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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Something For Everyone

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Everyone has fun

So if you’re looking for custom homes and broken Arrow, I would definitely go on our website in Google, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma One of the things that you could do that it really helped that I suggest is sign up for a model home tour now. Our tours are about 60 to 90 minutes long depending on how many homes in your budget that you’re going to do and are the thing I love about our model home tours or they’re very fun and informative as we walked through the homes. You’re going to be able to see the function of each va home because a lot of people don’t realize every home has a function and depending on your lifestyle, whether you have kids or not, if you are empty nesters, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the function of the home is pretty important. So a lot of the homes will function different than others.

And so we always try to show people what they can do a, depending on the plan and layout that they’re seeking. Some people want a split floor plan. So Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we have homes that are only a split floor plans. We also have plans that will, uh, have all the rooms on one side of the house because maybe it’s important to them where they can quickly get to a mother or father that might be living with them or a mother in law. So we kind of have homes for everybody and everything. Um, there’s so many different things that you can do when you build. And so one of the things that I love is if you’re building, you’re able to build the home that’s going to fit you and your family’s needs and not the needs of somebody else. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, I know a lot of people when they shop used properties, they go in and they kind of see a lot of homes that they’re going to have to pour money in and change things because maybe they’re not brand new.

Maybe the layout doesn’t work exactly like they want. Maybe they need to pour in money to update them. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma when you’re looking for broken Arrow custom homes and you check out show homes.com, you’re going to realize you have a lot of choices with us that you don’t really get with other builders. I’m one of the things I absolutely love about the idea of building a new home that clients kind of forget about is they’re able to design that home in the way that it functions properly for their family. So there’s nothing that we can’t do. There’s unlimited custom options that we can do to get the house exactly like you need it to be. And I would just suggest people to, uh, you know, come into Edmond New Homes Oklahoma shaw homes or go on our website, Shaw too, shaw homes.com. Check us out and we’d be than happy to help you to take you on a model home tour and show you what today’s buyer looks like.

And when I say what today’s buyer looks like, I mean today’s buyer, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma because we kind of take all of our models that we’ve had in any time. We’re thinking about building a new model. We take what we see our clients constantly asking today to be placed in that particular plan or model. So what we tend to do is we take all of that information, we combine it together, and then when we build the new model of that plan, we incorporate all of those things that people were constantly doing to that plan today. So Edmond New Homes Oklahoma that’s what I mean by you’re able to see what today’s buyer looks like by going into one of our new models. So we would love to show you around, show you what makes shaw homes the biggest custom home builder in town and show you what your choices are for a new home.

Um, we have so many new models in so many great things to see that I think you’re gonna. See what it is that makes our, our homes functional, makes a, it’s our favorite builder of choice out of all the custom builders in town. And we sell more homes today than any other custom builder in this area out of Tulsa, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma So Wa. So we sell the most homes out of any other builder. So I would say shaw custom homes where the builder of choice come and check us out. Let us show you what today’s builder looks like. Let us take you around and show you our new model homes that we have in store and take advantage of our parade of homes offer are prey to homes. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Offer is gonna run to the end of July. So you’re able to take that $15,000 and use it however you need it to use it.

That’s one of the other things that Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I love is we always have some type of incentive in our incentive that were run until the end of July 2018 is actually our largest incentive we’ve done in our entire year. So take advantage of it before our price increase goes up and before the rates go up because they will always increase or their forecast it to increase in the next year. And just let us let us hope, help you design your new home and show you what Shaw homes can do. I’d love to show you around. My name is Shannon cut singer. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I’ve actually been with Shaw homes for 11 years now and the reason I stay is because I believe in our product. I believe we have the very best product on the market. I believe we have the easiest process. Our buyers today, they’re not strong all over the place.

When they go to do selections, they actually will go to one place and they will be able to choose all their selections in one spot and they’re not strong all over the place, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma taken three months to choose all their selections, so we try to have the most convenient opportunities for our clients and out of all the places that you could go show homes has the largest design center out of all of our places, out of any competitors or that we feel like our competitors. You go to one place and you pick everything out and you’re just going to be able to see exactly what you can do with Shaw homes and we look forward to showing you around, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, walking around and one of our neighborhoods staffie onto one of our models and sign up for a model home tour. I would highly suggest you do the tours because there is nothing quite like a brand new home the way you want it.

Um, I would say that shopping at Edmond New Homes Oklahoma and just seeing what’s out there compared to everything else you’ve seen, you’re going to just see a lot of great things in store for new home that maybe you didn’t plan on. So Shaw homes.com. I would go in and sign up on our model home tour and I would just let us show you what it is to own a new home and get exactly what you like and get the home your way. Nobody else’s way. But one of the things that I love about shaw homes is we have a variety. 13 different furnish models spread out, spread out. The majority of them are in the broken air area. So if you’re looking for broken Arrow custom homes and Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you’ve just been talking about building a broken Arrow custom home, you just don’t know where to start or what to do.

I would sign up for a model home tour. That’s a good start for you. So you can see what you can do with your home, but broken Arrow, custom homes, shaw homes.com. Com. And let us show you why we’re the builder of choice, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma We’re home of the 10 year structure warranty. So if you’re looking for broken Arrow custom home and you just don’t know exactly what to do or what to build, you definitely want to come and check us out so that we can show you what makes us so special. A Edmond New Homes Oklahoma where the home of the tenure of structure warranty two year on plumbing and electric and lifetime on the roof. So Shaw custom homes. We are the home builder of choice and we would love to show you what we could do in a new home today.

So Edmond New Homes Oklahoma where the home builder of choice. So come and check us out. It takes about 90 minutes for us to do a model home tour and you’re going to be able to see everything that we can do for your home. And more so come check us out. [inaudible] dot com, where the builder of choice, home of the 10 year structural warranty. So broken Arrow custom homes. We are the builder of choice. We would love to show you around. I’d love to meet you. So call us, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma schedule a tour or go online on [inaudible] dot com. And just remember we are broken arrows, custom home builder and we would love to show you around and show you why people choose shaw homes over any other builder around. So broken Arrow custom homes show homes.com are the builder of choice in the area. So come check us out. Thanks for listening.

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