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Edmond New Homes | open island kitchens

Edmond New Homes | many years ago

As a big home builder here at Shaw homes, our homes have been designed and redesigned over well since 1985 since we first opened, um, by our customers basically telling us what you want. Um, you know, I remember when I first started, there weren’t, there wasn’t such a thing as an open island kitchen. Nobody was building homes that way. They were all called Galley kitchens where you walked in and there were cabinets on three sides and you went in there and cook the meal and then you walked into your formal dining room, just serve it up to your family. And um, the times have changed. So we eliminated one of those walls, of course. Oh my gosh, Edmond New Homes I forget how many years ago now I’m just start building open island kitchens. And it has been a trend that has withstood the test of time and it goes on all around the country now.

And in fact, all around the world. Um, people just love that open concept where you basically, you don’t feel like you’re alone and isolated in the kitchen. You can be a part of what’s going on in the great room or the family room. Um, these open island kitchens have presented a challenge frankly because, Edmond New Homes, you lose a lot of cabinet space in these open island kitchens. There’s just not as much storage space because you lose a wall basically. So of course we’ve had to adapt and make our pantries bigger. A nice big walk in pantries where you’ll have a place you can store that crock pot and that, you know, your pasta maker or whatever it is that you need to store. Um, of course we put as much cabinet tree into our homes as, as possible. And some of them, like our Redford and our Monterey, um, have a lot of cabinet space in them, but we still give you those big walk in pantries just because everybody loves him.

You just can’t have too much storage space these days. And as a big home builder, we just continually reinvent ourselves and try to make ourselves better and try to make our products and our process better for our customers. And again, we just have to thank the people who’ve come into our model homes and the people who built with us over the years for helping us get better by telling us what they want. So we had chow homes just try really hard to just get out of the way and give you what you want. I’m with over 80 floor plans for sale now that we can build and I’m 25, 30 different neighborhoods, lots of different price ranges. Everything from a beginning home all the way to a high end luxury. Edmond New Homes I’m really expensive and beautiful and we’ve got it here at Shaw homes and waterstone homes with our Manchester series and our heritage series and our waterstone, um, homes as well as a big Spi home builder.

We have several homes for sale in the greater big speed area. And I will tell you about some of those now in estates at the river, which is located on 101st street between Sheridan and Yale. We have got one of our single story Monroe’s for sale. I’m lying to you. It’s a two story. Monroe, uh, it’s our monroe, one e for sale, it’s 3074 square feet and it is located at five four. Oh, six east 122nd place. So this home is under construction. It’s four bedroom, three bath, three car garage and it’s only $379,999. Now I do have a model home this, Edmond New Homes that I could show you that it’s fully decorated in furnish if you would like to see what that looks like and then I can show you the home site that it’s being built on so that you can walk around and see like that size of that backyard, which I think you will because the lots in the states at the river, all nice size.

So this home is, is beautiful. It’s very functional for families who need four bedrooms and lots of bathrooms and lots of storage space in the garage and in the home as well, I believe in linen closets. And uh, so many homes are being built without them now. Well, the Monroe has got a beautiful nice sized linen closet just right outside the master’s suite in that hallway, basically that, that is right outside the master suite, front door, and then our bedroom door. And then we’ve also got a nice size linen closet in the hall, four bedrooms at two and three and that hall bath because where else are you going to store all your towels and your sheets and blankets? Edmond New Homes I don’t know. I don’t know why you would build a home without linen closets in it, but um, cause our customers like them, we put them in there.

So this Monroe’s certainly delivers on that as a big speed homebuilder. We’d like to check as many of the boxes as we can for our people. And that’s why we offer such a wide variety of floor plans. Like our beautiful Redford that is for sale in Somerset. Somerset is a beautiful gated community. It’s a located at 121st and Sheridan. It’s kind of an l shaped community with a rod in from 121st street than another entrance from Sheridan. And um, the, uh, the Somerset Redford, that for sale is a single story home with a beautiful, Edmond New Homes beautiful elevation on it, has a super wide nice front porch area and two pretty dormers up top. It’s just a beautiful, beautiful elevation. This home is a single story 2,354 square feet. It’s a three bedroom, two bath, three car garage home. It is being dry walled right now. So we’ll be painting and installing appliances, suit and cabinets.

And the address of this home is 67, 50 east 119th street south. So even this home is, even though this home is just being dry walled now, all of the selections have already been chosen. So I could take you into the model home with the list of chosen features and go over with you what we have planned to include in that home. That’s how we were able to get it to that exact price of 340, $2,925 because we already know what we’re going to be spending on that home and putting in there. Edmond New Homes, this home is, um, it’s just beautiful and I have a model just right down the street of it that I’d love to show you. Um, additionally, in bixby is bixby home builders. We have a quail creek, a Hoban Quail Creek. We’ve got one of my men rose that is a single story home.

It is 2,274 square feet. It’s located at seven, three, eight, one east, 125th place south. They’re in big speed. A Quail Creek is located on 121st street, about halfway between memorial and Sheridan in south big Spain, right there in south. Big speed. You’ve got every restaurant, grocery store, shopping center. I’m just access to everything very, very quickly from the memorial side. And then if you exited quail creek or Somerset and headed West on 121st street, you would be in Jake’s in no time at all. Or You could take Yale, Edmond New Homes, and go north on Yale and hop on the creek turnpike there at 95th and Yale and go east or west and be anywhere in the Greater Tulsa area. You could possibly want to be and about 20, maybe 25 minutes depending on where you’re going and what the traffic is, but traffic means fast on the creek.

I mean, I drove from south broken Arrow to Claremore the other day on the creek turnpike in less than 30 minutes. Um, so they can just, it just moves Tulsa. You can be anywhere in Tulsa as a bixby home. I’m this beautiful monroe is. I’m kind of a traditional floor plan layout, so when you walk in the front door, there’s going to be a dining room on one side and then a study on the opposite side, and then straight ahead, you’re going to see the large, a great trim. Then as you step on into that great room, you will see the large open island kitchen. Now this monroe has one of the longest islands of any of the kitchens that we build as a 10 foot island in it. That is just beautiful, lots of cabinetry, a nice corner pantry. Um, then also I’m a large nook area off the kitchen with a door that leads to one of the largest covered patios that we build. It is 26 and a half feet long all covered up. So, Edmond New Homes, a lot of guys will put like a TV in the corner of the patio over there because it’d be nice and protected from the weather. Um, you can see these in any of other other big Spi home@Shawhomes.com.

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