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Edmond New Homes | Our Features Work Great

Edmond New Homes | True Customization

Continuing my podcast today, uh, for waterstone homes on our included features, waterstone homes is by show homes and it’s our newest product line with the high end luxury interiors that, um, offer our clients an opportunity to truly customize their home as a broken arrow. Home builders, we, Edmond New Homes, we really like to offer our clients the chance to live in luxury and our new product line by waterstone homes, certainly a delivers on that promise. Um, we are also going to include in your waterstone home a decorative trim and head moldings on your front door and your windows in the great room, the Nook, and also your dining room per plan. And then of course we’re going to include French doors on your study if there’s a study per plan, your choice of West Lock, door knobs or levers in aura, bronze, a brushed nickel or chrome. So that’s pretty cool.

We include the lever handles or the round depending on what you want. Some mommies like the round better because it’s easier for the babies to open up those liver handled doors. Um, we’re also going to include a cable phone Combo, Jack in the great room, also in the study, all bedrooms and the game room. If your home comes with a game room or a bonus room, if applicable. Then additionally waterstone homes by shaw homes. We include as a broken Arrow, homebuilder those wonderful decor, a electrical switches throughout which I just love those Edmond New Homes and a floor outlet. Of course, in the great room, a floor plug in the great room. We’re also going to have a structured media cabinet in the master closet and paint in three color choices for walls and ceilings, a throughout the home and garage, a one color for the doors and trims and of course many, many colors to choose from.

A additionally, as a broken Arrow homebuilder on all of our two story waterstone homes, they will have at oak hand railing with your choice of different newell styles and ballisters styles at the bottom of the stairs and on all overlooks. Of course, the number of feet of the overlooks. I’m actually very by plan. So, um, your lighting allowance is based on actual fixture count and jams and casings on all windows and doorways, a five inch painted crown molding on flat ceilings, not slip ceilings, but flat ceilings in the great room, Edmond New Homes the kitchen, the Nook, the dining room, and the entry per your waterstone homes plan. Also as a waterstone homes by homes, Baroque and narrow builder in the hall bats, we’re going to include a numerous two or three centimeter a granite and quartz countertops with either your choice of a flat finish on the edge, a pencil edge, a half bull nose, or an Oji edge. And all hall bats.

Then I’m the waterstone homes by Shaw. Homes are also going to include in all the hall bats, steel tubs with a full tile surrounds accent, stripes and shampoo niches in all hall baths. Um, then, um, we are also as a waterstone home, um, by shaw homes and bar as a broken arrow. Homebuilders, Edmond New Homes, we’re going to include a recessed light over the tub and shower and all your hall bats as well as a towel bar. Towel rings and of course toilet paper holders in your choice of Venetian bronze, a breast nickel or um, or a chrome finish. Um, the commodes and all of our waterstone homes are going to be the elongated toilets, which are just nicer. They’re easier to keep clean too. And also we’re going to include as a broken Arrow, homebuilders I’m framed mirrors in all of your whole baths. So, um, let me continue this waterstone theme by talking about our different waterstone floor plans.

So our waterstone model is currently in a shelby at Yorktown on basically 128th in Peoria. And um, you can see it by appointment only if you call candice at nine. One, eight, seven, two, four, two, two, eight, zero. Now our Chelsea waterstone plan can be built a number of different ways and uh, quite often here, especially of late, we’ve been building it as single story. It works out beautifully as a, as a single story home at just under 3000 square feet at at 2,937 square feet. The Chelsea single story or the Chelsea one features a three bedrooms, two and a half bath, and a three car garage. So let me just kind of virtually walk you through the Chelsea Bob Waterstone as a broken Arrow home builder. The water stone, Edmond New Homes Him and Chelsea one is going to bring you a course onto a front covered porch with a beautiful high elevation with a, with a window in the top of it.

Um, our elevations are at stone and then there the beautiful new farmhouse style with lots of that hardie siding. And I’m pretty windows on the front. Nice tall interior, a front door. So you walk through the eight foot front door into the large entryway, which is nearly eight feet by 16 and a half. So that’s a, a large grand two story entryway. When you look up, it’s really high ceiling really pretty. Then just to your right, as you step in, the front door is going to be your dining room, which is a large dining room open on two sides and a window in the front over the front porch. The dining room is 15 and a half. Basically by 11 and a half, um, so that’s plenty big to hold a large table and perhaps a sideboard or a China cabinet. Then, Edmond New Homes, as you’re standing in the entry hall to the right as the dining room to the left is a m, r as an opening to a hallway that leads to bedrooms two and bedrooms three and a bedroom too.

It’s going to have a high vaulted ceiling in it, Edmond New Homes, and it is 11 slash three by 12 one. And then there’s also in the hallway going to be a linen closet, which is so handy for those bedrooms, two and three to have a linen closet right outside your bathroom there that separates a bedrooms, two and three m as a waterstone homes by shaw homes as a broken Arrow builder. Um, we have found that this floor plan is extremely popular with empty nesters because there’s still lots and lots and lots of living space. Edmond New Homes, and then the master suite will, it’ll just blow your mind. Really, it’s beautiful. Um, as you step on from the entry into the great room, the great room is a 15 and a half by 21 nine, you’re going to have three large windows that overlook your huge patio. The patio is at 33 by 11 one.

It is really, really, really pretty. It’s gorgeous as a broken Arrow, homebuilder we know that people love to spend a lot of time outdoors with their families. And so these waterstone homes really come with a lot of, um, uh, covered outdoor patio space. The great room overlooking the open kitchen and Nook area. The nook area has got two windows and a door that leads to that I’m covered patio. And then in the kitchen there’s a very large island with Edmond New Homes, well actually two and a half walls of cabinetry that side by side, fridge, freezer, a combination and a hidden pantry. So the pantry just looks like a regular door, regular cabinet door. And then you walk through it and you just can’t believe how big this pantry is. It goes way back behind the kitchen as a waterstone custom home builder in broken Arrow. We like to give our clients what they’re asking for and they love our new product line.

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