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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Vaulted Ceilings

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Competition Works

Chase scott shaw homes session six, July 25th broken Arrow home builders. We’ve been spending a lot of time going over competition versus a shocking and different features. Manchester series has a ton of awesome features that come included. A lot of our competition, these are all going to be a upgrades in there, so a lot of times their price point do you start out maybe lower, but after you a price everything out and move forward in the process with selections and say you want grenade or vaulted ceilings or covered patio or a lot of different things like that. You’re gonna be paying a lot more than you would if you just went with a shotgun to begin with because once again, those things are included with us. Broken Arrow, home builders. So let’s go over list that we’ve compiled and, uh, just just discuss all the different things that, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, it involves in all the different, uh, things that we offer that our competition does, uh, does not.

So we’re going to go through that list right now. Let’s start with the five burner stove. It’s included in a four burner stove is what comes standard with the competitor, broken Arrow home builders. Then we have cabinet door styles to choose from. We have three. They have one stained or painted cabinets. Both are included with us staying only 900, four painted kitchen backsplash. Foreign granted or courts not included. Four hundred to $2,500 upgrade with competition cabinet doors above. Microwave included upcharge with competition, but bench with coat hooks and utility room included not offered with competition. Pocket Study Cabinets and planning desk included with us not offered with competition. Separate laundry room and utility included per play have not offered with competition. Covered. Patio included. Upgrade charge $2,000, 6,000 with competition. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Upgraded carriage style garage door included not offered with competition. Garage door hardware included with us. Upgrade charge 400 with competition.

Bullnose drywall corners included with us not offered with competition. Window sills included with us. Upgrade charge with competition. Light packages to choose from to styles and three colors with us. One style ticklers colors with competition. Interior door styles to choose from. Five with us too with competition. Cultured Marble countertop color choices for with us too with competition bath hardware colors to choose from. Three with us, one with competition. Six by 24 woods styles included in wet areas with us. Upgrade charge $8 per square foot with competition. Window colors to choose from three with us white only with competition type included media. Jack’s a combination cat five, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma cable with us cable only with competition, broken Arrow, homebuilders vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom included with us on upper competition, vaulted ceiling and great room included per plan with us not offer with competition. 15, high ceiling and foyer with daylight window included with us now offer with competition extended nine foot ceiling for your with crown molding.

Included with us now offer with competition 35 plus years of experience as well. Broken Arrow home builders and then we have hardwood floors and something that we offer that our competition does not offer. We have quartz countertops in the kitchen included with us. $6,000 upgrade with competition. Granite countertops in the kitchen included with us. $1,500 upgrade with competition. Crown Molding on cabinets included with us. Upgrade with competition, broken Arrow home builders, and we have that five burner stove bumps again and we have the undisputed master of included features. Please take our word for color references. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma That is something else that we can do so we can call and make sure that you can call and make sure that you are at our customers are happy and all those things as well. So just wanted to let you know that and a broken Arrow homebuilders and just come home and do a price out at anytime so that way you get all of that pricing and you never have to wonder what’s going on or anything like that. And we’re very transparent and you’re going to get all the pricing, all the things as well. So a broken Arrow, a home builders.

Custom homes, broken Arrow, remember 300 percent really here at shot home state to customer experience to the customer as the same process every time. We did not add lib off the cuff, whatever you want to talk about or wherever the customer wants to talk to about a hundred percent, 100 percent of the time for 100 percent of the people. That’s how we do things here at Shaw homes leads to come into five types. Thrive. The thrive leads is something that clicked on our ad on Edmond New Homes Oklahoma for a Pearl Necklace and received a call from her thrive employee to schedule the appointment. You will then be emailed from the thrive employee as a confirmation for you’re already booked tour, but you will need to call and introduce yourself because you need to make sure they know what they’re going to do when they meet you, and now you’re going to further qualify them.

