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Edmond New Homes | Picking Out Another One

Edmond New Homes | Dive Into Your Pool

Is a big home builder here at Shaw homes. We, um, in addition to our 80 different floor plans that we can custom build for you in lots of different neighborhoods all around the greater Tulsa area and Jinx Bixby, broken arrow. I’m a Waso on Nola SAPULPA. Um, we also offer, I think we currently have 41 move in ready homes that I’d like to tell you about in the big speech area. So in your town of Covington. So first of all, let me tell you about the Yorktown neighborhood. It is a master planned community. So there are, um, everything from small homes to high end luxury homes in different parts of the neighborhood. Um, yourtown is a very unique community that draws families outdoors with all the toys that we have here. Oh my goodness. If, um, if you’re looking for family fun outdoors, well you just need to beat a path to Yorktown Edmond New Homes.

Let’s see. We’ve got a gorgeous big outdoor swimming pool, of course, and a clubhouse area that even has a, a public library book exchange drop mailbox in front of it. That’s a lot of fun for Kiddos. Um, and since we had the trails that run all throughout the neighborhood and all around, I’ve seen families, you know, right up on their bikes with the Kiddos a carrying a book and put it in the little a lockbox and then pick out another one to read. So that’s a lot of fun for them. And then they ride their bikes on home or their scooters or the roller blades or whatever their um, or they walk. And then also right there at the clubhouse, there is a huge pond, Edmond New Homes I mean huge pond behind it that is not only gorgeous, but it has catch and release fishing in it and it has a huge, a park like bank area that goes all the way around the pond. So on a pretty day you’ll see families out there with a blanket on the ground and having a picnic and just watching the fountain. And um, then maybe maybe later they’ll gather it up and walk right into the pool area where there’s not only the pool, but there’s a big splash pad area that’s a lot of fun for the little ones especially. They just loved that.

Also, your time in another part of the neighborhood has got a full sized basketball court with um, you know, a basketball goals at either end, so you’ll drive by on any given day and see pickup basketball games there and they’re just having lots of fun playing, getting exercise and enjoying the basketball court. We also have a large playground with lots of fun playground equipment on it for the Kiddos. I mean it’s really, really, really big and nice weather, nice parking area, right outside of all these amenities. So if you don’t happen to live right next door, you can actually drive over and park and go in and play in the park right here in your same neighborhood. We also have a huge soccer field and I mean, it’s huge. It’s a full sized soccer field, um, that we also, the neighbors use for pickup a football games, Edmond New Homes especially in the fall.

It’s fun. You’ll see him out there playing flag football with their neighbors and just having a really good time. Um, those trails that I mentioned go all over the neighborhood. And um, we also have a lot of families in Yorktown as a big SPEC home builder that have golf carts and they will drive their golf cart down to the pool or down to the basketball court or down to the park or playground or wherever it is they’re going. So that’s a lot of fun. You see them driving around the neighborhood and they’re in their golf carts. That’s just a lot of fun. That is a big SPEC home builder. We also have, um, here in your town, I can build homes in Covington, Edmond New Homes which costs a little bit less because the lots themselves cost a little bit less. I can also build a medium priced homes in Birmingham a where the lots are a little bigger.

And then in, um, in a shelby, I can build our high end waterstone luxury, a product line that has absolutely everything included in it. I mean everything from basement tall base moldings to crown moldings and head moldings and hardwood floors and upgraded everything. Countertops, tiles, everything. It even includes the, um, the stainless steel refrigerator freezer combo, the that’s so popular now, especially for families who do a lot of cooking, so that’s a great lot of fun. But in your town at our new Covington, we have started building one of our stonebrook bees, which is one of my favorite, uh, floor plans. This home was designed to give families the maximum amount of square footage for the least amount of money as a bixby home builders here at shaw homes, we’re always trying to do better, be more competitive, be the one to beat. And with this Stonebrook Edmond New Homes, not think we’ve checked off a lot of boxes.

Not only is it beautiful then when you walk in the front door, there’s a gorgeous a study just to your left and then a little hallway that leads to the cutest half bath. I just love it. It’s gorgeous and I love the location of that half bath. Just off the hall closet. It’s private from the great room is private from the kitchen. It’s private from the rest of the house. So your guests don’t feel like they’re going into a half bath. That’s like right off your kitchen. MMM. These Stonebrook v has a very nice, Edmond New Homes, generously sized, um, great room with a nice corner fireplace in it and then a patio off of the great room. And then the kitchen and the nook area is what makes this film. They just make you want to go, ah, the stonebrook had kitchen not only is just adorable, but, and this, the island is turned so that when you are standing at the kitchen sink and you look straight ahead, you are actually looking out the windows of your hour, your backyard, instead of looking at the back of the Sofa or the back of your husband’s head sitting on the sofa.

So as a bixby home builder, we’ve listened. You’ve told us that not everybody wants a formal dining room and a nook area that you just need one eating area, but make it large. Make it generous enough that we can put a nice sized table in here. Well, the stonebrook does just that. Not only that, Edmond New Homes but the pantry. Oh my goodness. It’s just gonna make you crazy. How big this pantry is. When people walk in, they go, oh wow. And then they go, oh wow. Because it just keeps ongoing behind the kitchen. The master suite, the master bedroom is beautifully, uh, generously proportioned. The master bedroom can easily hold a king size bed and the furniture that you need to have in your master bedroom. Then you walk straight from there into the master bathroom. Now I particularly love this master bathroom. I love the counter set up the way that it is.

It of course has double sinks, but they are in a big long l shape. Um, so there is a corner in the mirror where the two mirrors meet, uh, that you’ve got a big surface area for decorating. How cool is that? Of course, it also has a nice size shower and a private bathroom closet. And then a very large master closet that walks through to the utility room so that when you’re walking in from the back door, again from the garage, you make a lefthand turn. Well, first of all, when you walk in, Edmond New Homes you’re in your bedroom, so that mud benches right there make a lefthand turn your in the utility room. Then you’re two steps more. You’re kicking off your shoes right there in your master closet, so I’m dropping your briefcase right there and I’m changing clothes. If you want to get uncomfortable, something comfortable before you go start cooking dinner, you haven’t made very many steps in your home before you’re able to do all that just right there.

So then upstairs, there are three bedrooms, all generously sized. One of them in particular is really big and a game room and a hall bathroom. The hall bath is one of those that I like, that is actually divided into two sections so that one child could be taking a shower while or a bath while another child comes into brush their teeth because there’s a door that separates the toilet and the shower from the sink area. Parents have told us that they liked that, so we’ve incorporated that into the stonebrook Edmond New Homes. I’m also as a big home builder in big speed. We have the Chisholm ranch villas. Avalon, which is a great location off of 121st street at one. Oh, three, nine, one east, 121st street. Our avalon is only 1,728 square feet, but it’s only priced at 2:59 slash nine slash nine slash nine. It’s hard to get a home, a brand new home in the big city school system as a bixby home builder for. I’m under 260,000. This three bedroom, two bath, two car garage home delivers.

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