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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | The Right Moves

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | The Right Moves

When you receive a warranty with custom homes, broken Arrow for shaw homes, um, you will receive our one year everything warranty, our two year mechanical warranty and our 10 year structural warranty. Um, we do follow up around the 60 day mark and around the 11 month mark to make sure that you have everything that you need, um, that everything is running smoothly in your home for custom humps, broken Arrow, um, you will receive a form with some, some statements in indicating what needs to happen at 60 days. And on 11 months and about two weeks you will receive the letter I’m about, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

uh, two months into the, or about a month and a half into you’re moving from the new home. And it will tell you that in about two weeks when you will be just around that 60 day mark, you’ll be sent an email requesting a list of items you’d like to have checked or repaired. And then they will set an appointment with you for our warranty field service rep and the appropriate vendors to come out to your home to fix any warranty related issues. The same process. We’ll go for the 11 month warranty check as well. If you do have any emergency needs such as plumbing leaks, electrical issues, etc. Um, if you will just go ahead and email us so that we can take care of those types of issues sooner. Um, you also can email a list of items that you would like to have checked or repaired and after that list has been reviewed and they will then set an appointment with you for their warranty field service representative again, um, any appropriate vendors to come out to the home to fix any warranty related issues, then I’m for all custom homes Edmond New Homes Oklahoma


if at anytime you need any warranty issues discussed at your convenience, just email any of our, anyone with our warranty department along with each item on the list that you need to have reviewed

naturally occurring drywall cracks and areas where cabinets and trent have separated slightly from the wall or other services. And those are all going to be addressed at the 11 month warranty appointment. These cracks are normal in new homes as the wood and other building materials expand and contract. Um, we do offer a one time repair on drywall cracks since there is a good chance more cracks will develop during your warranty period, waiting till the end is the most beneficial, um, they can be added to, um, to that appointment. But if more cracks appear over your warranty period, they would not be covered. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, so it’s always best to fix those drywall cracks. I’m towards the end of that warranty period so that you’re really taking advantage of that warranty.

Um, for you, the 60 day and the 11 month warranty appointments. Um, you will be requested to make a list and schedule an appointment to have warranty related items on the list resolved. Uh, those appointments will be made at least one week in advance. That way our vendors can have, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, ample time to get you on their schedules as well. If you do have any warranty issues arise outside of the 60 day, an 11 month appointments, please feel free to email or call us at anytime to issue a service order to the appropriate vendor, um, for all custom homes, broken arrow, um, and then after the service order has been sent to the vendor, they have necessary time to get to those things so they will have, um, two weeks to contact you directly and schedule an appointment for non emergencies and three days to contact you for minor emergencies. If yoU have any major emergency needs like plumbing or gas leaks, electrical hazard issues, et cetera, those will be addressed immediately. If you are not eligible for the rebates, technically you are not the purchaser of these appliances. Shaw homes is, we do not have receipts or invoices. We can provide you as our pricing is based on bulk purchasing and therefore cannot be disclosed. Um,

to go over some of the items that are included in the warranty are going to be one defects in materials and workmanship. So for a period of one year from the commencement date, the residents will be free from defects in materials and workmanship due to nonconformity with the warranty standards set forth in the warranty year. Two will be defects in materials and workmanship. Tips. Three will be major structural defects and for builders responsibilities. Um, so if a defect arises in the resident student nonconformity with the warranty standards during the one year period of the warranty, the builder will repair or replace or pay the purchaser the reasonable cost of repairing or replacing the defective item as reasonably determined by the builder. If a major structural defect arises and the residents during the one year warranty, the builder will repair, replace, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma or pay the purchaser the reasonable cost of repairing or replacing the defective item limited to such actions as are necessary to restore load bearing capability to the portion of their residence damaged by the major structural defect and which makes the residents physically unsafe.

In each instance the boulders responsibility for warranty coverage under this warranty is subject to the following. A in the event of a warranty claim. The decision to repair or replace a defective item or to pay the reasonable cost of repair replacement is solely the builders be the boulders. Total liability for all claims made during the term of the warranty is limited to and shall not exceed the sale price. If the residents see action taken to cure defects will not extend the one year period of coverage specified in this agreement. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, in the event that builder repairs replaces or pays the reasonable cost of repairs or replacement of a defective item prior to such action, purchaser must sign and deliver to the builder a full unconditional release of all legal obligations with respect to the defect, any condition arising from the defect and any repair replacement of the effective item ii.

In the event that builder repairs replaces or pay as the reasonable cost of the repair replacement of any defective item covered by this agreement. The boulder shelby’s subrogated to all of the purchasers rights for covering against any person or entity. Purchasers shall execute and deliver any and all instruments and papers and to take any and all other actions necessary to insecure such to secure such rights included but not limited to assignment of the proceeds of any other insurance or warranties to the builder. Purchaser shall do nothing to prejudice such rights of segregation and Edmond New Homes Oklahoma notwithstanding anything to the contrary. Contained in this warranty of a claim is resolved by the payment of cash in lieu of repair or replacement. That payment shall be made to or on behalf of purchaser and any mortgages or their successors as their interests may appear provided the builder shall have no obligation to make payment jointly to the purchaser and purchasers mortgagee where the mortgagee has not notified the builder and writing of its security interest and the residence prior to the payment of the claim.

So this is going to be for all custom homes, broken arrow, um, and just a few things that are excluded and will not be included from the warranty. Are going to be the assignment of consumer product warranties. Disclaimer, of other warranties. Um, and then a few exclusions from coverage. So any defect which is does not result in actual physical damage or loss, all consequential, an incidental damages including but unlimited to damage caused by a covered defect, cost of shelter, transportation, food, moving, storage, or other incidental expenses related to relocation or loss of using loss of use during repairs, personal property damage or bodily injury. Any claim not reported to the builder within a reasonable time, lost damage or injury caused to the residence person or property directly or indirectly by insects, including termites, birds, vermin, rodents, or wild or domestic animals. Any loss or defect which arises while the residents is used primarily for nonresidential purposes, loss or damage caused by soil movement including expansion or lateral movement of the soil which is covered by any other insurance or for compensation is granted by legislation, normal deterioration or normal wear and tear Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

Any deficiencies in or damage caused by material or work supplied by anyone other than the builder or its employees, agents or sub contractors, including but not limited to the items listed as additional exclusions on the warranty waiver for purchases construction activity attached to the warranty for all custom homes, broken arrow, a damages or losses not caused by a defect in construction of the residents by the builder or it’s employee agents were subcontractors but resulting instead from acts of god including but not limited to tornadoes, riots, civil commotion, terrorism, nuclear hazard, natural occurrences, fire explosions, blasting, smoke, water, escape when storms, hail, lightning, falling trees, aircraft vehicles, flood, mud size, sinkholes, faults, crevices, earthquakes, including land shockwaves or tremors before, during, or after a volcanic eruption Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

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