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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Has the broken Arrow home builder here at Shaw homes, we have lots of homes for sale and we would love to be able to show you and tell you about not only do we believe, do we know that we build a quality home, but we had the best warranties of anybody in the business and the finest finishes, finest craftsman work on our homes. Uh, we keep them busy year round so they love working for us. Um, and occasionally when we sell out a neighborhood, then some lucky home buyer gets to take advantage of the model home going for sale. And the reason why usually this is a special deals because we do not negotiate our prices here at shaw homes on our custom homes. We want you to not get any better price then your next door neighbor. Edmond New Homes, we know our pricing is fair and it’s competitive and it is what it is.

But on our model homes, what kind of mark those down a little bit. And this model home, if we built it again, would sell for a whole lot more money than what we’ve got it listed for. Because it’s a huge 3,671 square foot home. It’s our model in spring creek located at six five. Oh, one south chestnut avenue. It is 100 percent complete. It is a five bedroom, three bath, three car garage. It has a, it’s a craftsman style, so it has a beautiful front porch area that’s nice and big for Kiddos to wait for the bus out of the rain or the cold. Edmond New Homes, it also has a craftsman design carried on throughout the home. It’s evidenced by when you first walk in the door, the dining room on your left has a real tall Wayne’s coating on it, indicative of the craftsman style that literally makes people go, Oh, when they see it, they just can’t believe it.

It’s so beautiful. The woodwork in that home also in the ceiling of the great room. It’s got all these, um, well they’re squares of crown molding and that are, it’s a beautiful ceiling treatment that you just have to see to appreciate lots and lots and lots of well craftsmanship. That’s why they call it a craftsman style home. This home is gorgeous. Has a 26 and a half foot patio on it. The garage has finished because it was a model, has stained concrete floors and it also has a heating and air conditioning unit in the garage as well as additional. Um, this home is going to be a real special buy for whatever lucky family gets it. And it is for sale for only $369,900. That is an incredible buy. Four five bedroom, three bath, three car home with all those special special finishes in it. Edmond New Homes I would love to have the opportunity to show it to you.

You can call me candice on my cell phone anytime at nine. One, eight, seven, two, four, two, two, eight. Edmond New Homes, and I would love to take you in and show you our beautiful former monroe model home that is for sale in beautiful Spring Creek, which is right there by the big new Warren Theater and just right off the creek expressway. So the location, I mean you can just get to where anywhere in Tulsa that you want to be. Just a very, very, very short order. Um, that creek turnpike has been a game changer for us here in the Tulsa area because, my goodness, I live on 101st street between them, basically a 129th and I’m all hopped on the creek and was at the Tulsa International Airport last night in about 18 minutes to pick up my daughter from Indianapolis and then she flew out today for la. So Godspeed Tori and be safe.

Um, this monroe model is just gorgeous. I mean, you really have to see it to believe all the upgrades that are in there. The island is special. It’s got this special little seating area down at one end. The cabinetry is gorgeous. The appliances are great. They’re all upgraded in there. The sink has that beautiful farmhouse. White Porcelain Sink in there, Edmond New Homes? Didn’t know. It was so cold outside. I’m. Anyway, that’s beautiful. Also for sale in Spring Creek, we have got one of our most popular floor plans are crescent is for sale. It is only 2,946 square feet. Um, it’s actually in the design phase now. So the designers are currently picking out what finishes are going to be going in the home, um, so that, uh, we can price it, we price it until we know exactly which finishes they’re going to put in there, exactly which brick or stone or which granted are which cabinets, which front door.

As soon as they get through selecting all that, then I will be able to give you a, um, the final price on that home. It is a four bedroom, three bath, three car garage home. Additionally, as a broken Arrow, homebuilder and 700 south, we have one of our, um, Stoneberg bees for sale. Edmond New Homes, it’s 2,619 square feet. The address is one, a five that one zero east roanoke place. It is a four bedroom, two and a half bath. Three car home. That stonebrook be. We actually have a bottle home of that right there in that same neighborhood. So, um, even though this one is not complete, in fact, it’s in the electric rough phase. Um, I can show you the home and where it’s going to sit. The yard. What part of the seven oaks south neighborhood it’s going to be sitting in and then we can just drive right up to the front of that neighborhood and see the model home so you can imagine what your home is going to look like.

Um, it’s a great price for a broken Arrow for seven oaks south. Seminar South is beautiful neighborhood. It’s one that we were the developer of. Edmond New Homes, there’s a beautiful community pooled in there with a clubhouse and I’m changing room dressing rooms, bathrooms on one end. The clubhouse. You can actually borrow for private parties for kids, birthday party or whatever. Um, there’s ample parking in front. The neighborhood also has a pond that you can walk around. It has trails. Um, it also has fishing catch and release in this pond. And I’m that stumbled V at one, five one. Oh, east roanoke place is for sale for only $294,790. So what a buy. It’s a great price also as a broken Arrow home builder. Also in sevenoaks south, we have a, what a Greenville to, for sale now this Greenville to, should really be called the candy because uh, my customer and I actually designed it about 2007 and this is a single story home that’s very unique, I promise you haven’t seen anything else like it when you walk in the front door, it has a nice tall entry ceiling. Edmond New Homes, that is open to a very large dining area and great room. Now, I mean these rooms are huge and they are you talking about an open concept. It’s also very, very open to the kitchen and a very large island in there. Then it’s a split floor plan because the master suites on one side of the house and bedrooms two and three are over on the other side of the House with that hall. Bath has a three car garage. But what makes this home so special is the master suite.

The master suite is nearly half of this house. This master suite is just really spectacular when you walk in. Not only is the master bedroom huge, but then you walk into the very, very, very large master bathroom with his and her sinks, a huge walk in shower, big soaker tub, private toilet closet, and then from that master bathroom you walk on into the biggest master bedroom closet, I promise that you’ve seen in a good long while. It’s the size of a bedroom and it’s huge, Edmond New Homes but what makes this Greenville too so unique is hidden off of the master bedroom through a door. You step into a private study and a private exercise slash craft room. So if you use your home to work from, if you use your home to do crafting from or sewing from, and you’re tired of the study being at the front door and being a big fat mess every time somebody walks in your front door, this is the floor plan for you. You can see it at [inaudible] dot com.

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