we love, we love homes, we love to look at homes. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma But secondly, you know, we might be interested in downsizing a little bit ourselves. But

one of the things we noticed when we were looking at Edmond New Homes Oklahoma versus new construction is the lack of customizability. And what I mean by that is people get the term customability in renovation, confused when you go on a used home and you see a house that’s been renovated or updated, that does not mean it’s accustomed home. Uh, you still have a lot of things that are not custom about that home. For instance, the latest used home we saw, it was a really actually from the curb. I had a lot of curb appeal, had a front porch and went all the way across the front of the house. Had Nice manicured lawn and the front good size from the street or a good distance from the street to the house. So from the front of the curve, man it was, it was nice. But then when you got inside yet eight foot ceilings everywhere, he had nothing vaulted.

Everything’s eight foot. And, and let me tell you, that’s a concern for me especially because I’ve built two houses in my rental house, which was a 1400 square foot house. I had vaulted ceilings and here we are looking at 20, I think it was 22 or 2100 square foot house with no vaulted ceilings and it was built back in the fifties. So the thing about new construction that, that everybody is looking for liking, you know, I sit in a model home and I have people come through a custom home, broken Arrow, buyers come through and what their, when they see the new construction and they’ve, I’m sure they’ve been looking at used. It’s not a comparison Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

to the US market unless you find something relatively new with a lot of the newer design stuff, which means that they built, you know, high ceilings. We did find a house the other day. They had a huge wraparound front porch with amazingly high Florence for a first room ceilings, which was awesome. And we really liked it, but that’s generally not the case. Um, so usually you don’t find that which is, it’s really interesting, but really you usually you don’t. So it’s just funny when people talk about custom, they think sometimes they think about renos and Renos, it’s not custom. That’s why when people come through one of our custom home broken Arrow houses, they get Florida and they fall out because they’re so nice and the ceilings are so high and uh, that’s probably the biggest difference between a used home in a brand new home. Our Greenville House, which I have right next door in seven south, which is a neighborhood on a 101st in between Lynn Lane and county line. I think that’s two. Oh nine. And I can’t remember what the other one is. One 78 or something.

It has 22 foot ceilings. And when people open that front door, that house, because the injury is so grand, they go, wow, I could actually call it my wild house. I don’t even call it the Greenville anymore, just my well house because people are actually taken back and floored with the size of that home. And so it’s really cool. Um, what you can do with these homes. I love it. So what we really, we really do enjoy the fact that we do consider ourselves the best broken arrow, custom home builder in the area. And what you’re going to find this quality and it’s not gonna really, it’s not gonna be a comparison between the used market in this market. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, I’m actually quite spoiled with new construction. I mean we’re trying to find a use home, but they’re not easy to find when you built new, uh, generally speaking, that just does not work out.

And I always suggest all customer and broken Arrow agents if you’re working for a builder to shop, maybe just to see so that you can get better at your craft because it’s really an advantage when you understand what’s out there on the used market versus what’s there and the new market. So, um, it’s, we still lose because the amount of buyers and amount of. I mean there’s 38, 100 real estate agents in the Tulsa area alone because the amount of agents and buyers, we still lose a lot to use the market better if people were to take the time and compare used verse news, not a comparison. And with the prices and the low inventory on the use side, we, we really can almost match price for price or we can get pretty closed. Why not build new? And that’s why the question I’ll always ask somebody why not build name? And it’s just funny how, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma,

when people do see new, their reactions to it when they’ve been shopping used. So that’s all I’ll say about that. But as far as being accustomed home, broken Arrow builder, uh, we really kind of dwarfed the competition on the custom side of things. And so we would, if we were to entertain and be excited to have you come through our doors to compare us to other builders and how we compare over on the custom ability side and not just that side quality is something that we, a new one in Tulsa too, on we have the best warranties. And when somebody offers a really good warranty, they genuinely, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma


build a really good house. The reason I say that is because when you offer a really good warranty, you’re not afraid to have those kinds of warranties in your house. And when I’m branch off into the warranty segment a little bit more, our a quality builders warranty, it’s backed by liberty mutual. It’s a 10 year structural, a two year mechanical and one year covers everything. And so, um, a lot of that that does not count a manufacturer warranties. So for instance, we have a five year floor and warranty from the manufacturer. We got a 30 year roof warranty from the manufacturer of the shingles that we use are 30 year guaranteed. So our houses carry a lot of manufacturer warranties that I did. It’s discussed, but we do offer it to wood. Why that’s so great is we actually are audited every year by liberty mutual at the end of the year to show that we’re still keeping up with our quality to make sure we’re still building quality homes. And so, you know, what’s really cool about that is we could lose that warranty and there’s not. I think there’s another one other builder in town that habit has it, but that’s the best warranty that, that, that, that’s offered on the market right now on the builder side of things. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma so if you don’t keep up with your quality, then you lose the warranty,

which is, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma,

a benefit to the buyer, a kind of a protection clause for the buyer. So we do build a very quality home. We do have to keep up with our builds and make sure we’re building a quality home. And we are audited every year by liberty mutual. And so that would be something that’s a buyer that I would be interested in it anyways, I’ll continue in a minute.

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