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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | No Surprise Costs

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | No Surprise Costs

Here at Shaw homes and custom homes, broken Arrow, we think it’s really important for all of our customers to be accustomed to our program and our process here at Shaw, we have a pretty rigid path that we follow at Shaw homes, which really helps for our customers too. Be familiar with our process and really know what the next step will be. It helps our customers feel at ease knowing that there won’t be any surprises. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, they know what to expect, they know what’s coming up, um, and they don’t feel like they really miss anything. They, they trust the process and they know


what the next steps will be and understand the steps that we take and we feel like it really changes the entire building process. There are no surprises. Um, there’s nothing that a they don’t know about that’s, that’s coming up. Um, there are no surprise costs that come with that. Um, once they have gone through the process and they know the home that they’re building and they know what home site they’re building on and they’ve gone to price out and they know the costs of all the items they’re putting in their home, there are no surprise costs. There’s nothing that they’re finding out later. All of these prices are going to be up front. They’re going to be able to make the most informed decision. Um, that’s going to be the best one because there aren’t any surprises. They know everything to expect. I’m not, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we really feel like that’s the best and easiest way to make a decision once you have all the answers in front of you.

And that’s why we really take our time. I’m doing the model home tour and looking at home sites and being very thorough when we discuss everything in the home when we get a price out. Um, it’s so our customers aren’t missing anything. I’m not all custom homes. Broken Arrow builders will show you those things. In fact, most won’t. Um, you will find that somewhere along the way there are going to be hidden costs or they’re going to be costs that change and that’s not something that you’ll find with us. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, we really take you step by step for a reason, um, and show you the prices for a reason because we want you to be able to make the bed when you are building your home with custom homes, broken Arrow and shaw homes. Our process is really what sets us apart. Um, and so just wanted to kind of go over what the steps are in that process because they really are so important.

What sets us apart from all of the other builders that you are, that you’re gonna see? Um, we really think that the model home tour is such an informative part of our process when you are able to see all of the variety that we can offer and all of the selections I’m in the home. That’s really something that’s very unique for, for us. Um, we know that other builders a really want to show off and show you the different homes that they can build. Um, but we think that that part of the process should really be, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, where you’re really getting the most information from us. We want you to see all the floor plans that we offer. We want you to be able to see all of the custom features that we can show and things that are able for us to do that you can have in your own home.

Um, the model home tour usually takes about 90 minutes. You see anywhere from six to 12 homes. These are all going to be furnished and decorated models so you can really get a good idea of what a livable home looks like. You’re not just seeing a floor plan on a screen or a piece of paper, um, you’re actually getting to walk through the home. You’re seeing the home with the beds and the furniture and the couches and the dining room table and a set dining room table. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, it doesn’t feel cold. We want it to feel warm. We want it to feel like I’m like, you’re living here. Um, can you imagine your family in this home? Um, and that’s something that we really think is important when you’re on these tours is for you to imagine yourself in these homes. Are the rooms laid out the way that you would want them to be laid out?

Um, are they the size that you would want them to be? I’m on this tour. You’re going to be driving your own car that way if anything comes up, your free to go at that time. If you have some kind of emergency or something like that, um, there’s not going to be really any pricing discussed on this trip. Um, that’s really more for the price out. It just becomes too confusing once we really get into the details price when we’re looking at every different floor plan. There’s so many questions when it comes to price. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, because we have 12 different floor plans and all of those floor plans can be built different ways. It can be built as a one story or a two story that can be built with a different number of bedrooms and bathrooms. So when you’re talking about price and you’ve got all those different floor plans floating around, it really gets confusing and it tends to not be informative at all.

Um, so we find it’s best really not to discuss pricing on this trip. Um, there’s no pressure on this tour. We take these tours three times a week, so it’s important to keep in mind that we’re going on these tours whether you’re coming or not. Um, if you’d like to join us, we’d love to have you and we’d love to show you what we have available, um, but don’t feel like because you have joined this trip, you have to build a home next week. Um, we really just want an opportunity to show you what we can do so that we can earn your business. Should you decide to build a home. Like I said, we’re really focusing mostly on the function behind the layout of the home. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, and really is this something that interests you, that you would want to live in? That’s really the most important part of that model home tour process because we know we really do have something for everyone.

And every home is going to be very unique, uh, there are going to be some floor plans that are similar to the others, but they’re all going to have something that’s unique to them and we know that’s really, really important because inevitably every family is different. Everyone has different things that they value. There are going to be different things that are more important to some person then the next, um, and we also want to make sure that these floor plans are really versatile. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, we don’t want all the, all the floor plans to, um, to really mix. We like to have all the floor plans that are, that are unique so that we can offer something for everyone after that model home tour is, I’m usually around the time you would speak to a lender. We have three preferred lenders here at Shaw homes with custom homes, broken Arrow, and that’s going to be first Oklahoma Bank, Bank of Oklahoma and spirit bank.

Um, so all of our three lenders there are gonna be really helpful in talking about financing with you. Um, they’re going to go over a monthly payment quotes. Um, it’s a really easy five minute application and a 24 hour approval process. They’ll match any interest rates, closing cost. They offer conventional loans, Fha loans, va loans, and native American loans. Um, so they offer everything and they price match everything as well. So there’s really no reason not to go with one of our preferred lenders at that point in time. They will kind of guide you in any steps that you may want to take a before building a home. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, whether that is improving credit or paying something off or possibly not paying something off, I’m revolving credit can be kind of tricky. Um, so it’s really important to talk to a lender so that you can work out a game plan so that you are in the best seat to by the or to buy your home.

Um, we want you set up in a way where you are comfortable and not housebroken and are working with a payment and monthly payment that is easy for you. The next step in our process is going to be that homesite reservation. So at this point in time, you’re really going to think about neighborhoods and where you want to build your dream home. You’ll think about where you would like your home to go. Um, and once you’ve decided on a neighborhood, it’s time to really look at home sites in that neighborhood. You can discuss with your new home specialist, um, maybe the different credits or the different premiums that are on specific home sites in that neighborhood. The home site reservation is a $1,000 completely refundable check. Um, we hold it for seven days in order to take that home site down from our live site so that other salespeople can’t see it. Switching home sites is allowed and feel free to take your time. This is when all your questions get answered and remember, we don’t cash the check were simply keeping competing customers from seeing that site Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

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