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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Substituting Needs

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Substituting Needs

Shaw homes session six, custom homes, broken Arrow, we’ve been talking a lot about the process and did different things that are available with that process. So you have a market ready homes, so you have a also the process, you have seven steps. Step one is some other home tour and that’s, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

that was where we were going to go through all the homes and you get to pick what you would like in that home and just remember you can do whatever you’d like in that home. So that was step one. Model home tours, that’s a no pressure. We just got to look at beautiful homes. A step two is financing financing. You will speak to one of our preferred lenders. We have three now. They have different incentives going on as well. Right now it’s $4,000. Closing costs are off price of the home. Uh, they will rate match. They will, uh, you brave just batch all of those things as well. Twenty four hour approval process, interest rate matching, closing price matching, conventional loan, Fha Loan, Va loan, native American loans are all the different loans that you can take a look at. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. That’s step one.

Step two, step three, step four, step five, step six, step seven. Warranty is step seven. And closing this step six, purchase agreement is step five. Step for whom reservation is step three. Financing is step two, model home tours. Step one, custom homes, broken arrow. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, so we’ve talked about the model I’m toward. Takes about an hour to do just information. No pressure. Focus on the function of the home. Step two is financing. We’ve talked about that as well. So you have the financing part down as well. Written, watching all those things. Sometimes reservation a total 250 deposit. We never cashed the check. Uh, that is uh, so that means it’s completely refundable. Lot rose, our town. Who? Kids. I just took a lot to positive. 14, 24. Candice is tearing it up right now. It is insane. I’m sorry, reservation and get all your questions answered. We don’t cash the check competing customers are blocked from the site and homesites sites are all available one of the time.

So always important to remember there are a substituting people right now, custom homes, broken Arrow, TC is bringing the ball up, probably sounded step forward. So we’ve talked about homesite reservation set three, we talked about financing and step two, we’ve talked about model home tour, which is step one, purchase agreement, which is step five. Step six, warranty is step seven. So that’s step one, step two, step three, step four, step five, step six, step seven, step seven, seven, six, six, five. So four is the threes, the twos. Step one and step on financing. I’m sorry, reservation price that we’ve talked about. The price out, that’s where we go through everything in the home. Custom homes, broken Arrow, go through everything in the home that you may want, all upgrades, all those things. Get all questions answered, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma itemized report on all that as well. Uh, so if you have any questions down to the dollar, we will let you know what that home would cost.

So that’s important to remember as well. Oh no, he is going to turn the ball over. Dang it. That is not good. Custom homes, broken arrow. Then we have a warranty, the warranty, a ptosis. Best Warranty. Ten Years Sexual to you and mechanical. One year limited 24 hour emergency line warranty coordinator, full time on staff. Sixty Day follow up, 11 months followup and excellent customer service. The best thing we could do is get referrals, so that is the way to repeat this and so we always want to make sure that we are taking care of our customers. I don’t know why Shannon always hits reply all. She just hit reply. We don’t all need to see her. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Say Yay to attacks or an email that’s we’ve talked about. Step one, step two, step three, step four, step five, step six, step seven, that’s warranty, that’s closing, that’s purchase agreement.

That’s a price and that subset reservation, that’s financing, that’s a model. Home tour, custom homes, broken arrow. We’ve talked about the purchase agreement and that is what you do when you sign in and colors are vinyl options or final additional deposit. Do mortgage application do contention to you want it to lay a build? All those things we can decide on a close date and homeowners orientation, meet at the title company and pay closing cost or get signed for title transfer keys given a ready to move in warranty period again, so that is closely and that is step six. Custom homes, broken Arrow, and we have the model home tour. We have financing, we have homesite reservation, we have priced out purchase agreement, we have closing, we have warranty. These are all things we have in the shop process. That’s step one. Step two, step three, step four, step five, step six, step seven. All those things. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

Some homes broken Arrow shot homes, custom options policy. Shawn Holmes has spent a considerable amount of time and resources engineer homeless to meet the desire from form and function as well as to be good value economically. These options we offer come from over 30 years of building homes as well as extensive data research and the misery present changes to our homes. Custom homes, broken Arrow based on the data we have created our new lineup of plans and options closely calculated the cost of each one based on the cost calculation. We’ve created a detailed purchase orders, work orders, blueprints, vendor supplies, and supplier contracts, modifications or plans, creates extensive work for our purchasing and design stuff. Occasionally, our customers request items that are outside of the list of available items or features. When this happens, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma they will fit into two categories. The first category is going to be a nonstructural custom options.

