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Edmond new Homes | Picking Your Plot

Edmond new Homes | Building a home

Hi, this is Brooklyn clues here with Shaw homes and today I would like to take a little bit of time to talk to you about some of the custom options here at Shaw homes. Um, as a big speed homebuilder we think that it’s really important to offer our customers a range of options that really helps them to, to get through the day and to make life a little bit more convenient, um, just by building the home of your dreams and as you know, when you’re building a home that the best part about it is to be able to customize that home to your, to your liking, uh, to, to build that home in a way that is customized just to you and your family. Edmond new Homes Something that you couldn’t find on the used market. Um, and maybe that’s maybe that’s having additional cabinet space in your laundry room or additional bar is in that laundry room to hang clothes as well. Edmond new Homes, maybe that’s having a sink in there. Um, you know, whatever it is, having a folding rack that comes out from the wall. We like to offer a multitude of custom options so that when you’re building your home, you can truly have

anything that you want put into your home. Now there are obviously some things that maybe we wouldn’t be able to do, Edmond new Homes, but as far as, you know, I don’t know what kind of wild dreams some people may have to put in their home, but, um, from everything that I can think of, we offer it here at Shaw homes and as a bixby homebuilder, um, we know that, that those of our customers that are building, especially in the area, I’m, most of those families are going to be growing families with children and a lot of, you know, what I mentioned earlier was the laundry room. And that’s because, you know, as you know, with kids comes a lot of laundry. And so we find that a lot of our customers really see the importance in having, Edmond new Homes, a laundry room that, that makes sense for them because I don’t think that anyone really loves laundry time. Um, but when you have that space that, that works for you, that makes sense.

That’s beautiful. And that you, you know, you don’t mind being in the laundry room, it’s not like a small closet, it’s not like going to the basement or the garage. Um, you’re really in this light beautiful space with, with granite countertops and an apron front sink and everything that you would want and a laundry room where it looks like you’re, you’re working out of a magazine or a catalog. Um, I think anyone would be happy to do laundry in that space. So, Edmond new Homes, I really think it’s important, um, as a builder, especially as a bixby home builder that we offer the kind of options that are growing. Families really find important. It’s not only going to be the laundry room, obviously with kids, I feel like they would probably think the most important thing is going to be booed. So that’s going to be the kitchen.

Um, and obviously to make that food, you’re going to need a sizable pantry. Um, we do offer a lot of floor plans that have so many different options as far as pantries goes. And most of our options are going to be having the pantries that are huge. Not only are they walking, sometimes I’m there often wraparound and you are going to have the kind of space that you never imagined having a pantry. Um, I even, I can’t imagine with some of the pantries that I’ve seen that we can build, I can’t even imagine that they could ever be filled. They’re so big. So not only are you going to have room for, for all of your food, so you know, if you’re the kind of shopper that you know, you like to find bargains or you, um, like to coupon, um, and you’d like to have excess or um, you’d like to have extra food on hand in case there is, you know, that ice storm or Edmond new Homes, you know, inclement weather where you don’t want to get out or you just liked to buy in bulk and like to go to, to costco or sams.

We want to make sure that you have plenty of space for that. And not only are you going to have space for all of that food, but we also want you to have enough space to be able to store those, those items that you maybe don’t use everyday in the kitchen, maybe your bread makers, your kitchen aid mixers, um, that kind of thing that maybe you don’t want to have out on your cabinet or you don’t want to have in your, um, on your countertop. Um, and so those are going to be the kinds of things that are going to fit in these giant pantries. We also offer some custom options in the pantry as well. Um, one of my favorites being the, um, the lights that turn off when you shut the door, because I can’t tell you how many times I leave my pantry light on because normally my hands are fallen by the time I shut the door. I don’t realize that the light is on and the next time I open it, oh, how long has this been on? Um, so that’s a really great option to have in there as well. Obviously we’re going to have shelving and all of those pantries as well, but you know, if you’d like to have some custom options in the pantry and on those shelvings, we offer those as well. I’m now back to the kitchen. Obviously there are tons that you can do, Edmond new Homes, to offer a different

custom options in your kitchen. Um, there are going to be, you know, everything from lighting, if you want pendant lighting, recessed lighting or under cabinet lighting. Um, if you want lighting in the cabinets, I’m up above. I’m extending those cabinets all the way to the ceiling getting, you know, all those 52 inch cabinets because they’re so beautiful. Um, there are also options with your drawers as well as your cabinets. Edmond new Homes, me personally, I think one of the, the best things to put in the cabinet space is going to be those pot and pan drawers. I’ve noticed that some bixby homebuilders don’t offer that. And I, I think that’s one of the most key items to have in a kitchen because I think that the pots and the pans really can clutter up some of that cabinet space. And it’s nice to have him freed up and right there where you’re gonna use some right on your range. Edmond new Homes, so having those pot and pan chores right underneath the range and having their, their to their big sized, you’re never going to fill those up. So I think that’s really important to have also the spice rack on the side of those pot and pan chores is also going to be a really great option as well.

There are some other fun options to do in the kitchen. Edmond new Homes, I mentioned the lighting, um, I’ve mentioned what we can do in the cabinets, but just simple things like a pull out trash drawer, um, or, or changing the, the function of the drawers themselves, um, being able to have the slam resistant drawers. Um, and as a bixby homebuilder we know that a lot of our families, um, might have a lot of young ones and it is so helpful to have those slam resistant doors, um, in a, in a home where you have little ones running in and out all the time because I know that they just love to open and shut those doors. So when you have the slam resist and it kind of takes the fun out of it and that way you know that those little Munchkins aren’t going to be hurting your, your cabinets, or at least not by slamming them, I should say. Edmond new Homes, obviously the options with staining or painting the cabinets, that’s going to be something that, um, that is another great option to you as well. And as a big speed homebuilder we have noticed that a lot of the newer trends, especially in that area are going to be a pain in cabinet. Now that’s not to say that we don’t still see people that stay in them. It’s just something that’s um,

that’s happening more often. Um, and the, as a big speed homebuilder, that’s something that we’ve noticed as well. Edmond new Homes, so obviously the kitchen and the laundry room are, are where we see a lot of options. Um, but we offer all of these different customizable options throughout your home. So it’s going to be lighting throughout your home. It’s going to be the floors. What kind of, um, you know, do you want carpet or hardwood or hardwood looking tile or the thousands of tile options that we can offer? There are a multitude of options and as a Bixby homebuilder shaw homes is happy to offer those things to our customers. We know that it is important to find exactly what it is that you want in a home and we want to make sure that we can offer all of those things to our customers because we know that that’s an important, important factor in choosing who you will have as your home homebuilder Edmond new Homes.

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