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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | The largest custom builder

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | The largest custom builder

We’ll talk about bigsby homebuilders, um, today we’re going to be talking about how if you’re googling bigsby homebuilder and you’re wanting to find the best builder in the area, you’re going to come a long shot. You’re going to come along the website Edmond New Homes Oklahoma The reason being is we’re actually the only builder that’s been in business probably the longest out of every builder that I’ve known in this entire area. So we’re going on 29 years in business. We’re building in about 250 homes a year. And um, with our rate of sale, we’re constantly buying up new land, developing new areas and opening up new communities. So one of the things that I love about, if you’re looking for bigsby homebuilders, you’re going to see that you have a variety between Chisholm ranch, Quail Creek, a gated community called Somerset, which I love. Seven lakes. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma We’ve got about seven homesites before we’re sold out there. And then we have the beautiful estates at the river. Now, one of the things that I love about the bigs Vireos, if, if you’re looking for a half Acre property, we also have spring hill farms now, I don’t know of any place in the entire area that you can actually find a hat half acre for the two seventies on a two story, on a one story. You’re going to be in the to eighties. Never has anyone found land that’s going to give you half acre in that kind of price anywhere.

If you do, you’re going to have to be carrying your own construction loan. You’re not going to find what you’re looking for. Now. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, one of the things that I love about the Biggs v properties is there are going to be so many people that we’ve come across that are looking in, you know, bixby home builders and they call us and they want to see what do we have for sale. And I tell them, you know, if you’re going to be, if you want a half acre, we’ve got spring hill farms, we can get you in there in the high to seventies, the low to eighties in that with a half acre included a full three car garage with a three car garage driveway. It’s kind of have a driveway to the street. We’re going to include a rubic septic system. Now in spring hill farms, there’s no Hoa, um, because really there’s not, it’s not a neighborhood that’s geared like that.

This is a neighborhood where everyone has half acre or more properties. They’re spread out. It’s surrounded by beautiful horse ranches. And uh, so one of the things I was talking about is in Spring Hill farms, the thing I love about that is, you know, we own every lot in their home. We see that the market is needing half acre properties and they want to be in the bigs v area. We couldn’t help other than to go in there. We totally bought everything they had left when we were down to three home sites. And now we have a total of about 10 home sites and that whole neighborhoods sold out in. Honestly, you can’t find an half an acre in big seat in the seventies or eighties. It does not exist. So when you’re googling shaw homes.com or if you google just bigsby homebuilders, you’re going to see that we’re going to pop up first and foremost because a, we’re the largest custom builder in this town Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

Nobody can compete with our pricing. And the main thing that I love his show homes has a process. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma You don’t walk in the doors and let you just walk around the home and leave. No, when you walk in one of our shaw properties, you’re gonna meet. Um, I hate to even call them salesman because all of us really care about our clients and we care about your needs and wants and locations and the things that you tell us you’re looking for a new home. But our whole process, we have a process. The whole process is we schedule a model home tour. We keep your budget and what you’re looking for in a home in mind. We go into the model home tour, it’s about 90 minutes long. Once we finish the tour, we go ahead and schedule our second appointment with you while you’re there, and the reason we do this is because it’s real easy to get busy with life and then our appointments will fill up two weeks in advance, so if we don’t set that second appointment time, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

The were there with you. The odds of you getting in in the next two weeks are slim to none, and so we set that appointment so we can get you in quickly to review over what we call a walkthrough price out. Now, when you’ve been looking for shaw or Edmond New Homes Oklahoma home builders and you’re shopping for a builder, just know that with our process, after we do the tour, we do a model home price out. Sometimes I call it the wishlist price out. So we’re going to walk you through that favorite plan. In a nutshell, we’re going to point out what’s included and what Mr Shaw has put in that home as an upgrade or extra feature and after we do the Walkthrough, we’re going to take your wishlist and within 24 hours price it out, get you to come back in with us so that we can sit down and kind of go over your wish list.

What do you want to leave out? What do you want to keep in to get it right where you’re comfortable on price. Now, when you’re looking at bigsby homebuilders and you’re keeping shaw homes in mine, just realize that this is a builder that has spent 29 years getting a process down. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma So buyers have a great experience with us. It’s, um, we want you to have the best experience you’ve ever had in building because a, we want happy customers, be we love repeat business and referrals. And because we love what we do, it’s not a job to us. So when you’re out there and you’re looking for bigsby homebuilders, you’ll definitely want to come take a tour. After we do the wishlist, usually we’re moving to a purchase agreement and the whole goal on that is defined what your want, where you’re looking for the right location, and the right price that you need to stay at.

All of our sales team is knowledgeable, they’re friendly, they’re helpful, and when we do those model, home tours are just fun and informative. It’s not a high pressure setting or US trying to sell you something you don’t want. We actually listened to your leads or your, uh, listened to your needs and wants in a home and we want to make sure that we all come to the same perfect place at the end, which is finding your dream home, helping you build it, and you being satisfied for life. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, when you’re looking for bigsby homebuilders, keep in mind that there’s no other builder in this market that is going to own the land that we do. Um, it’s not just about the homes. We have 13 furnished model homes, but it’s also about the location that people need to be in. Usually with kids that played a huge part or if you don’t, if your kids are grown or you don’t have kids and you just want the right location, um, we, we have five bigsby communities to choose from.

Now, a lot of empty nesters like the homes, uh, in a gated community. That’s where summerset is going to come in. And really you can get in there and the two nineties with lot included, have a, you know, beautiful gated community and she’s going to be amazing. So we’re looking forward to meeting you when you come in. If you shop shop, show homes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Oklahoma show homes.com, get on our website. Um, if you’re looking for bigsby home builders and you just want to find the builder that’s going to listen to your needs and actually help you accomplish those needs in a home than you. You’ve come to the right place at Shaw homes. Many ways. If you’re looking at bigsby homebuilders and you’ll definitely want to check out show homes. And we are the only builder town that gives you a 10 year structural warranty. Two years on plumbing and electric and lifetime.

On the roof, there’s no other builder out there that’s going to give you that. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, it’s just us. So Shaw homes.com, bigsby homes. You’ll want to check out the bixby home locations. Uh, we’ve got, uh, if you look@BigsbyhomebuildersShawhomes.com, 28 years in business, five bigsby be communities. And uh, if you’re looking at bigsby home builders, you’re definitely gonna. Want to check us out? We’ve got the entire market on the big ski area and nobody can give you what we can give you in a home for the price and location and budget and floor plans. We have the most flexible floor plans out of any builder I know. And so shaw homes.com, bigsby home builders. We are the builder of choice. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Let us be your first choice or come see us last because it will be, it’ll still be your first choice. So bigsby be builders show homes.com.

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