Customers are broken arrow. These are options I have no impact on the existing materials takeoffs and include the features of a home. Non-Structure options could include additional adding a bench seat, selecting a non standard trim material, reversing endorsement as nonstructural custom changes will have a minimal impact. Existing purchase orders therefore only had a minimal change fee of $200, plus the actual cost of it change if any. This fee is nonrefundable. However, if the nonstructural change is accepted by buyer and the contract $200 change order will be credited back to the buyer at closing. Fifty percent of the cost of the nonstructural changes must to be paid in advance. The remaining 50 percent can be included in your financing. She makes me broken Arrow, custom homes, broken Arrow, structural custom options to be considered. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma The will need to be very specific information, sketches, and the specifications in order to price these items.

Due to the nature of structural custom pricing, we can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to price. Oftentimes, we have to contact multiple vendors and trade as we will create an architectural drawings in order to get pricing. Then we will have input for this information to our purchasing software in cad programs, order to correctly execute this change from our normal way of building through extensive work and shaw homes, churches approach for you and $500 to price structural changes. This is a nonrefundable fee. However, the structural changes, etc by buyer and added to the contract of $500. Change will be credited back to the buyer I closing and requests to change may not be structurally. A practical will make every effort to determine the validity of the structure or requests prior to implementing a fee. Once a structure option, options priced and accepted by the purchaser. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma In addition to deposit required to the following and custom homes, broken Arrow structural options up to $5,000 paid in full and advanced structure options in excess of $5,000.

She paid in full to $5,000 and 50 percent of the amount above that. The excess amount can be added to your finance. That deposit can be waiting to the discretion of the management custom homes. Broken Arrow custom option is any option that is not already pre price and the purchasing software which choose a option. Please expect delays in the processing your contracts and construction to request a cups him option your salesperson who design studio, consultant or do they request into our ihs purchasing system, custom homes, or broken arrow. The purchasing staff will respond as quickly as possible. Once modification has been priced further modifications to specifications, a request to option custom option pricing shall incur an additional $100 per fee per modified request. Custom homes, broken Arrow show homes, custom nonstructural options agreement, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma shot homes, and spent considerable amount of time and resource engineering chemistry, the desire for form and function as well to be a good value economically garbage. Alfred from over 30 years of architectural experience as well as extended as research professor changes to our homes based on the data we have created a lineup of plans and options because he calculated the cost of each one. Customers are broken airbase in the calculations. We’ve created a detail purchase orders, work orders, blueprints, finished, barter contract, modifications of plans.

It’s against the virtue are purchasing and design savvy some options, any option that is not already pre price and our purchasing software system, the underdesigned, the underside and buyer prospect here, guys, the following for custom options nearby to pause it with Shaw himself, $200, and there’s no dispositive discharge to price of custom option requests. That is a little that will not be refunded if the custom modification is not accepted. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma and even that a customer option is accepted or is accepted to $200 fee will be subtracted from the price of the approved quote nonstructural list of options. Our options to have no impact on the existing material take offs been included. Features of a home nonstructural options could include adding a bench seat, selecting a trim material that we don’t offer. Sliding bedroom door down one foot. These non structural changes to the minimum intact.

Interesting takeoffs and purchase orders. We understand that custom option pricing requires considerable amount of. He’s at such understand this will take a delay in the process of the contract or potentially depending on the request, the construction of your home. We understand that once approved by marsh require us ms.money deposit as follows. Fifty percent of the non structural changes must be paid in advanced custom homes broken earlier, meaning 50 percent including the finance. Any additional deposit will be credited to the buyer at closing. Other closing costs, custom homes, broken Arrow, we hereby agree to the terms listed above. Show homes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

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