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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Two Separate Units

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | An Absolute Unit

Hi, this is Brooklyn again with Shaw homes and today I wanted to continue talking to you about some of the included features in our homes here at Shaw. Is that as in Bixby homebuilder, we like to think that we have some of the most included features of any other builder out here in Bixby and that’s because we really think it’s important when building a home to build a quality home with all of the features that, that you want to have that are going to be included as well. Now we obviously offer an so many customs as well. Um, but it is nice to know that there are so many included features that are going to come with the base price of the home. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, and as a big homebuilder we think that’s really important. So today I’m gonna talk to you about some of the mechanicals that are included in our homes and that’s going to start with our carrier brand, a 80 percent high efficiency gas furnace. And so a really, really nice gas furnace to keep you warm in those colder months. A 14 seer carrier brand, high efficiency cooling equipment. And automatic thermostat with heat and air control. I’m just to keep it easy for you guys to heat and cool your homes.

Really, really important to keep you comfortable as well as a zoned heating and cooling with two separate units on two story homes for extreme energy efficiency. We also prewired for security systems and that’s going to be on all windows and doors. Uh, the reason why we do that is on new homes. We find that it’s really, really important to pre wire, um, because even if you don’t want a security system now, should you want it down the road, you’re already prewired for it, so you’re not going to have to get inside those walls or have anything existing outside of them. So they’re already going to be prewired and that’s going to be included. We also include the a Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Smith or equivalent 50 gallon high efficiency gas or electric water heater. So you’ve got your choice there, um, of whatever you prefer, gas or electric. And at 50 gallon high efficiency that’s going to be, you know, really your best bet there. And as a Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we think it’s really important to make sure that you have that high efficiency heater because that’s really going to save you a lot down the road on gas and electric.

We also include the 200 amp electrical service as well as pecs, freeze tolerant plumbing lines. I’m really, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma really important when you’re building a home as well. Now to kind of get into some of the fun stuff, uh, what is included in a custom gourmet kitchen.

So this is kind of what I is the fun aspect of it because who doesn’t love all of the bells and whistles in a kitchen? So let me tell you a little bit today about what’s going to be included in our gourmet kitchens here at shaw homes. We’re going to include the extended height vault up to a nine foot ceilings, which are really awesome. They just give you that Rumi feel, um, and they’re really going to be something that you can kind of show off. It’s just a nice to have those higher ceiling. So the extended height vaults to nine foot ceilings, um, as well as a built in stainless steel appliances that’s going to be with oven microwave cabinet that features a cookie sheet dividers and a pot and Pan Drawer, oh, whirlpool’s, 30 inch built in five cubic feet oven with an oversized window, a light, a clock, and a timer as well as the whirlpool dishwasher with this silver silverware spray, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma a whirlpool ventless microwave.

So that’s going to be the 1200 watt, one point six cubic inch, but the turntable as well as the whirlpool 30 inch gas cooktop with the 5,000 Btu you simmer burner and the gas line connection. So all of those whirlpool are going to be included. Um, and those are all really top of the line stainless steel appliances. I think you’re going to be really happy with those. And should you choose another appliance package that’s optional as well, just once you get in that design studio, that would be something that to talk with one of the designers about once you’re in those meetings. Uh, so another item that’s going to come included, it’s going to be the custom hood vent above the cooktop and your choice of two styles, so that’s going to be a two door or a three paneled, a smooth custom vent hood. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, and of course you can, you can always change that up in the design studio as well because there were a number of options to do whatever you want with that, uh, with that vent hood as well as venting to the outside and things like that. So they’re really a lot of things you can do there, um, but included, we are going to give you the two door or the three paneled smooth style.

Also included is going to be the high capacity food disposal, really, really important to have in a kitchen, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, because sometimes you just don’t want to throw all that food in the trash, right? So that’s going to be included as well. We’re also going to include the task Arielle, area lighting, and that’s going to come with eight recessed lights in the kitchen and the knuck. I’m just so you can see what you’re doing when you’re cooking in there. Another included feature is going to be custom made solid stain grade alder or paint your choice grade cabinets. And these are gonna be with 36 inch uppers. So, um, basically what that means is the upper cabinets are going to be 36 inches tall if you would like to, um,

increase those, so the 40 or the 52 inch, um, you can certainly do those with your sales associate and once you’re in the design studio, but it is gonna come included with the 36 inch chipper cabinets. You’ll also have your choice of Shaker, double shaker, farmhouse or raised panel door styles. So again, a multitude of options that are going to be included as well. Those will come with hidden hinges and crown molding, your choice of one paint or stain color throughout the home. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma then your choice of doors or open arch above the refrigerator openings. So again, you’re going to have all of those options that are going to be included. So any of the pain to the stains and the crown molding with any of the panel door styles, um, so it gives you a lot to choose from.


We’re also always going to include the two centimeter granite countertops with your choice of flat pencil edge or half bull nose. Now the two centimeter granite countertops, those are going to come included in all of our homes. But should you be in one of the premier communities, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, that will actually include a three cm granite countertop. Um, but I will get into some of those premier communities a little bit later on.

Um, what you will also have in your new kitchen, um, is going to be a full ceramic tile or a tumbled stone backsplash, uh, just to, you know, to keep that, to keep that kitchen really beautiful. And there are a number of options as well. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, we like to think that we have the most options is a big speed home builder. And we know that we, we do a great job of providing many options for our clients as well. We’re also going to have a included will be plumbed waterline to the icemaker to get you that ice in your,

um, refrigerator, whatever one you should choose to put in there as well as the stainless steel undermount double bowl sink, and you’ll have your option of the split sink if you want to have an open sink or a 50 slash 50 or a 60 slash 40. And again, that’ll be up to you once you’re in that design studio. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, and the last thing that we’re gonna have in the kitchen that’s going to be included is going to be multiple choices of Delta faucets with your choice of Venetian bronze, arctic stainless or a chrome finish. And again, you’ll be able to pick all those facets out once you’re in the design studio. So let’s move on now to the master suite. The master suite is going to have a lot of different options here

that we are going to include. So that’s going to be the extended height tray ceiling in the master bedroom, including the a ceiling fan, which is going to be pre wired, the bracing in the mounting with two separate switches and the fixture that will come out of your law, a lighting allowance budget as well. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, some custom made solid stain grade, older or paint grade cabinets. Your choice of Shaker, double Shaker farm house or raised panel door styles with again, your choice of paint or stain color. Cultured Marble countertops with integral four inch backsplash cultured marble six foot garden tub with cultured marble decking and surround fiberglass shower with framed glass door. And that’s going to be your choice of oil rubbed bronze brushed nickel or chrome finish. You’ll also have a recess light over your shower with a separate switch, a ceramic tile flooring throughout the master bath and towel bar and toilet paper holders and your choice of Venetian bronze brushed nickel or chrome finish. And then finally the commode. So that will be white faucets and multiple choices of Delta plumbing fixtures in your choice of Venetian bronze brushed nickel or chrome finish.

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