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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Smartly Dressed

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | A Great Gazebo

Had Shaw homes as a broken arrow, homes builder, we like to offer our customers variety. Variety is the spice of life and we have more neighborhoods to choose from than any other Tulsa area builder and we certainly have more model homes that are furnished and decorated than any other builder. And one of our beautiful communities in broken Arrow is millicent pond and mills at bond is just about finished with only a couple of home sites remaining, but it’s conveniently located in broken Arrow with union schools. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Millicent pond draws families outside the home because there’s a great a sand volleyball courts and playground there as well as lots of beautiful ponds and sidewalks to take long leisurely strolls in the evening and look at the water features and the waterfowl that come in. Uh, there’s a great gazebo that you can sit on. It’s close to one of the water features. So just get off your feet and maybe have a cool drink breast a little bit. Um, millicent pond has a square footage range, a minimum square feet of 24. Oh, two up to 3000, 772 square feet.

And millicent pond, the price range is $257,900 up to $354,000 as a union school district. The Elementary School for the neighborhood is Anderson and then afford the middle school. And the high school, uh, they’re both union. So for dropping directions, well, millicent pond is conveniently located close to everything off of 129th street, which is olive in broken Arrow and it’s about halfway between 80 percent and 91st on the east side of 129. So from Tulsa you would take highway one 69 south to the 81st street exit. And then you’re going to turn left off the ramp onto 81st street and you’ll drive one point six miles to south 129 east avenue, which is olive. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you’re going to turn right. And then millicent pond will be the first community on your left. So you will enter onto Jackson street. Um, gosh, Melissa pond is close to everything. All the restaurants there on 81st and 71st as well as all the movie theaters, entertainment venues.

But you’re right there in broken Arrow and as a broken Arrow home builder, we love the city of broken Arrow and you’ve got easy access from millicent pod to the broken Arrow, rose district, a community arts center. All of the fun shopping and walking and shops and restaurants that they’re broken. Arrow roasters, district has to offer. It’s just a couple miles from millicent pond in millicent pond. I do have a couple of homes for sale, um, that are ready for you to, you and your family to move into. One of them is a, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma our nodding hill. It’s 2,805 square feet. But boy, it sure feels like a lot more square footage than that because it was just so smartly designed as a broken Arrow home builder. We really put a lot of thought into why we lay out the rooms the way that we did in every floor plan in the nottinghill just checks a lot of boxes for a lot of different families. Um, this a, notting hill is located at nine one seven South Kalanchoe avenue there in a millicent pond. And it is, it is in the trim phase, which means it’s almost done. Four bedroom, three bath, three car garage. The notting hill l is a great floor plan for families, um, because it has the master bedroom down. And then all the other bedrooms are upstairs with a large game room.


So this room has a study, uh, with a big vaulted ceiling in it as well as a large kitchen with lots of cabinet space and the biggest walk in Pantry just ever, never saw it is huge. A nice size family room that features a corner, fireplace and three, a large windows that overlook the backyard and a powder bath, which is great for guests so that they don’t have to use one of the kiddos bathrooms. Um, your powder bath can always stay pretty downstairs. The master bedroom is very popular with its vaulted 10 foot ceiling trade. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma It’s actually trade up 10 foot ceiling.

And from the master bedroom you walk into the master bathroom that has split his and hers. Vanity’s a large walk in shower. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma of course our six soaker tub and the bathroom walks right straight through into the master closet. And then from the master closet you walk into the utility room, laundry room. Now when you’re coming home from work and you pull into the garage and you enter into the home, you’re actually, let’s say you’re carrying a couple of groceries with you, you’re actually just stepping a few steps before you’re unloading that a dishwasher, I mean that laundry soap and bleach and the laundry room. And then just a few quick steps across the family room to unload in that ginormous pantry and Nook area

upstairs. This notting hill, I’m actually, one of the reasons that checks so many boxes is because there are two bathrooms upstairs for the Kiddos. So let’s say you’ve got a couple of girls and one boy, they don’t have to share bathrooms. How cool would that be? Um, bedroom number two has a nice walk in Nice closet area and is just off one side of the game room. And then on the opposite side of the game room is bend our bedrooms, number three and four. And they, uh, share, uh, the bathroom number three, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma that is right in between the two bedrooms, number three and number four. So it’s a great floor plan. It’s got a linen closet upstairs, which by Golly, I’m not every house, not every home gets a linen closet upstairs. So that’s a great deal

also for sale. And millicent pond is our stonebrook the now we love the stone brook. It checks a lot of boxes off for a lot of families in that it’s got a fairly small the print downstairs, so it’s an economical home to build. And by Golly, you stick all those kiddos upstairs. So the Stonebrook v and millicent pond is 100 percent complete ready for your family to move into. And it is 319,900 and $900. So what a bargain for a home in the union school district as a broken Arrow home builder, we think that we are, well, we know that we’re very competitive with our prices. Uh, not only do we build more homes than any other builder, not only do we have more models than any other builder, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma but guess what, we sell more homes than any other builder in the Greater Tulsa area.

That stonebrook B is 100 percent complete and it is located at one. Oh, one six south Joshua Avenue in there in milsap. So it’s four bedrooms, two and a half bath, three car garage. Um, I would love for you to call me if you would like to go see that home. My name is candice and my number’s nine. One eight seven two four, two, two eight, zero. Also for sale in the union school district, we have our former waterstone model for sale. Now this is a high end luxury home in the gated Cedar Hills community at a 3,940 square feet. That home is just located on the north side of 101st street, which is New Orleans and broken arrow. And it’s about halfway between Garnette and 129. So it’s a great location right there. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma The creek turnpike, you can be anywhere you need to be in a very, very, very short order. This home is gorgeous. It has four bedrooms, four and a half bath, three car garage, as well as formal dining room and study. Call me to see it.

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