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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Your Construction Manager

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Your Construction Manager

Custom homes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma select shaw homes, finishing off from the purchase agreement, so custom homes, broken Arrow, your design studio appointments will be next. You’re going to be working with award winning designers. It’s the largest design studio. Tens of options offered. It’s a simple process. We do require no children allowed in the studio simply because there could be more than just you in the design studio. There could be another family in there. And we want as little distraction as possible. And when we say no children, we mean no children under the age of 12 that cannot, you know, behave. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, and especially when you are dealing with custom options with your interior designers. So custom homes, broken Arrow, the custom options, anything inside, um, is a $200 fee. But some of those changes could be quite detailed and intricate. And so you want to spend that time with the interior designer and making sure that you guys were on the same page about things. So you definitely don’t want to deal with any distractions of children. You’re going to have three easy meetings, one for the interior, one for the exterior. And then the final signatures, no sharp changes are allowed in the design studio. Those structural changes definitely needed to be done by the contract. Um, and that should be discussed before you guys go into contract.

So custom homes, broken arrow. The next step is going to be your plan review. You’re going to review your selections. You’re going to discuss the timeline. You will have a weekly updates. You’re going to discuss the home owner orientation, meet at the main office. You’re gonna, meet your builder, which is your construction manager. You’re going to review your blueprint, review your site plan, and discuss the grade of your land. This is going to be a really important meeting as well. You want to get to know your construction manager. He’s the one that’s going to be completely over the entire build of your house. You know you dealt with your sales manager, picking out your floor plan, you dealt with your interior designer picking all of your options out for the inside of your home. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma then now you’re going to have your relationship with your construction manager when it actually comes to the build of your film. Number eight is going to be the building process. You guys will meet at your new home, new location. You’re going to enjoy the progress. You’ll get weekly updates from your construction manager, the construction manager. Welcome to all questions and then your home owner orientation will be done on site.

Also go and visit you know the home as often as you like. We have some empty nesters, retired people that come out multiple times a week. We have some buyers that come, you know, maybe only once a week and some that come very few times. It’s completely up to you and then number nine, it’s gonna be the the closing the keys will be given. It will be time to move in. You’re going to meet at the title company, your down payment will be fulfilled and you’re going to pay the rest. The additional of your closing costs, your mortgage will be signed for and the title will be transferred. So custom homes, broken era. There’s going to be a lot that goes on that day during closing. And then also for the custom homes, broken Arrow, and one of the pieces of papers that you signed during the contract is going to be about the warranty during the contract day, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we tell you, you know you’re signing and receiving of this piece of paper, but it will be pulled back out after you close and so that will be reported back out on closing day.

The warranty will be discussed. It’s going to be Tulsa’s best warranty. They’re going to go over the 10 year structural warranty here to hear mechanical warranty and a one year limited warranty. You will also have a 24 hour emergency line, a full time a warranty coordinator on staff. You’re going to have a 60 day follow up call, so even if you don’t have any issues in the first 60 days, the ladies at our Home Office will contact you and make sure that everything is still going okay. You’re also going to have a final followup call on the 11 month mark, so that is going to be your entire process of building your new shaw home. It’s very simple and easy. We walk you through everything. On top of that, you’re going to be working with some knowledgeable staff members. Cool. Okay, so custom homes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. Once all of that is done and you are moved in, the warranty department has contacted you. Um, once again on your first year in your home, you will have a total warranty and that’s why the ladies at the Home Office will contact you twice that first year after that you’re gonna. Have one more year left of your electrical and plumbing because total you have two years

and then you will have nine years left on your structural warranty. Now that structural warranty covers everything, the foundation of your home, your garage, Andrew Driveway. Um, and I believe your sidewalk as well. So any extreme cracking that may happen, keep in mind in your garage, you know, you may get like a fine hairline crack. There’s nothing wrong with your foundation. That’s just your home settling. Also, in that first year, you may notice that your cabinets kind of pulled away from the wall. I’m on that 11th month mark. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma That is really when you want to have your list of things that you want us to come back out and fix because those major changes will happen once your house has been through one full winter and one full summer.

It’s just the process of your home settling, the woodwork settling. So all of that will be taken care of. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, and it will happen regardless what builder you use, your house will settle. And that’s why we offer that one year total warranty. Um, in fact, in the model that I am currently in right now, I had noticed that the kitchen cabinet on one side had kind of pulled away from the wall and this model and is just now about a year old and the punch guys came in and read, cocked it and fixed it. And that is what we will do for us. Well, so it’s a completely normal thing and you may notice maybe in that first year that we possibly need to maybe do some touch up painting or we missed a spot. You know, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the guys are all human. They do make mistakes, no big deal.

We’re going to get that taken care of for you. You can literally have kinda like a honey do list for us on that 11th month. Follow up and tell us everything that you know, you see ’em and we will get that corrected and get all of that in working order. Also, one of the things too, um, even your wood floors, your wood floors, there may be certain spots that you will kind hear a little crack, especially probably during the winter time. Um, keep in mind with real wood, it will expand and decrease. That’s wood for you. It happened. So whether it’s wood floors or kitchen cabinets that is going to happen, just let us know and we’ll get that taken care of for you. So, custom homes, broken arrow. The great thing about, you know, our warranty is it is the best. It’s backed by liberty mutual. We’re not just going to tell you that, you know, certain things are covered on the warranty, like we are backed by Liberty Mutual and you will get that certificate from us when you sign your contract and we will finish out the warranty piece. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, the day that you close, so the warranty will be pulled out twice, once the day of the contract. And then once for closing.

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