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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | The Right Mentality

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | The Right Mentality

Shot home session five, custom homes, broken arrow. We’re going to talk more about the process. Process is very important to the show homes. Uh, selling parts. We have step one, step two, step three, step four, step five, step six, step seven, seven, eight. Actually, we don’t have the step date, we just have step seven, step six and step five in step four in step three. In step two, in step one, we have model home tour financing. I’m set reservation price out purchase agreement, closing warranty. So once again that a warranty is step seven. That closing is step six. The purchase agreement is step five, the price that is step four. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma The homesite reservation is step three, the financing to model home tours. Step one, custom homes, broken arrow. The warranty is a Tulsa’s best warranty and that it’s a 10 year structural warranty or two year mechanical warranty of one year limited warranty and 24 hour emergency line warranty coordinator on fulltime staff.

Sixty day follow up Lebanon month. Follow up. Excellent customer service. Won’t have to worry about any of that stuff and that is a step seven. Step seven is step six, six is a warranty period, begins time to move in and all those things with the closing, Morgan signed for Title Transferred Keys Given pay, closing costs down. Payment fulfilled me with title company, homeowner orientation where we prior. If you want to talk about Blanco. Saints, we have beautifully designed, scientifically proven, so granted sinks available. We have the cafe Brown and the truffle, the Biscotti. You the best schedule, the [inaudible] side or the metallic gray, the white metallic gray once again up there, so that is good to remember. We have the light, we have them. We have the truffle, we have the Cafe Brown. We have the a, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the sender or the mentality. I don’t know which one I would pick. Which one would you pick? We have step one, step two, step three, step four, step five, step six, step seven, mobile home tour. Financing homes that reservation price. I’ll purchase agreement. Closing warranty, custom homes, broken arrow. I love the blog St. Very nice. It is a nice thing to get your stuff. Military page 18 by 18 as the villa garden white. 18 by 18. We have the Arctic white lecture, which is a very popular backsplashes is available in a ladder in porcelain white and urban

carerra three bisects the custom homes, broken arrow. Uh, we have a lot of different sizes to choose from. We just had a lady in who, uh, was looking at the bailiff. He liked the Baylor, but she may like the Birkdale more because it is a little bit larger. So that is also something, um, and then we have a k state plane and they’re my favorite team because that’s where I went to school. Nobody, we have the frigidaire gallery said, and the frigidaire basic, the bitch for gender based against continuous grades. Five burner, fifth burner, small burner. One point five cubic feet interior to by 20 centimeters. Second power 12 by five glass turnable a 55 dba louder, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. Save the sale. Interior helps with drying and sound. Custom homes, broken arrow. The other dishwasher has seven cycles. Energy star rated a orbit wash system, 30 minutes quick wash.

The other one is an one sensor wash. Stay in place. Door allows you to open door partially without dropping to the ground. 14 place setting. Uh, so it has that furniture gallery, a basics of the range, stove and microwave, the dishwasher, the microwave, fingerprint resistant, back to cook, multiple plates, practically multiple plates, sensor clicking options through the 12 turntable off compatible custom homes. Broken Arrow. We’ve talked about the steps. So once again, that’s seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven towards financing. I’m reservation. Price on purchase, screaming, closing, warranty, all those things available. We have Tucson village and you have model homes available, salt reserved, price out market, home fence, and a different things to consider when purchasing a home. A, here you have certain areas where there is going to be the fence already put in it. Custom homes, broken Arrow, and a certain websites where you’re going to just have that fence in general. I don’t know if we’re going to have the surrounding the entire place, but you have to check from that as well. Uh, we have a lot of 15 months, 13 months, 12 available. So that’s something to remember as well Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

Custom homes, broken arrow. Chase scott shaw Home Session six, August 29th, broken Arrow, homebuilders. We’ve talked a lot about LP, smart siding. We also talked about comparison charts between us and our competitors. And now we’re going to go over some of the inventory and the take a look at that and see, see how that all stacks up and make sure that, that we have of what you mean because we want to always make sure that you are taking care of here. So we’re going to go through the list. And Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, we first one we have is an amber, a, m one 4:30 to six south, 133rd east avenue two. Oh, six, seven six, nine, 100 percent complete three to two. And then we have a bay would be a one, one three, three, zero five east 41st place, 182 to six, 700 percent complete. And then we have a birthday, a one, three, three, two, nine east 43rd to be determined. Preconstruction. And then we have a Dawson at four. One zero to $100 33rd south. And uh, that is a 197 eight, oh, nine broken Arrow home builders. And then we have that has had electric rep and then we have an Ashton, a s one that’s 34 slash 17 east Quebec at $180,000 and that is 100 percent complete and three to two. And that is broken Arrow, homebuilders.

And then we have a, let’s see what we have next. We have a bay would be a one, three, four, four, five East Quebec Street. And that’s at 175,951. One hundred percent complete broken arrow, homebuilders. And then we have another bay would be a one three, four, four zero east Sandusky on 178,007 slash 11. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma that’s 100 percent complete. And then we have a cambridge which is a three, 400, three East Quebec Street, 187,750 slash 100 percent complete. And then we have a, another Cambridge, which is a three, 4:36 east Quebec Street, 187,400, 300 percent complete for two to broken Arrow home builders. Then we haven’t. Ashton has 1:34 slash 17 east back street, 180,005, eight, 600 percent complete three to two. And then we have a V, one, two, one, two, zero east Winston Street to be determined to design broken Arrow homebuilders. Then we have an Ellington, six seven, zero, zero south 20th place 210,000, 652 plumbing, final four to two.

