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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Several Steps Ahead

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Several Steps Ahead

When building a home with custom homes, broken Arrow and shaw homes, there are several steps that we take that complete our process in homebuilding. It really reassures our customers of what the next step is, what is coming up and what to expect. The first step in the process being that model home tour. Um, so once you have made the phone call to show homes or stepped into one of our models to start looking and seeing some of our floor plans and begin the building process, the first step is really going to be getting setup on a model home tour. We do the model home tours three times a week, Saturdays at 9:00 AM, Sundays at 5:00 PM and Monday’s at 6:00 PM. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma that gives everyone kind of an opportunity to go on one of our, our model home tours during the model home to, uh, really focus on the function and the layout behind the floor plan.

We put a lot of thought into why we lay out the rooms the way that we do. Um, our builders really take a lot into consideration in our architects take a lot into consideration when they’re drafting these plans. A lot of these plants are going to be version two point, oh, or even three point zero of a floorplan. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, like I said, we do take into consideration popular trends and comments from our customers on what they are interested in and what they’re looking for when building a home custom homes, broken Arrow sees that it’s very important for our builders and here at shaw homes to build a home that is suitable for every family type. Uh, we build homes from 1800 square feet up to over 3,700 square feet, a one stories, two stories, a different widths as well so that they can fit on different home sites.

We are currently building and over 25 communities and we’re building off site on your own land as well. So we really like to think that we have a plan that fits for everyone. Whether or not you are just starting out a family or you’re downsizing a custom homes. Broken Arrow has something for everyone. So after you’ve completed that model home tour, then you’re really gonna start looking around at home sites, but before you look at home sites, you really want to talk to one of our preferred lenders so that you can assure that you will be able to take advantage of our incentive for that month. The incentive is always gonna be a really helpful way to include some really neat features inside the home or to give you a price off the base cost of the home as well. When you speak to one of our preferred lenders, they are going to advise you on steps that you need to take to move forward and they’ll work with you on a preapproval letter to see what dollar amount you’re going to be approved for, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma for alone.

Um, and really what steps you need to take to be able to move forward on purchasing your home. So after you’ve spoken to a lender, it’s time to really make that home site reservation. So you’re going to look at neighborhoods and look at home sites within those neighborhoods and talk about what community that you’re really that fits best your lifestyle. And your family, once you found that one of a kind home site, you’re going to do what is called a homesite reservation because there are so many salespeople that are working with so many different clients at the same time. Once you find that home site, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we want to make sure that no one else can take that home site. So Shar homes, we will do a homesite reservation. Um, that is when you give us a check and the check will be $4,000. This check we do not deposit and it is 100 percent refundable.

It is simply a handshake, if you will, so that we can take that home site down from our site so that the other salespeople cannot sell that home site. That home site will be reserved for you for up to seven days. In that seven days, you will be able to take that check and, uh, move forward with the process and put that check towards your earnest money. Uh, at any time you can change your mind. And the check is as 100 percent refundable. We don’t do anything with it. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, you can also change homesites during that time as well. Um, then at that point in time, you’re really going to talk about, um, structural options and pricing. This is usually called the price out, so this is when you will meet back with your salesperson at their office and they will go over with you a slide show of all of the available options to put inside the home.

Uh, all of the exterior and the exterior and interior options, all of the selections and things that are going to be additional, uh, if you would like to add those things, they’ll also go over with you all of the things that come standard in the home as well. Uh, this is not a final selections process. It’s simply to give you an itemized, a line sheet of the cost of all these items so that point in time you can see what it would cost to build that floor plan in that neighborhood, on that home site with all the amenities inside. Um, that way you can really make a informed decision at that point. So once you’ve gone to the price out, the next step naturally is going to be going to purchase agreement at that point in time, you will be into that incentive, um, so you will be able to gain all of the, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

all of the bells and whistles that come along with those incentives. And what’s going to be final at this point is going to be the home site. So the location of the home, the floor plan you’re going to be building and whether or not the garage will be on the left or right side. Any structural changes that need to be done will also be final at this time, but everything that’s going to be any kind of exterior or interior selections process like what kind of brick you want to do or if you want to do stucco or what kind of cabinets or flooring options you’d like to have that you will all do later. Once you’re in the design studio, once you are in the design studio, you will have three appointments to go over with your design specialist in design consultant. They are going to show you all the different selections and help you decide all of the different things that are going to go inside her home. Uh, this is really the most fun in the process. It’s choosing all of your colors and your selections. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, and they’re really fun appointments. You’ll also have an appointment at our lighting studio as well to pick all of all of your lighting out, which you will have an allowance for as well.

The next step in the process is going to be the plan review, so now that all the selections are going to be final, it’s time for the plan review where you will meet your construction manager who will work directly with youth through the completing of your completion of your home. The plan review is our system of checks and balances to make sure that the person responsible for building the home has had all the details of your home correctly relayed to him to ensure a smooth building process. He will go Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

He will go over all of the full size blueprints, specifications, and finishes with you as well as site plan and home placement. At this meeting, when this meeting is completed, then it is time to schedule excavation and really get started. Sometimes there can be a few weeks between the plan review and the building process just because of government bureaucracy and things like that, so there may be two to three weeks in this period for custom homes, broken Arrow to really get started in the building process and so obviously the building processes next and during that building process of the home will have two scheduled meetings with you. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma The first is called the pre drywall meeting. This is at the point of construction where we are ready to dry wall, but all of the guts of the home are still exposed for you to go over with your construction manager. This is a good time to review everything in the home because it’s easier to make an adjustment to something before drywall than it is after drywall. The second meeting we scheduled with you is called the homeowner orientation meeting. This is where you get a room by room walkthrough of your home with our year construction manager were hell helping you to understand how everything in your new home works. You will learn how to ignite pilot lights, how to use the appliances and the chemicals, as well as do a quality assurance walk through.

Step nine for Edmond New Homes Oklahoma at Shab will be your closing. We will notify you of your closing date approximately 30 days prior to your closing by emailing you a closing letter. That’s going to include helpful information and instructions. This letter will have contact information for the different utility companies you will need to contact in order to get service turned on in your name. You will have your closing at the title company office and all the paperwork from Shaw homes will already be there. When you arrive at your closing and agent of the title company will walk you through the paperwork and give you the keys with all the signatures are completed. Now you’re ready for your warranty. Once you’re closing has occurred, you’ll begin your warranty period and have direct access via phone or email to our warranty department and your home owner’s manual. There are emergency phone numbers if you need answers or help during non business hours. If you don’t contact us for any needs, you’ll be contacted by our warranty coordinator at 60 days and again at 11 months after closing to see if you have any needs.

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