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Edmond New Homes | over 54 Plans to Choose From

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Welcome to Shaw homes, where we build the best Edmond new homes. Edmond, new homes are popping up everywhere. And shell homes is number one builder of admin new homes. Give us a call and we will build your dream Edmond, new homes, whatever you guys are looking for. We’ve got over 54 plans to make your Edmond homes. Exactly what you’re looking for. Edmond new homes built by Sean homes are the best Edmond homes. Edmond homes are popping up everywhere, shallow homeless fields, the dust Edmond, new homes, Edmond homes are hot riht now build with Shaw and we will get you into an Edmond homes that is of your choosing With over 54 plans to choose from. We’ve got Edmond just for you and your family. Edmund new homes, built by shell homes, Edmond new homes, Edmond, new homes, Edmond, new homes to get that. That’s the key word. Well, and shop homes that had been new homes in Charlotte. So those two things have to go together. You’re going to build that in your home. So you might as well build the shop. We build the best. We’re not going to throw your home up four or five months. It’s going to take us nine to 10 months, but the quality is unmatched and we build the best of the new homes. Mainstem

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So tell me for a minute, what you guys are looking for. Okay. You want to stone entry. Yeah, we can do that. There’s two different elevations you can choose from. We can do stone on either the exact sup the exact stone that you guys will pick out. This is something you’ll do in our design studio. That’s not a specification we will make right here right now, but there’s plenty to choose from. So go ahead and let me know which elevation you guys want and whether you’d like stone on your tables or on your entry, and I will get those added

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So we can do head knockers on your, uh, some of your doorways on the interior windows, excuse me, not head knockers, headers, um, like crown heading. We can do those on a few of your doors and things. Um, It really does just kind of depend on, on what you guys are wanting. I mean, we’ve got a lot to choose from

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Speaker 1: (03:24)
I think that based on what you all have told me, I would recommend going with an eight foot door. Uh, you had previously selected a six foot eight door, but particularly for this Monterey, the eight foot door, um, just looks so much better. It gives it a better feel to the entrance because you do have that front Archway that’s very high, a six foot eight door, um, would just kind of dwarf your entry. There’s a number of different options you can choose, uh, for the eight foot door. Um, and you know, if you want that painted, what color you want that paint? And again, that’s a design studio question. Um, I, I think, you know, you guys are doing the right thing, going to eight foot. That’s going to look much better than this six foot eight door wood on your entry for your Edmond new homes.

Speaker 1: (04:24)
So on the Monterrey, we cannot do sliding doors on your study because it’s right off the front door. The study is. And, um, if you look right here, you’ll see that there’s just not enough room for those doors, uh, to slide open like that. If you guys want to put, um, French doors or something like that, we can talk about that. Um, most people just kind of leave that study, you know, with that Archway, they just kind of leave that open. Um, but we can, we can put French doors on there for you open them in. Um, And that’s a decision again, that’s not a structural decision, um, that we would need to know upfront. You guys could, you guys can talk about that even after we’ve signed a purchase agreement and talk with a design studio about that as well. Yep.

Speaker 1: (05:49)
So if you want to do wood floor on the staircase, that is something we can do. However, it’s going to be very expensive, uh, particularly on the Monterrey, that staircase is large. You’ve also, you’ve also got a little bit of a landing. Uh, you’ve also got a little bit of a landing in the middle of the staircase and there’s a really long hallway up there. So if you guys are wanting to add wood floor to your staircase and upstairs, it’s going to get very pricey very quickly. Yeah. Um, I don’t say that to scare you off. I just want to let you guys know there there’s a very high cost associated with it. Another thing that’ll factor into that cost, you know, the wood floor is going to be pricey. Uh, but then depending on what type of, what floor you guys pick, um, it’s also going to significantly affect that.

Speaker 1: (07:13)
We do, we do a lot of Edmond new homes with wood floor on the first floor. Um, it is not as common to do the staircase and upstairs. Uh, we can’t do it. Um, you guys just let me know that’s again, one of those things you can talk about, you know, if you have strong feelings about it. Um, I was, I was in a Monterrey. Um, I was in a Monterey the other day and they, they had the distressed wood floor in there and it was beautiful. It was beautiful. It gives, it gives such a, it gives such a natural look to the flooring in the home. And it really conceals, you know, scratches, dents marks in the wood floor that come from, you know, furniture dropping things, whatever. Um, because there’s a lot of natural faults in those planks already, and each plank is different. And so it’s not going to be very symmetrical from one point to the other, um, which really kind of brings out that natural feel to it. Yeah. Now cost-wise, I can’t tell you where that’s at on the list, but it looks really, really good. Um, I just, if you’re going for that perfect smooth clean wood floor, um, it’s, it’s tough to keep it that way, I guess, is what I’m getting at.

Speaker 1: (08:53)
Um, would, what tile is another option that’s popular? Um, you know, it’s a fraction of the cost of wood floor and you still get that look and feel. So, you know, there’s, there’s, you know, multiple options there, um, that you guys can choose from. You guys are asking about the vinyl. Okay. Well, great timing on y’all’s part we’re, that’s something we’re discussing. Uh, we don’t offer it currently, but it could be offered in the future. Um, I can mark that down as an interest you guys have and, and get back with you on what I find out is that going to be a deal breaker for you? Okay. I’m just curious. Some people value those things. Some people don’t value them as much or could live with the tile or, or wood floor options. We’ve got shallow homes. We built the best Edmond new homes.

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