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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes | Pretty Homes

Edmond New Homes | Pretty Good Homes

So I want to talk to everyone about what we do here at Shaw homes. When you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can definitely find that. We hear shaw homes are the best custom home builder, the reasons, multiple reasons. A Edmond New Homes lot of people say that the parish to this builder that built our, and unfortunately there are 200 builders in Tulsa, of which in Oklahoma, uh, you do not need a building permit to build a home. You just need to have a company. And uh, with this lends itself to, is a lot of inaccurate builders and consistent builders and builders that show pretty on the outside, but don’t show pretty on the inside. Edmond New Homes what I mean by that is behind the walls hidden in the facet facade of the home when you might see it looks beautiful, but what could be the integrity of the home could not be of the utmost quality.

So it’s important to know the differences. And I would speculate that many of you have experienced this before, but when you’re looking for custom homes and broken Arrow, um, you can definitely find that custom homes here, broken Arrow, um, we are building homes that you would understand to be of the highest quality, the highest caliber, uh, that can be done at the lowest price point. And by doing this, we’ve been in business for 33 years. This has allowed us to open up possibilities and opportunities for us to drive down prices through bulk buying and a acquisitions of lumber companies and things of that nature, which allow us to, um, provide the best product for the lowest price for you. Some of the biggest features that would separate us from many other builders are in the area, is the quality of products in which we use our windows, our postage and slabs, um, Iceland, watersheds in the roof, tie back, home, wrap.

All of these things are features that you won’t necessarily see in every builder. Edmond New Homes because of that, they have an inferior product they don’t use for set of brick, they not in the same classification of home. Is that we offer and uh, luckily we do have three different classifications of home. One is our signature and series, which is our middle group from about 200,000 on up to 450 plus. We also have our Manchester series home, which is about 150 to 200,000. Uh, these are going to be the more craftsman style, not necessarily brick, but a wonderful look to them and upgradability throughout the whole home. Um, I would say that your possibilities for even more custom home broken Arrow is going to be in our waterstone segments or waterstone home is complete custom homes, broken Arrow, and you will find that we have homes from 400,000 all the way up to millions.

So it’s just your choice on what you want to do. We have three different segments and out of those three I’ll be discussing mainly the signature heritage series since that is what I specialize in. And if you’re looking at the homes that we offer a, we do have 62 floor plans, 500 home sites and 30 neighborhoods that we build in always developing more. Always pursuing more, uh, depth and width and breadth to our business that we offer for all of our customers. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can find shaw homes and we do have many, many neighborhoods and many, many home sites to choose from as well as floor plans. So one of the big differentiators as opposed to slab, there are peered slabs, frames, labs, all different types of slabs and foundations that homes have built around the nation.

Uh, we use post tension slab, which is ideally the best, um, it allows for no movement and for the whole home to move as one Edmond New Homes, if it does happen to move. So when you don’t have postage and slab, you just have poured concrete or shale or fat framed or peer. Um, a problem with these is wins, one point moves the other point might not. And this creates fractures, a shearing of left to right up and down of concrete substances. And that will ultimately shift the home and appropriately causing foundational issues and structural integrity issues. So what we found is posted since slab keeps everything, a solid foundation, if it moves one place that will move the whole home and in essence it won’t cause cracking or breaking or structural integrity issues, uh, so much so that in fact that have thousands of customers and the past 11 years we’ve been in business for 33 years.

We’ve recently, uh, and I say recently in perspective of 33 years, the past 10 years or so, Edmond New Homes we’ve had a 10 year structural warranty and we have not claimed a, any structural issues from any customers. No claims have been submitted in the past 11 years, which is very, very impressive considering the fact that that’s the case when we do build a home posts and slab typically is to 28,000 pounds. We do 20, excuse me, we do 32,500 pounds and this creates an even more rigid and solid structure and integrity of the home to be built on. And when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, uh, some of the other things that differentiate us outside of the foundation, you go from builders to builders all across the Tulsa area, some use post incident, some do not, some use frames I’m used pier, but we understand that postage options is the way to go.

Another great opportunity that we have above else out there is when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can see that we have many features that others do not in our standard inclusions. And some of this is the ice and water shield. Ice and water shield is about a three foot rubber barrier that goes in between the valley’s a, underneath the shingle overlays in the valleys of your roof. Um, this is something that when a storm comes and wind blows up underneath the shingle, ring, gets into their, finds its way into the home and ice and water shield obviously does it just add it shields the ice and water from entering your home in those most vulnerable places of your roof. A Edmond New Homes ice and water shield or something that we include complimentary in our home. And our standard inclusions, and this allows for a protected home for the longevity of its being.

Um, a lot of builders in the area won’t possibly use that. Uh, another quality of product that we use when you’re looking for custom homes and broken Arrow, uh, our, um, custom homes, broken Arrow, we have, uh, it was called Tyvec home wrap and tie back home rep is an excellent a home wrap that it’s basically a sealer for the entire home. It’s like an overcoat for a house, um, and what this does in between the brick layer and the walls, it prevents any mold. Buildups was a mold prevention system and an a hydration prevention system that creates moisture to properly vented out of the home and out of the walls, which is important specifically in the area we would in which we live in broken arrow. Um, and uh, we’d be looking for custom homes and broken arrow. You’re going to see a lot of this, a in older homes, a lot of mold issues in the big speech things area, Edmond New Homes all the sorts that have these issues apply.

But I would say when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’ll find that, uh, here in broken Arrow, we do offer a more selections than anyone else. And in doing so, it creates an opportunity for us to always drive down our prices and increase our quality. We get better every day and that’s because of the customers. They’re always here for us. They’re always telling us, um, where their opinion, they have had more questions than others. And in those areas where the questions are there, we try to fulfill those were the correct answers and make sure that we have solutions in place, um, for the next person to come down the line. So we’re always looking to improve in every way, Edmond New Homes whether it be our sales team or design team, um, our construction side of things, just as far as communication goes, a being there for the customer and all of those things.

We’ve done a phenomenal job for the past 33 years. Um, but if you say you’re perfect, you’re incorrect, you’re always open for, uh, improvement. Um, but we look forward to helping you and we encourage you to come to any of our model homes and speak with our new home specialist sales representatives to get a time to schedule it for our model home tour so you can have the, a pleasure of looking around at our beautiful decorated, fully furnished model homes. Uh, and since we have more of those than any builder in the Tulsa area, we take everybody on a model home tours. So we encourage you to get one of those model home tours booked. And the reason is, is because we’re, when we’re on tour, we really focused on the function behind the design of those floor plans. And what this allows us to do is take the time that it takes to explain how we’re different, Edmond New Homes how we set ourselves apart, how we are the truly the gold standard for all of Oklahoma and Tulsa people.

Look to us to find out what’s working. No, Edmond New Homes it’s not because we are a, the best builder and we do build more quality custom homes, broken Arrow, anyone else. And in doing so, people look to us for a shining example, and that is, uh, what we try to lend to everyone. Uh, customers are our number one and our homes are a number two. So we want to make sure that we are doing the best of the best of our abilities, but we encourage you to come take a model home to her, see things that we have learned about our process, learn about how it takes to build a beautiful home. And let’s get you in one, uh, as soon as possible. But when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow look no further than shaw homes.

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