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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Shopping Around

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Go the distance

As a big home builder, um, we have at shaw homes and waterstone homes by Shaw over 80 different floor plans that we can build, um, for people either on our, in our 30 some different neighborhoods that we currently build in and tells that Ge makes big speed Awaso and even I know the, um, so, uh, we have 80 floor plans. We have more furnished and decorated model homes than anybody in the Greater Tulsa area. Um, which is a wonderful thing because we did that. The reason we went to expense to build all of those model homes so that we could set the proper expectations for our valued shaw homes, uh, customers and homeowners. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, so many builders that don’t have the resources that we do that are not able to have as many models as we do have their customers pick out a floor plan that is just drawn on a piece of paper.

Well, how can you know how big that room is going to feel or how big that closet is going to feel? Or if your furniture’s going to fit in there. We wanted to be able to set the proper expectations for our customers by allowing them to walk into our homes, see, feel, and touch the walls and Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, so that we could set the proper expectations at shaw homes as a bixby home builder. We go above and beyond anybody else, uh, as far as preparing our customers before we allow them to go to contract. So I’m going to tell you a little bit today about what we consider the shaw homes experience or your path to your new shaw home. So when you first respond to our website and ask that you want to learn more about, uh, our, our model home tours, or you just want to learn more about shaw homes or if you happen to walk into one of our, uh, shop model homes, um, well that’s the first step.

And then you’re, so you’re a pet to your new shaw home is, it starts with the model home tour. This is something also unique to shaw homes as a bixby home, since we do have a more furnished and decorated model homes than anyone else. We take our clients on a model home tour mean how else are you going to get to see a six to 12 homes in about an hour and a half to two hours with an experienced sales representative that can tell you how each one of those models are, how many different ways they can be built. Yes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you can walk into our model homes on your own, but when you walk into the Monroe for instance, you are not going to know that if you don’t like that utility room or that hall bath where it is, um, you are not going to have any way of knowing that we’ve already redesigned and rebuilt that thing in a lot of different ways.

So like I said, 16 different ways we can build them in rows. So on the model home tour, we talk about the way the home functions. We, it’s been our experience that people can get all caught up on the pretty and talk about the cabinets and the premed bench and the pretty this and that, but what’s really important about the home since the pretty can change, what’s really important is how that home functions for you and your family. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, so we’re going to talk about practical things like how many steps it’s going to be from the garage door to carry your groceries in and put them away. Where do you want that laundry room to be? Do you want it to be right off the master suite where you can throw those towels in and sheets from your master bedroom and right on off your closet and hang your clothes right back up in the closet.

Or would you rather have your utility room off the backside of the home where you could close the door and not have to think about it for awhile. So those are the practical things that we’re going to talk about on the model home tour. Uh, the way the tour works is I usually take several families at the same time. So you will just drive your own vehicle and we will meet at one of the model homes and broken Arrow and then you will just follow along behind me onto the other model homes. From there, I always give these model home tours at the same time every week on Saturday mornings at nine on Sunday evenings at five and on Monday evenings at six. Um, then after the model home tour, we, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, set a, an appointment at the model home tour for your price out. So as we go on the model home tour, I’m going to remind you along the way.

Now you said you loved that stonebrook in sevenoaks south. Well, how do you feel about this monroe to p? Do you rank it above or below so that hopefully by the end of the tour you’re gonna know which one of those homes is your favorite. And I have seen that happen time and time again. You kind of see by the look in their eyes when they walk in and um, and they feel that this is the one that feels like home to them. So we go ahead and set your appointment to do what’s called a price out because I can tell you how much the base price is on that home in any given neighborhood, but that’s not gonna help you know exactly how much your home is going to and we want you to get there before we go to contract. So Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I’m so that I’m going to know what kind of hardwood floors you want.

If you want courts instead of granted we’ll all those things make the price vary a little bit so we have a slideshow presentation for our price out and it’s a lot of fun because you can see all the different kinds of stone and Stucco and painted brick options that we offer and I can tell you exactly how much they cost so that when you leave the price that you are actually going out with in your hand a, um, a printed copy of the, of exactly how much your home is going to cost. Now we’re going to book that price out appointment right at the end of the model home tour. And before the price out appointment, it’s usually about a week or a few days before the price out appointment. We want you to go online and talk to one of our third three preferred lenders, um, and starcher financing. Figure out how much your home payment is going to be, um, because it’s all about how much you going to put down and, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, what kind of payment are you going to have?

And of course we have three preferred lenders as a big speed home builder. I’m not only do we have lots of custom homes and that model home tour that you can take with us, but of course we’ve got several move in ready or nearly move in, ready under construction brand new homes for sale that comes in so handy when, uh, someone is like transferring to the Greater Tulsa area for a job and they need to get their kiddos enrolled in school, which is about this time a year. I’m in the big city school system currently for sale. We have our Chelsea model in shelby at yourtown. The Chelsea model is just a very special home. It is five bedroom, four and a half bath, um, three car garage with a beautiful stucco and stone exterior. And Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, as well as um, a just gorgeous finishes on the inside and the lot so meticulously landscaped.

Uh, this home is for sale at four. Oh, five West, 127th place south in shelby of beautiful Yorktown. Uh, your town is a master planned community that has a number of different neighborhoods within the one master planned community and they share a community pool, beautiful amenities, a catch and release fishing pond as well as um, um, you know, playgrounds, splash pads, a soccer fields, basketball courts, um, all kinds of fun step playgrounds, all kinds of fun stuff for that. Bring families outdoor and in shelby at Yorktown. This loans, this house, it’s on a half acre lot. Additionally, we have two homes and estates at the river. One for 3000, 448 square feet are beautiful. Monterrey for $442,523. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma then we also have in somerset a beautiful gated community at 121st. And Sheridan as a big Spi home builder, we have our, um, uh, a single story read for three for sale, three bedroom, two bath, three car garage for $342,925. Then also in a seven lakes and beautiful seven lakes are former. Wyndham model home is for sale and it’s a big boy at a 3,561 square feet. But it’s a great price. And only three 99 nine. So call us at Shaw homes at two, five, eight, 61 61 for more information on these.

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