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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Talking About Warranties

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Warranties and More

Arnold here with cutting shaw homes, custom homes, broken Arrow builders. I am talking to you today. We just got done. We finished up. We’ve discussed, you know, a lot of things over the last couple podcasts we’ve talked about. Customizability first, we talked to them about warranties. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma We’ve talked about. Tell, use compares to the new market. We’ve talked about a lot of things we talked about, uh, what to expect, you know, that we’re going to make mistakes and how you can add a new home is not a perfect home, which you know, what a lot of buyers actually do not understand the whole bunch. So you know, that is a very, very important topic to discuss as a custom home broken aira agent. If you don’t discuss it, you’re in trouble immediately because no doubt your buyer is going to expect perfection. If you’re not discussing it and then no doubt your builder is going to mess up something if not multiple things and then really frustrate your buyers.

So you have to have that discussion as custom home broken Arrow agent. And it’s something that’s very important that you discuss. Talk about. So, you know, uh, we discussed what you should do in those situations. Uh, yeah. My name’s Nigel Arnold. I am a, I believe a custom home broken Arrow agent who’s quite qualified and educated on all things new construction. I’m generally, I know the answer to any question generally been doing it five years and Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I’m a one at number one at Shaw homes, number one agent at Shaw homes and Shaw homes, which is a factual statement, is the number one by revenue. Custom home broken Arrow builder if you pulled the bound and mill building. Now permits, say it all the time. And I can say it because we’ve been number one all year long. The you’ll see that we are number one in the industry and if you’re comparing all custom home broken Arrow builders, we are number one in the industry.

So, and we are not afraid of competition or comparison. So we actually suggested you as custom home broken Arrow buyer compare us to the competition because we feel that we are the best and not just by revenue, but revenue should say something to you as a buyer. If you’re looking for someone to build you a custom home in broken arrow or say jinx and jinx bixby in Tulsa, anywhere, say on your own piece of land, then why not look at the builder who’s number one in revenue and, um, who’s building the most quality homes? Then why not also look at all the reviews on Google and compare then why not also go to all the homes, different homes with different and compare we, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we, we suggested some of the other builders will talk bad about us, but we suggest you go in because they’re scared.

We suggest you go in and comparing all the custom on broken Arrow builders. So go for it. But anyways, getting back on topic here, I was just talking about how we discussed those four things. The podcast I wanted to try to get, and I know I can cover even half of this and one podcast podcasts be all cover just the first step, but there’s 10 steps to building your dream home with Shaw homes and these 10 steps or I believe what separates us from the competition. Our process is kind of bonafide. It’s a bulletproof, it’s been shot from the left, from the right, from north and the south and up and down. It’s been kind of kicked around. We’ve been in business 38 years, so I’ve been honing this process for a long time and uh, I’ve been doing, I guess I told you already five years with the company and it’s the best. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I believe we’re doing the best job that we’ve ever done.

Excuse me. And I believe our numbers show that. So when to break off into first step, shaw homes, custom home, broken Arrow and builder. First step is our model home tour, which is probably what’s my favorite step of the whole process. But it is certainly a step that really, really separates us from our competition. And when I say a model home tour, I want you to know that what we do at Shaw home is we hold models on the ground. And the reason why that’s so important is because we don’t sell those models. And when you’re comparing us to other broken, broken arrow or custom home builders, what you’re doing is you’re looking at models or you’re looking at spec homes from these builders that they’re trying to sell. And um, because it costs, I don’t know if you’re aware of, but it costs anywhere from a thousand or 2000 a home to hold it on the ground.

So we have 12 of those. You can do the math. Imagine what Glenshaw was paying monthly just to have these homes on the ground, feet a walkthrough that’s monthly. So it’s, it’s extremely, it’s such a big advantage to us as a custom home broken arrow builder to a whole homes on the ground. Now Edmond New Homes Oklahoma these homes are not just homes, they’re all furnished and decorated. So he’s got a lot of capital just sitting there on the ground just so you accustomed home, broken arrow. Buyer can walk through these homes and get a feel and get an understanding of what it would be like to live in that home. Imagine comparing us to another builder who’s showing you an empty home to sale. Now what people say is sometimes, and I won’t even actually get into that, I’ll get into that on the fourth step, but just breaking back off to the first step.

Yeah, it’s such an advantage. We spend about 90 minutes, which isn’t an hour and a half on this appointment and getting to know you. What’s so funny about this appointment is generally I’ve been doing it so long. If I don’t know your house when I meet you and qualify you when I’m in qualify, use asking you questions about what you like or what you’re looking for. Do you need a dining room? Asking them functional questions, which um, function is very, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma very, very important in a home. It’s a, it’s a very underrated statistic in home building, but I do ask functional questions at the beginning because that determines how much you liked the home. If I can’t figure it out, how severe that is, your favorite right then and there at the very beginning. I certainly know when I start going to houses to houses and generally I can claim it and name it before that you all do that one of a kind dream home of yours because I get to know you on the home tour and so that’s going back to the beauty of it all.

My favorite part is getting to know our buyers and understanding, you know, now I’m on the home tour from the tourist perspective, so I love the fact that I get the chance to get the chance to meet the buyers and get to know them from that kind of that, that direction. So I’m super excited about that step of the model home tours. My favorite stat, because it’s a while I knew in the business is getting to know people, you know, that’s what it’s all about for me. So I love that part. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, it’s 90 minutes, it’s about an hour and a half. We usually go to around five homes depending on the qualifications that you’ve give me. Now you give me a, you know, two, 225 buyer to 25. There’s nothing wrong with that. Matter of fact, I love to 25 buyers. I love all buyers, but all buyers have a budget.

You know, Donald Trump has a, has an end to his money, you know, Bill Gates as an into his money, so all people have a budget, so to 25 is just your budget. But if you do give me that budget, then I can only show you a couple of homes in that would only work in one of our neighborhoods, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma which we have like 25 neighborhoods. So you know, if, depending on your qualifications, that will determine the number of homes that we see, you know, so that, that will be how we’ll do that. It’ll be anywhere from three to three to five or six. Again, I said these houses are all furnished and decorated the way the tour works as you drive your own car. Um, and you follow me as we go and hit different areas, different communities with model homes in it. And look at those.

There’s going to be. I’m not going to talk about pricing and I’m not going to pressure you to make a decision so there won’t be any pricing, more pressure. It’s a casual environment. Bring the kids, you know, getting your shorts, your workout gear, casual fun environment, and we just discuss new construction and so people generally it’s appreciate that they love that and it’s just kind of infer information site. Now we talked a little bit about function a minute ago and why I feel it’s so important, but uh, and, and it is, but you know, it’s, it’s what determines your, how much you like your house, just so you know, these are all functional for plans, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma meaning that they are all versatile. One or two story plans and we have something for everybody. So super excited to do model home tours with people. And it’s my favorite step of the process and I love it when have the opportunity to sit down with people and talk. Just talk with them about what they desire and love. Again, I journal show homes, broken arrow.

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