Follow the guest registration script below. Next thing you’re going to do is online sales counselor. This is a lead that either called or emailed our online sales counselor online sales concert. A little book the tour for you than email you with the pertinent information you will need to complete the process. They will then use the online sales counselor script for booking or two or after they booked her to or they only lend you the lead and you can make your introduction and call you in the dissertation script. Main office. Call this calls before to to you and you will call them using the phone script, typically around tour a walk, and this is someone who walks into the model home and meet you there. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I want to your open days, you use the wok and script to book your on tour, custom homes, broken Arrow, realtor.

This would be a lead that comes from you cold calling realtors and when you call a realtor that are showing up here and was recently used. The realtor script guest registration script rapports. Hello, this is the amazing hunter. Hi Dorothy. This is johnny here at Shaw homes. How are you doing today? I saw that you booked a time for our model. I’m do. I wanted to give you a call and introduce myself. I will be their new home specialist taking on the epic tour and I cannot wait. Did you know where the location is? I’ll be meeting you. Custom homes, broken arrow. After we hang up today, I’m going to text you a google map. The address. Do you have a smartphone? Edmond New Homes Oklahoma It needs in order to tailor your dirty the best for your needs, I need to get a bit information from yelling or looking for both gets rotation card and filled their answers on a Monday.

Went to being a new home. Do you currently rent your own? How many veterans do you need? How many bathrooms do you want? How many car garage do you want? Addition to the bedroom count you just mentioned. Do you want to study? Do you want a formal dining room? Do you want a one or two story? What kind of square footage are you looking for? What is your desire? Pricing based on the answers. Actually have my three d printer printing on your ride home should be ready in about 15 minutes we fill out. Just kidding Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. Of course customers is broken up. I think I have everything I need to very far to where if you’re so I look forward to seeing you on January 16th, 2017 at 6:35 PM when we hang up on him and I’ll send you a map pin I mentioned earlier in the calendar invite so I can have it on my phone.

Before I go, do you have any other questions for me because I really look forward to meeting you face to face. You don’t know you’re gonna. Have a lot of blasts on a model home tours. See you soon. By email confirmation. Go download and create an invite for the following perimeter. Subject model home tours. Show homes to calendar invites one for day, one month for the second one for the second one for two hours and four blind copied bccl calendar invites online sales counselor script report. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. Is this the amazing hunter? Hi Hunter. How are you doing? This is Kathy here at your homes. How are you doing today? I saw you’re looking at scheduling model home too. I just wanted to ask you made you made decision to look into building a new home, custom homes, broken arrow. Have you stopped around when we’re shopping around with a few of their abilities yet needs?

Are you Anita preapproval outside financing or do you already have your financing approved? When you’re looking to him to a new home, what does your mother they to get comfortable with? Just to clarify, what is the price of your family? You’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow benefits. Let me give you a quick overview of the things that makes Edmond New Homes Oklahoma different than the other builder. Oklahoma. We’ve been around since identity. If I have typically built more homes than any other builder in solace on an annual basis, we have a more fully furnished a creative model, homes on tour, then the other builder and Tulsa. Finally, we actually give you a starbucks gift card district coming on a model home tour with his clothes. Right now we’re saying that I know you’re super busy, but with your schedule on March 15th, 2017 and six slash 17:00 AM, work better just as a model home to refer you.

I strongly encourage you online between now and then to go right in with regard to Edmond New Homes Oklahoma and look at all of our model homes that we have to offer. Let me take them in and give you a quick overview. The prostitution show homes, custom homes, broken arm since you have the largest number of fully finished at creative model homes and we’d like to. Your customers a model home tours, custom homes broken now and she doesn’t love to go around and look up beautifully, fully furnished, decorated model homes. Right? And you have customers tell us even if you’re buying a used building or someone else that our model home tours in the most helpful in their entire home shopping experience because it really focusing on the function behind the design of the House floor plans. Custom homes are broken out.

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