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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Reflecting The Value

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | The right value

At show homes, custom homes, broken Arrow, we’ve got various floor plans from one story, two to story, three bedrooms, two, five bedrooms, so custom homes, broken Arrow show homes. You’ve got a variety to pick from, from inside to exterior of the homes. One of the first things that you’re going to want to do is book a model home tour. Now with the model home tour, that’s when a show home sales manager will contact you and discuss what it is that you’re looking for in a home and whether it is custom homes, broken arrow or any other items that you are wanting or needing in your future home. And based off of that, we’re going to take you to approximately six to nine different, um, different fully furnished and decorated model homes. They vary from different prices based off of the different community that we’re in. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Another good thing about the model home tours that we do take you to different communities located all over broken Arrow, bixby. Um, and Jean


based off of the location will also reflect the price of the home. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma so that’s why we like to take you the different communities that we are currently in. Um, our models are spread out and as a community is that we currently build in, we have, we are currently in over 25 different communities now. Custom home was broken arrow. One of the things too about our floor plans is that we have over 64 different floor plans and based off of what it is that you need, there are certain modifications that we can make to customize the home. Um, and then of course, since we do have so many options when it comes to our homes, there may not, you may not need to make really any modifications to the floor plans. Now, once you go on the model home tour, I’m, your second appointment will be the price out. Now, this is where you can really start discussing with your sales manager or the different types of custom options. And, um, you know, custom homes, broken arrow. The great thing about it is there are certain things that we can do. It’s just based off of what it is that you need us to do. And where it’s going to be located in the floor plan,

um, the price out list is solely for you to see what our prices are because we’ve got nothing to hide. We’re going to give you an itemized list. And for some people they may call it the wishlist appointment. Nothing is set in stone, but like I said, it’s just for you to see what the prices are and you and your family can discuss, you know, what it is that you keep. So based off of the location, the floor plan, and what all you select to put inside of your new home, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you’re the one that’s going to have control over the final dollar amount of the home that you go into contract with. We do offer special incentives when you use our preferred lenders.


currently I’m, which our incentive is about to end for the month. You have about two more weeks left. Um, but currently our special promotion is $15,000 off of the price of the home or I’m sorry, $15,000 in free upgrades when you use one of our preferred lenders. Currently our preferred lenders is Lexi gains with Spirit Bank, Ethan Wagner, with Bank of Oklahoma, and Juan Rodriguez with First Oklahoma custom homes, broken Arrow and the preferred lenders is very important piece because there’s a reason why we use those lenders. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma They make the entire process very smooth for our buyers and also the appraisals. The appraisals is a very important piece because you want the proper appraiser to come out and appraise your brand new house. You don’t want an appraiser to come out with little experience, especially when it comes to new construction homes. We never want our new construction homes to be compared to a house that’s similar, but 20 years older, right down the street in an older neighborhood, and so that’s one of the reasons why we have the preferred lenders that we do all of our preferred lenders. They will rate match.


Edmond New Homes Oklahoma they’re gonna get you taken care of when it comes to all the paperwork and making sure that everything’s done in a timely manner. Once we have your financing set your price outset, we’re gonna. Select the home site of your dreams and then that’s when you guys can decide whether or not you would like to reserve that home site

in order to reserve a home site. It’s a thousand dollar check. We do not cash that check, but that check pretty much let our bosses know that we do have a serious buyer because someone who’s not serious isn’t going to write us a thousand dollar check. But with that, we’re able to pull that one home site out of this system and prevent any of the other 13 managers and other buyers to look at that lot for seven days in that seven day timing. That’s when you guys can have a um, no rushed decision on whether or not you would like to proceed moving forward by going into a contract.

Once you decide to go into contract, it’s about a 45 minute appointment to go into contract. You’re going to watch a very informative video about the contract. Typically, after you watched the video, um, most of your questions will be answered because the video is very thorough and it goes over pretty much every detail of the process and your build process. Once the contract gets turned in and approximately three business days, you will get a phone call from our Home Office to schedule your 30 design studio appointments during your three design studio appointments. Typically it’s about three on average, sometimes maybe a little bit more. Um, you will be assigned. One of our interior designers are interior designers or award winning designers and they’re going to help you as much or as little as you need. Just let them know you will have one appointment for the interior, one appointment for the exterior, and then one final appointment just to double check everything that you selected was accurate. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma You will also have the one and only appointment that’s not located in our Home Office, which is going to be, I’m at Andrew’s lighting. You will be assigned a designer from Andrew’s lighting. You will have an allowance based off of whether or not you have a one story or two story. You’re one story home is going to give you a $1,500 lighting allowance and your two story homes. You will receive a $2,000 lighting allowance. If you do go over your lighting, you will just pay a separate fee to Andrew’s liability. If by chance you fall under, then they will let us know and we will take it off the price of your home.

Then after that you will have your meeting with the construction manager and do your plan Rovio and this is where you’ll meet the construction manager who’s going to be responsible for building your home. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Now keep in mind from the day that we break ground to the day that you move in is approximately six months pending on whether the reason why we say from the day that we break ground is because your design studio appointments can literally be in a matter of a weekend or it could be months and so that’s why we never say from the day that we sign a contract, we like to say from the day that we break ground, because that’s going to vary with all of our buyers. Now, once you do that with a construction manager.

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