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Custom homes or custom homes and broken Arrow, I’m one of the neighborhoods that I wanted to talk about is seven south. And uh, the thing I love about seven oaks sounds as if a family needs to be close access to a highway. It is three fourths of a mile to the creek turnpike, which is just east of the community. There’s also an issue, there’s a really nice, um, Brandon Perkins developed a Chisholm area for recreation. They have all kinds of outdoor events that go on throughout the year and there’s just a lot of great things to see at that, in that community. Another thing that I love about the community is it’s got a lot of amenities for families, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma so you’ve got to beat front swimming pool, completely furnished

clubhouse where you can have private parties. It has a refrigerator and stain, concrete flooring and a kitchen with granite. There’s his and her restrooms with showers and a beach fronts when meaningful. And so it’s really nice to have birthday parties or just special events engagements, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, wedding reception, things like that. They also have a catch and release pond in the community. There’s actually two catch or release ponds, but really nice catch our lease ponds to fish at and I’m just a lot of stuff going on so that you could have a lot of activities with your family and just really enjoy yourself in that community. But I’m seven oaks south is just a great community to build or invest in a. The homes in there are going to start around 240,000 and then they’ll top out around 3:50.

Another thing that I love about 700 south is it’s conveniently Lee, conveniently located towards restaurants and shopping and quick access to the highway to get to work or downtown Tulsa. Just about anywhere you go. It’s about a 20 minute drive to downtown Tulsa from the highway if you take the creek turnpike, but seven oaks south is a beautiful community. It’s been there for, Gosh, about four years now. And uh, just some beautiful homes. You can definitely get a few before they’re sold out in phase one and phase two. We’ve got about a 20 home sites still available before those are sold out. And then we have a phase three that we were released soon, a couple of, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma well actually two pond law still available in there. And uh, just a great community overall. We’ve got a few green belts, um, just some really good home sites and we do have a move in ready.

One story that’s about 2,600 square feet, it’ll give you three bedroom study, a private study and flux room off the master suite on one side of the house. And then I’ll give you two guest rooms on the other side. And a dining room in the middle. Three really unique plan a, our Greenville too is what we call it, but we always try to have something that’s move in ready. Um, we also have a stone model that’s underway that we will be building just a sell. So a lot of things come in this year and really great things to see. And if you’re looking for custom homes and broken Arrow, we’re broken arrow custom homes, you’ll definitely want to come and check out, show homes.com and see what we have to offer. See what our current incentives are. We always try to have something going, but if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, and you haven’t stopped in a shaw homes model, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you’ll definitely want to do that.

And one of the things when people are looking for custom homes and broken Arrow, um, we always tell them the thing that we love to do is schedule a model home tour. Now on these model home tours, we’re going to take you and show you all the models that you could possibly do in your budget and just see which one fits you the best. So we find if we find one that fits you the best, then you’re able to move to your next home. And, uh, really love your choice in what your move into because most people make a move because they either don’t like something about their current home or they’re wanting to make a change in their life or location. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma so one of the things that we try to find out is what’s making you want to make a move and how we can facilitate you getting to that.

That end result, which is a new home, new location. And a beautiful new area for your family. So if you’ve been looking for custom homes and broken Arrow, you’ll definitely want to check out shaw homes, walk in one of our models and they’re all open from noon until six, Monday through Friday, I guess I should say Monday through Saturday. And then on Sundays one to six. So we would love to show you around, show you what we have to offer and come and check out Edmond New Homes Oklahoma show homes.com. We would love to show you around and show you that what we have to offer. Um, one of the other things that I love is there’s a neighborhood just south of seven oaks out and it’s called Brighton village. And if you’ve been looking for custom homes in broken Arrow and you haven’t seen Brighton village, you’re, you’ll love the location.

It’s actually located at 101st and county line road. Just one block west of county line road and Shaw homes in there. We have our furnished model for sale. It’s called the parkwood x. The parkwood x is going to give you five bedrooms a study. Um, we’ve got three and a half baths, three car garage stain and scored concrete flooring, heat and AC in the garage. Beautiful Cabinets. But this is going to give you such a great neighborhood if you’re wanting Edmond New Homes Oklahoma So come and check out. If you’re looking for custom homes and broken Arrow or broken arrow custom homes, you’re going to want to check out Brighton village because in that community you can get in there anywhere from 240 on up with lot included. We do have a few home sites is that have a 2000 credit on them. Help keep your price down.

We have a 15,000 incentive that’ll go until march the 15th, 2018. And uh, we always try to offer some kind of a great incentive going forward and, um, so that you can take advantage of the market at the time that you’re looking. And uh, but broken Arrow custom homes, you definitely want to check out show homes and what we have to offer. I know a lot of our people that come in and they’ve shopped other builders are pleasantly surprised at what we offer in a new home. There’s just not much that you can do to compare out there, but if you’re looking for a custom homes and broken Arrow, you’ll definitely want to check out show homes and what we have to offer. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma So if you want to check out custom homes, broken Arrow, you’ll definitely want to check out all of the homes that we have in Brighton village, the home sites that we still have available before we’re sold out.

That’s going to be a really good community and a great place to live for your family, and if you want to be close to the creek turnpike, that’s gonna. Be Right up against the creek turnpike and the thing if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow that I love about Brighton village is you are going to have a swimming pool and the Cabana with restrooms, so you’ll have some activities there in the community. There’s a to catch her least ponds at the entrances, so it’s a very pretty, pretty community to be in. But Brighton village custom homes, broken arrow come and check out what we have to offer at shaw homes. Uh, you can either walk into one of our model homes or you could go online and sign up for a model home tour on shaw homes.com. If you’re looking for custom homes and broken Arrow, that is definitely going to be a stop that you’ll want to make into one of our model homes Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

Um, I’m Shannon cut singer. I’ve worked for shell homes for 11 years now. And uh, I would be more than happy to take you and your family on a tour and show you what custom shaw homes and broken Arrow can do for you and show you maybe a plan that would work for you and your family. So, custom shaw homes or Edmond New Homes Oklahoma If you’re looking for broken Arrow custom homes, come check us out. Show homes.com, a home and the 10 year structural warranty, a two year on plumbing and electric and lifetime on the roof. And that is transferable. So if you ever have buyers and you have to move, relocate, your warranty is actually going to transfer over to the new buyers and we’re the only ones that I know of that offer you that spectacular warranty. So custom homes, broken Arrow, shaw homes.com.

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