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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | The Great Thing About Shaw Homes

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Why we are the best

At Shaw homes, custom homes, broken Arrow, we like to make sure that we’re trying to get all of our customers taking care of with all of their needs and wants when it comes to buying their home. So if you go on shaw homes.com, you can actually maneuver through our website, take a look at our different floor plans, communities. We have pictures and videos, so the available homes that we have, and you can even schedule out a model home tour. So Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. If you go into the website and select, find your home than go to available homes. You can actually see all of the homes that we have on the ground ready to go for a new family. The prices of these homes will range anywhere from one slash 70 and, uh, um, from different square footage size 1300 to over 3000 square feet. Custom homes, broken Arrow, we’ve got pretty much anything that you need all covered from different floor plans to location, school districts. All of our homes are brand new, moving, ready homes or you can build. So custom homes, broken arrow. The great thing about working with Shaw is the fact that we can customize some of our homes for you and it’s all pending on what it is that you need and you’re looking for to do

one in particular. That’s a popular request is maybe bumping out the front room or possibly even the nurse.


We’ve done certain customization when it comes to also our ada customers. So if you’re needing special ramps, installed handrails for your shower to have a curbless shower, that’s a great things about custom homes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma with shaw. Um, we also can widen out the doors maybe in certain situations you would like pocket doors.

So custom homes, broken arrow. One of the things that we’ve currently been working on as well with one of my friends clients are the park at doors. There were certain rooms that my client like pocket doors in and we’re getting that taken care of. And another one of my customers, they’re wanting stairs put in the garage because it’s a one story home and they don’t want to deal with the pool downstairs for the attic. So those customizations can be done. There will be a custom fee, so anything structural will be a $500 fee and anything inside of the home will be a $200 fee. Anything dealing with structural would have to be done. You would need to finalize your selections for any type of structural changes before you go into contract, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma but anything internal can be done at the design studio. So custom homes, broken Arrow, we’re going to make sure that we get you taken care of based off of what it is that you need and want and what we can do as of altering the floor plans. Now, typically with our move in ready homes, they are pretty much standard when it comes to the floor plans. However, we do have a few floor plans that are going up in certain communities and due to the shape of the home site, we may have to customize it a bit

and um,

and get that

taken care of. So as you’re going through the move in ready home list, you can see what we have done and it will also give you an update on whether or not it’s completed or if it is at a certain, if it’s under construction still. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, now granted, of course if you are able to build, that’s always the best way to go because you get to pick everything out yourself. So depending on what level or at what stage the home is at, there might be some modifications that you may or may not be able to do now are moving ready homes are available in multiple communities and um, in different parts of the Greater Tulsa area. We’ve got a lot of homes going up in school district and broken Arrow bixby. We do have more. We’ve got a couple left that are completely done and I know we are working on a couple more to possibly get them up and going. We have sold out a lot of our homes and Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. So custom homes, broken Arrow is shaw homes. Um, we’re going to make sure we get you taken care of. And the best thing to do is stop by one of our model homes and talk to a sales manager,

go out there and schedule a model home tour or let them know that you are looking for a move in ready home. The great thing about the model home tours that we are going to take you to our model homes that are fully furnished and decorated. A lot of our customers appreciate the fact that our model homes are fully furnished and decorated because it can help you envision what your furniture will look like in a room and size of the furniture. Empty rooms are a little bit harder to kind of use your imagination and gauge what size bed would fit or entertainment center, anything like that. So that’s why all of our homes are fully furnished and decorated by award winning interior designers Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

are interior designers. We have two of them that are all done in house. And um, our interior designers will be working with you. If you decide to build, you will be assigned to one. They will help you as much as you would like or completely back off and not help you at all. If you’re the type of person that knows what you want and likes what you want, um, it’s completely up to you. We do not push on anything in any kind of way throughout the entire process of picking out your house. We, um, we’d light you, take your time and decide what it is that you want and we’ll go from there. Custom homes, broken Arrow of shaw homes, I think time and time. And again, that’s what our customers do love about us, is the fact that we’re not pushy. We don’t want you to rush and make rush decisions. We want you to be sure the fact of you know which floor plan it is that you’re picking out and what you’re wanting to put inside of your home. You’re the one that has control of the cost after the base price. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma We have a lot of different home sites available and all of our communities, we have corner lots cold. The sac, northeast, southwest facing. We have greenbelts golf course communities, pond views.

We have a variety types of home sites just pending on what it is that you need, um, and what it is that you’re looking for and what you’re ultimately wanting to spend. Some of our home sites do not have a premium and some of them do and a lot of our home sites may even actually have a credit based off of the location and the size of the home site. We have home sites available in communities with different amenities and we have the larger home sites with half Acre, one acre all the way up to one and a half acres, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma so we have a variety of options for you to pick from when it comes to home sites, based off of the location, what you need and what your budget would like to be. We also tend to our customers that may have their own private property.

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