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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Something For Everyone

At Shaw homes, custom homes, broken Arrow, I’m going to go over the path to your new shaw helm, so first custom homes, broken Arrow, even though we do have the custom homes, broken Arrow, we also have a moon bixby Tulsa. I know lit jake’s SAPULPA and offsite, so starting your path to your new shaw home. The first thing is going to be a model home tour.

This is typically a 90 minute tour, but it does vary based off of how many homes you actually will see and how many questions you have during each home, so I’m not gonna lie. Some of my tours have extended out to three or four hours, but that’s completely unusual. During this time, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you’re going to see approximately six to 12 different homes. They’re all going to be fully furnished and decorated. You’re gonna drive in your own car. There’s absolutely no pricing or pressure discussed during this time. This is just for information. We’re going to focus on the functionality of each floor plan. There’s always something for everyone. The plans are all versatile and there’s one and two stories. Now, as of the pricing based off of what it is that you’re looking for and if you have a community in mind or you do have a strict budget that you need to stick with, I will, um, go ahead and let you know what the base prices are and the different communities because there are three factors when it comes to the price of your home. One of them being location, location is key to the square footage of the home. And then three, what you put on the inside of your home, the upgrades. So out of those three things, you’re going to decide what is your most important thing about the home, whether it’s location or the square footage or what you put inside.


The second thing that we’re gonna discuss is going to be financing. So we have our preferred lenders. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma We have three of them, Bank of Oklahoma, Ethan Wagner, Juan Rodriguez was first Oklahoma. And lexi gains with Spirit Bank. They all offer closing costs, matching. They all have conventional loans, Fha, va, a native American, and even already loans. They’ll give you a monthly payment quotes and you will get an additional incentive by using our preferred lenders. The application is about a five minute application with a 24 hour approval process and they all have interest rate matching. So custom homes, broken arrow. The third thing that we’re going to do is the homesite reservation. This is going to require a thousand dollar deposit. This check is refundable for seven days. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma We do not cash this check at all. This check just allows us to be able to pull out the home site from our computer system to block the other 13 managers and buyers from looking at this home site for seven days that check separate are serious buyers and just looking buyers.


In that seven days, you can take your time. There’s no rush decision. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, if you switched home sites, you can during the seven days, typically you’ll get all of your questions answered. Um, but most importantly, the competing customers are blocked from that home site. So one important thing to always remember when it comes to building a home is that we can duplicate the same home over and over again, but we can’t duplicate the winners.

The next appointment is going to be the price out. This is going to be priced the way that you want it. You’re gonna have an itemized pricing. So literally you’re going to know exactly how much hardwood will cost in just the entry. I mean, it’s very detailed and thorough. Um, you’re going to know down to the dollar we’re going to print it out so that way you can take it home. We’ve got nothing to hide and even when it does come to those customs options, you know, for the custom homes, broken arrow or any other city, um, we can go over those custom options then, especially when it does come to the exterior of the home, um, typically anything in, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma on the inside of the home, that’s what you’ll end up doing at the design studio with the interior designers. Um, there’s gonna be tons of options to pick from. You’re going to work with knowledgeable staff, there’s no surprises. And then the final with your sales manager is going to be the purchase agreement, so on that custom homes, broken Arrow, or any other city that you choose to build it, the purchase agreement, when it comes

to the custom options, anything external we will need to know by the purchase agreement actually a little bit before because I’m the custom options for external is a $500 custom fee and we will need to get that turned into the Home Office at least a day or two before we go into contract. So Edmond New Homes Oklahoma they can load those custom options into this system before we go into contract. Um, those will need to be taken care of and signed for by contract.

Anything internal you can do at the design studio, anything of the internal changes will be a $200 fee.

During the purchase agreement, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you’re going to watch a very informative video. The meeting is about an hour long. Your structural options will be final. Your home site selections need to be final colors are not final. That finishes are not final. So the wishlist appointment, those changes, everything on the inside. You can continue to make those changes after the agreement. It’s just anything external dealing with the structure of the House that we do need to know for the contract. Additional deposits will be do your mortgage approval. So that preapproval letter, I’m getting me that for the contract. I will also need to know whether this is a contingent or a noncontingent. Do we need to do a delay of build?


And then we’ll go in the contract. Now, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the great thing about whether we need to do a contingency or a non contingency, this is where you can, if you currently have a home and you’re trying to decide whether you need to sell it now or if you can do carry both loans. Now this is where you want to talk to our preferred lender about it. Um, we deal with a lot of customers that may not necessarily put their home on the market right away and they do take that risk of possibly putting their home on the market maybe eight weeks before their home is about to close and try to time it perfectly where they move out of one into the other. We do have some buyers that need is sell their current home and we do work with side by side with a lot of amazing experience realtors to quickly get your house sold.

And if you’re also worried about where to go if you don’t have any pets. The great thing about Shaw homes is that we do have rental homes that we can put you in. And the great thing about our rental homes is that even though you may sign a agreement to go into the rental home, once your new Shaw home is done, you just move out of the rental and straight into your new home. So you don’t have to worry about, you know, even though you did sign an agreement and you may have three months left on that agreement, you don’t have to worry about like breaking any contract or being penalized for that and they’re all going to be preferred to our shock customers first. Anyways. The only stipulation is the fact that you can’t have any pets in our rentals. There will be a deposit just like anywhere else. You will be required to deposit. However, if you, you know, just take care of the home and leave it the way that you moved in, you’re going to get that back up. But don’t feel like you can’t build a home because you have to sell your home in order to get a new one. We can definitely get you taken care of. We’re building would still be a possibility for you and your family. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

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