Then we have liberty [inaudible] 67. Oh, nine South Twentieth Street, 213,736 plumbing final three to two. They have a newport and he won 67. Oh, five South Twentieth Street, 2:16 to nine slash one plumbing final report that has been sold. Broken Arrow homebuilders let me have a remington 67, seven slash 16 to 33 electric rough. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma uh, that is a four to two broken our home builders. And it looks absolutely beautiful, so we have all of these homes that are for sale and ready to go. So we just are looking for the right people to be in here. So if you are looking for at home, this is a great time to check out and brand new neighborhood. We have a fantastic amenities and everything that you would want in a home and more. And they are just a absolutely gorgeous homes and you will not be disappointed if you decide to build with shaw homes or buying assistant home broken Arrow home builders.

Topics to discuss, the promise to pay the process, the product, a promise, bixby home builders, we promise to never ever, ever steal a client from you. All you need to do in order to work with us, just fill out one simple little form and you will be protected. It’s called the realtor protection for them for a reason. We promise to give the same fair price to every customer regardless of whether they have a realtor or not. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma We know that a lot of builders use this tactic to entice buyers to ditch their realtor for a better price. Bixby home builder, we promised to communicate to you throughout the entire process so you are always in the know on where and when things are going on. The problem is any questions about our promise to pay. We pay half of your commission up front on the contract and the other half of closing if you prefer.

We also can pay three percent on all spectrums regardless of what they’re listed for an mls or if they’re not listed on mls, typically pay for them when they are completed, but you can also bring us a buyer. While they’re under construction, still get the full three percent commission. Let me take a minute and talk to you about the pay. Any questions about how we pay the process within back? Check out mls or ww dot [inaudible] dot com from inventory. I like to put you on the list to send updates to. Would that be okay? Sometimes you have extra incentives, realtors on that list. The homelessness on mls and I will send it will save to a central lock box for you to get in. If you prefer, we can show your client down for you so you can duplicate your efforts just from a realtor.

Protection for animals. Send it to me and I’ll do the rest and I’ll report back to you. Picks be home builders the process. What questions do you have about working together on a spectrum, the process building from scratch, please pull out the document from your folder entitled path to your new home and we can go over the details. Model home to or financing homesite reservation pricing, price out purchase agreement. Is it a planner? View building, closing warranty. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma The process, what questions you have about working together on a client that wants to build from scratch the process locations, please take a look at the model home to or flyer that’s in your folder. We offer homes in the following areas, bixby, broken Arrow, jenks bixby, homebuilders, Tulsa. I know the product pricing. We offer home starting at one hundred sixty thousand four hundred and fifty thousand dollars in our [inaudible] product line. We also offer waterstone homeless from those custom homes that starting to $400,000 enough.

This is the product here are some of the plans that we offer are the two series of homes we offer Manchester series. This series starts at 1,323 square feet and goes up to 2,207 square feet. Is options are a little more limited than there is no customization to these plants. Heritage series, these planning started in 1,802 square feet and go up to 3,712 square feet. There are more options to choose from in this series and we will allow the same limited options, waterstone homes. These options are unlimited in lineup. We have some plans to choose from, but you can also bring us your own plan and we do whatever the client’s willing to pay for the product. What questions do you have about our product? Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Tell us more about you. How long have you been in the industry? If you had to pick a specific area, most of your clients looking for, what would that be?

If you had to pick a specific price range and most of your clients are looking for, what would it be? What is your greatest passion in life? What are your real estate goals do you have this year? How can help you accomplish that community? Again, I feel like with my cousins, with knowledge and your homes and your knowledge to recent market, we can both help each other. Would you agree? Can we meet again in a week or two at a time? Edmond New Homes Oklahoma How the it work? What does the lay of bill bixby home builders is that when a customer signs a contract and the contract is not contingent on anything but we delayed the beginning from [inaudible] 90 days, this means we will start construction later than 90 days from the contract date. What is the maximum number of days we can delay my ads in front of track?

When does the contract does it? When does the customer go to design studio? As soon as possible, preferably to be treated exactly like regular build. This delayed design studio built, we not want to stretch out things in the design studio and having a month between meetings. This causes them for to get and forget they close and start over from scratch. Each time to come into the salesperson, I have to ask for permission to do a lay of bill before offering it to the customer and approve with that. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma As his guidelines are followed, is there a situation under which they would reject a have build after you’ve written a contract for delay of build? What if the customer gives them for earnest money deposit, Bixby, homebuilders? Where do I document that? I’m going to delay a building contract. There’s a special condition that needs to be interested. User file printed, signed by the customer and a special condition as a contract go design studio only after at least $5,000 in earnest money deposit is allowed. Only after full earnest money is deposited. The following can occur. Bixby home builders, construction begins. Front End Commission is paid.

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