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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Some Different Things

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Pull On Up

broken Arrow, homebuilders

for this final, a talk today we’re going to go over the steps of the Manchester series and a lot of different things, uh, that, that includes, but also I need to pronounce some floor plans real quick, so I’m gonna. Pull those up while we’re talking and see if I can get that. So we’ll do the newport real quick, broken Arrow homebuilders and then we can talk about some competition. But basically you have someone you have to, you have step three, step four, step five, step six, step seven, step eight. You have to set nine, you have nine, you have to separate, you have 70, 60, set five you have set for, you have step three, step two, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you have step one and a lot of those steps they just entail a lot of different things. So you just have to make sure that you’re doing a great job when explaining all those different things and what it entails when doing that price out.

Broken Arrow, homebuilders. And uh, we can talk about included features. Also, we can talk about some different things and we have a. let’s see, we have one on per se. We have two homes for sale. We have three homes for sale. We have four homes for sale. We have five homes for sale, six homes for sale, seven homes for sale, eight homes for sale, nine homes for sale, 10 homes for sale, 11 homes for sale, 12 homes for sale, 13 homes for sale. 14 homes herself. 15 homes for sell. 16. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma House for sale. 17 homes for sale. 18 homes for sale. Nineteen homes for self. 20 homes for sale. Broken Arrow, homebuilders. But we can take three out there. We can take the addison out there, we can take a national if there. We can take a cambridge up there as well. Broken Arrow, homebuilders and uh, no.

Then we have all of those things to look forward to and make sure that you’re doing a great job with those. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we will, uh, see if we can print this off but not in the uh, legal. Why do we have paper type feel? Normal note, we are not on normal. We are on a letter of broken Arrow homebuilders and so now I’m going to do 15 again and a broken arrow, homebuilders, and so you have all those different things that are going on and you just have to remember that everybody is looking for something different, something special and I believe that we have something for everybody that is available for people so you can send them here and we will have something for them, broken Arrow home builders because we do a lot of different things and we’re in a lot of different community so it’s always a great place to start your home search is with us because we’ll have all of those different areas for you and different things in different communities. Like I said, so they’re in jinx where we’re going to bixby jenks water. Oh yeah. I think in a way also. Then also Tulsa Broken Arrow, a lot of different places and now I’m walking into the liberty which has this large covered little porch. It’s a beautiful thing, broken Arrow home builders.

And uh, now I’m walking around the corner to the right end. Uh, this is where the bench is supposed to be and so that will be a beautiful feature once we can get that going and put that in here at broken Arrow homebuilders. And so now we’re just walking back over there. Just make sure that everything is looking great in here. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I’ll have a little bit of a headache and then there’s a lot of assets in here and just remember you have all of those things to look forward to, broken Arrow, homebuilders and so you’ll have that and you’ll be able to do those different things and make sure that everything is looking good. Broken Arrow, homebuilders, and I’m just going to make sure that all of these scents are a full and a part of the job. You make sure all of these things are filled and ready to go. Broken Arrow homebuilders.

Custom homes, broken Arrow from lead to contract process. Remember the 300 percent rule here at cha homes. Take the customer through other processes every time we did not add live off the cuff, whatever you want to talk about or whatever the customer wants to talk about, 100 percent the process, hundred percent of the people 100 percent of the time, it’s going to come in and five different types of ways. Thrive. This lead that clicked on our facebook ad for the Pearl Necklace and then received a call from the thrive to scheduled the appointment. You will be emailed for the confirmation. You already put the tour, but you need to call them to introduce yourself and check to make sure they don’t where they’re meeting you. To further qualify them, followed the guest registration, online registration descript online sales counselor, custom homes, broken arrow. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma This is a lead either call or email our online sales counselor, online sales counselor.

We’ll book it through for you and email to pertinent information. Wic online sales counselor script for booking the two after they book it through. Or they will email you and let you know so you can make the call and introduce yourself using yesterday’s session script main office column. This will be a call for you from the call it that we have the phone script for real tour. Walk into someone who walks to the model home and meets you one of their open days. You will use the walk in script book. You’re on tour realtor. This will be the lead that comes through from cold calling realtors or call a realtor that was showing home that you recently used a realtor script. Guest registration script report. Hello. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Is this the amazing hunter? Hi Kyle. This is John Davis appeared shaw homes. I saw that you go to time for the model room tours, so I wanted to introduce myself. I just want to give you a call. I’ll be the new home specialist taking on the epic tour and I absolutely can’t wait to know where the location is that we’ll be seeing you at custom homes. Broken Arrow after we hang up the mom texture, Google maps pin to the address. Do you have a smartphone? Awesome. Let me talk to you about the needs in order to tailor year two or for the best fit. I wanted to get that information from you. Is that okay? Please pull up the dissertation. Carmen, fill out the answers on it.

When do you want to be into your new home? Do you currently rent or own? How many bedrooms do you need? How many bedrooms did you have? How many bathrooms that you want? How many cars crashed? Did you want an order addition to the bedroom count you just mentioned you need to study. Do you want a formal dining room? Do you want a one or two store? What kind of square footage are you looking for? What is your desired price range? Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Based on all your answers? Actually have a three d printer printing out your home right now and it should be ready in about 15 minutes. Wait for laughs. Just kidding. Of course. I think I have everything I need prepared for our two. I look forward to seeing you on March 15th at 9:00 PM. When we hang up in a minute, I’ll send you a map pin I mentioned earlier in the calendar invite so I can pin into my phone.

Before I go, did you have any other further questions? Close. Well, I literally look forward to meeting you face to face. I know you’re going to have a blast on the tour and learned a lot about the home buying experience on our model home tours. See you soon. Bye. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma email confirmation. Don’t telecom couldn’t invite even invite for them to follow the perimeters subject model. Home Tours, shaw homes set to calendar, others going for the day before I moved to the second, two hours before blind copy BCCR and all Aaron and all calendar invites online. Sales counselor script report. Hello, is this amazing? Joan? Hi becky. This is John Doe from Shaw homes. How are you doing today? I saw they were looking to schedule a model home tour and I wanted to ask, what made you decide to look into building a new home?

We’d be shopping around with a few other builders yet needs. Are you need a preapproval or outside financing? Do you already have financing approved? When you looking to move into a home, a month of payment, are you comfortable with. Just to clarify, where’s the pressures at home? They you’re looking for custom homes broken here on benefits. Let me take a minute, give you a quick overview of the three things and make sure home is different than any other builder that home first. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma We’ve been around since 1985 and we typically build more quality homes and any other builder in Tulsa and basis number two is that we have a more finished and fully decorated model homes for you to see on our tour than any other builder and Tulsa third final that we actually give you a march incentive for just coming into a model home or a starbucks gift card closed.

Right now we are slammed, but I know that you stay busy. Um, but with your schedule, would Saturday at 9:00 PM work or Sunday at 5:00 PM work better for you to shoot? See our model home tour. Okay, great. I have you in the books for Sunday at 9:00 PM on March 15th of July, 2017, so we’ll meet you at a mile home at two, four, zero, six, eight east, 95th street south in broken Arrow, but email address you want me to send that confirmation to. I strongly encourage you to read our reviews online between now and then. I’m super excited for you to see the model homes and know you’re going to learn about a lot about the home buying experience and I have a lot of fun and you’re gonna. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma See some stuff you didn’t know about the Humboldt and process. We’ll see you then. Custom homes, broken arrow, email confirmation, nine slash five. Subject Line model. Home Tours. Show homes.

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