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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | The Other Builders

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | The Other Builders

As a custom homes, broken Arrow builder, I’m at Shaw homes, we have a number of move in ready homes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, at any given time in addition to all the custom homes that we’re building for families throughout the greater a jinx, bixby Tulsa. I know law, broken Arrow areas as the largest custom home builder in the Greater Tulsa area. We have more furnished and decorated model homes and any other builder in the area. And I had a couple that walked in my model just amended go and they’re just starting their look, um, to think about selling their home and perhaps, you know, building or buying a new home. And the first thing that I, one of the first things I said to them after welcoming them was, we have more model homes than any other builder in the Greater Tulsa area. And he said, okay, so, um, are they here in this neighborhood?

Can we go see him? And I said, well, um, we actually had them scattered all over the Greater Tulsa Bixby, jenks broken Arrow areas in a number of different neighborhoods. So the best way to see the model homes is to go along with me on one of my, a model home tours, uh, these model home tours. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I give it the same time every week, every Monday evening, every Saturday morning and every Sunday evening. And the way the tour works is you just meet me at one of the model homes and then car caravan in your own vehicle on behind me to the next model home because I’m usually taken several families at the same time. Now, whether you end up buying a home from us or not, um, or buying a home from some other builder or Bonnie used home. Um, many customers have told me that our model home tour was the single best thing that they did during their home.

I’m home search process because on the model home tour we don’t talk about the pretty. The pretty can change. It can be painted cabinets, it can be staying cabinets, it can be anything. So what we do talk about is the way the home functions. Like where are you going to be kicking off those shoes? Where are the kids gonna be dropping their backpacks. Where is your husband going to drop his coat every night when he comes in? So how far are you going to have to carry those groceries? Um, when you come home with the kid full with a load full of kids in the car and to have, need to go to the bathroom. And uh, well, you know, how quickly can that happen once you walk in the front door. Those are the kinds of practical things that we talk about on the model home tour. So we talk about how many steps you have to carry those groceries to get them unloaded in the pantry. We talk about, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, you know, everything like that where the dog is going to go. We talk about practical things like, um, if you’re the kind of couple who doesn’t like to share, uh, and you need separate vanities, his and her vanities, or you need ’em,

you know, separate closets or separate parts of the closets or whatever. Those are the kinds of things we talked about on the model home tour, the way the house and would function for your family and the reason we do it that way is because then at the end of the model home tour, you’re going to have a much better idea of what kind of a floor plan really works best for you. Do you like throwing in a load of laundry at night right before you go to bed so you can put it in the dryer in the morning? Well, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma if that’s the case, then you might like our Prescott with the, uh, quiet utility on the opposite side of the home from the bedrooms where you can just close that door and let that washing machine do its work overnight and then throw it in the laundry room, um, the next morning.

Or if you have kiddos that are in sports and you watch a lot of their own athletic shoes and jerseys and things like that, that might have, that might make noise inside that a tumbling around inside that dryer that Prescott Pant, a utility room might just be perfect for you and your family as a broken arrow, custom homes builder. We like to have as the most popular options available for our clients and our clients actually dictate what our floor plans are going to look like. Um, these floor plans have evolved over the years and in many instances you’re looking at the second, third, or even fourth or fifth time that we’ve built a particular model home and tweaked it just a little bit because customers have told us, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, you know, I’m like, this pantry a little bit bigger next time, or I’m not like this new elevation on this or whatever.

We listened to the thousands of clients that we have walking through our model homes, um, every year. And it’s actually you who designed our floor plans. I think that’s really pretty cool. Um, as a broken or a custom home builder, we have many move in ready homes in Baroque and Arrow as well as Jake’s big speed. Um, and today I’m gonna tell you about a couple that I have for sale in the village at southern trails. So we have a single story version of our Redford, which that’s only 2,349 feet. This home is, this home was designed from clients telling us, Hey, I don’t want both the formal dining room and a large, uh, you know, a nook kitchen table. Basically I just need one eden area because a lot of them said Edmond New Homes Oklahoma it’s just me and my wife or it’s just, you know, the two of us or it’s me plus, you know, I’m a single mom with one kid or whatever and I don’t need two eating areas.

The formal dining room but never get used. But I want the Eden area in the kitchen large enough to accommodate formal dining room furniture. So that’s, that’s where the Redford was born. Um, I just kept telling Mr Shaw, you know, different comments from different customers and that’s where he started sketching and he drew up this, I call it a big Honkin. It also, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the Redford, something special about it is, um, it offers more kitchen cabinets than most open island floorplan homes. And that’s one thing that you lose in the open concept floor plans, his cabinet space because there’s just not enough walls. You can only put cabinet, you can only put cabinets on walls. And in most open island concept homes, there is, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, just the wall behind the, uh, the cooktop, but not in the Redford. In the Redford, there’s, uh, an additional, uh, sidewall without that is full of upper and lower cabinets.

And as one who actually cooks and has a lot of dishes, I can tell you I’m a love that kitchen for storage. It’s great. Um, the Redford is beautiful. I was telling him, but I remember the Robert Redford home because it’s just so pretty. Also, the red fern home is one that has the separate a, his and hers vanities in the master bathroom. And then the, his and hers sides to the closet, the divided closet. Um, so it’s kind of a marriage saver home too. We love the Redford. And this one in the village at southern trails is located at three, six, one eight south for court in Baroque and Arrow. It is only 288,000, $134. It’s nearly finished at three bedroom, three bath, three car garage. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, this film is gorgeous and I would love to show it to you. Actually, that’s a typo. Three bedroom, two bath, three car garage.

So candice needs to fix that on her little sheet. Um, additionally, as a broken arrow, custom home builder, we have in also in the village at southern trails a. um, I’m in row, uh, and into P, which is one of my cutest versions of the Monroe. I just love it. In fact, it’s the same floor plan as our new model home in the village at southern trails. Everyone loves it. It’s 2,700 square feet. Um, this home is complete. It’s four bedroom, three bath, three car garage, and it’s located at 37 slash 25 south elder boulevard. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, this home is only $310,926 for such a beautiful neighborhood is a broken arrow custom homebuilder right there in the heart of broken Arrow off of 101st street between 129th and 145th. This whole was in a great neighborhood. It is, has a playground as a pool. Um, it’s, it’s just a beautiful neighborhood with some very expensive, lovely homes that we’ve built in there that are custom homes as well as a broken arrow, custom homes builder at Shaw homes. We like to give the people what they want, the buying that liquid. And so we let you dictate our floor plans.

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