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Edmond New Homes | Right In Front Of You

Edmond New Homes | Building It Right Today

At Shaw homes as a custom home builder in broken Arrow. Wanted to talk with you today about our versatile Redford floorplan. This home is just so special. We win awards for it quite often during the parade of homes and the judging. Um, every year the Redford Edmond New Homes

can be built a couple of different ways. Um, if we are building on a wide enough lot, we can actually slide the garage over 10 feet, allowing our study to have a large window in the front, but we’ve got to have at least a 70 foot wide light to build that. Otherwise if we’re building it on a narrower lot, we keep that garage pulled in and it’s still just an absolutely gorgeous home with a staggered front. So pretty. So the Redford one is 2,349 square feet. And when you walk in that front door into the entryway, you are a standing in a 15 foot by six foot. One entryway. Just to your left is an opening to a hallway that runs two bedrooms, two and three and two bath number two, and to the whole coat closet. So Edmond New Homes bedroom number two is the bedroom on the front of the home and it’s bolted up to a 13 foot ceiling with a nice walk in closet.

And then, um, you step outside of bedroom number two and just to your lift is the doorway to the hall bath, which is a real nice size bathroom with a five foot tub and shower and a nice forefoot vanity and toilet area. Then just I’m on down that hallway, I’ll wait a little bit. Is the door to the coat closet? Actually, that’s not a coat closet. It says six shelves. So that’s going to be a linen closet for downstairs. Um, and then bedroom number three is right there, also a 11 foot seven inches by 11 foot one inches. Edmond New Homes a large, a nice size closet for bedroom number three as well. Then back into the entryway, right in front of you is an opening to the study. The study is 10th at five inches by 12 foot seven inches. And if you step on just a little bit further toward the great room, there’s that coat closet. Um, right before you step into the great room, the great room is real special and the Redford as we build custom homes and broken Arrow, we wanted to do, just knock it out of the park with this one and I think we did

the great room is 20 feet four inches by 17 feet, seven inches, and it has not only a corner fireplace, but it has for a large windows there with the transom windows overlooking the large covered patio. Uh, the covered patio itself is 20 feet by 10 and a half feet. So, but what makes this home so special and so unique is typically kitchens and nooks are on outside walls. When you have open island kitchens most more often than not, that’s where they’re located. However, not in our Redford. And our red for the kitchen is truly the heart of the home because the kitchen is right in the middle of the home. It’s the greatest thing ever. So Edmond New Homes the island is turned kind of sideways to the Great Room. So when you’re standing at the sink doing dishes, you are overlooking the most charming, big nook area you ever never saw. I kept telling Glen that our buyers didn’t really necessarily all want a formal dining room. Some of them just wanted a very large nook where they could, uh, put their formal dining room furniture. Well, the Redford offers that with being 16 feet by 12 and a half feet. No, come on. You can also put a custom fireplace in that net, turning it into a room where you could have a couple of wingback chair sitting there and still have a nice big table and chair set

as, as we build custom homes and broken arrow. Another group of our buyers kept telling us we need more cabinet space in our kitchens and I have to say I follow him Edmond New Homes

category because my goodness, I love my dishes and I love to cook and I love to entertain. And the Redford kitchen allows me to do all of that as a single story at 2,349 square feet. When you step into the kitchen, Edmond New Homes not only is there a large island with your sink and your dishwasher in it and barstill area, and then of course you’ve got the cabinets behind the island that’s the same length as the island with the cooktop in it, but on the right wall there is another huge amount of counter space with the oven, a microwave cabinet, and then a large open cabinet uppers and lowers. Then the refrigerator. And then on the other side of that, another huge area, kind of like a Butler’s Pantry area of Edmond New Homes, upper and lower cabinets. And directly across from that, the biggest pants walk in pantry you ever never saw. It’s huge. So when you’re walking in from the garage into the Redford, you actually walk into the laundry room, which is big enough for your washer and dryer and a nice size folding table. Since we built custom homes and broken Arrow, our buyers

told us that they like that laundry room located really close to the master closet. So when you’re coming in with either groceries, you’re unloading in the pantry right there. Or if you turn right, you’re actually in the master closet kicking off your shoes right there. We call that the shedding zone. That’s where you start kicking off shoes, sweaters, coats, things like that. And that way you’re hanging them up and putting them away right there in your closet. Edmond New Homes, and it’s just so darn convinced that closet has a, his and a hers side course. Hers is just a little bit bigger than his and he understands why. Then the closet leads into the master bathroom area. Uh, since we built custom homes and broken Arrow, our buyers kept telling us I want a bathroom and the master bathroom that will just knock your socks off and this one delivers.

So when you walk into the master bathroom from the master closet, um, there’s split vanity sinks and the vanities are split by a six foot soaker tub with a large window letting him just floods of sunlight into the room. And then on your left hand side, you’ve got a private toilet closet and then a large walk in master shower and another linen closet. So Edmond New Homes this house has just got tons of storage, tons of closet space, and that master bathroom leads through then to the master bedroom. And the master bedroom is very large at 14. Five by 19 foot. Five inches.

Yeah. And of course it has that trade ceiling up to 10 feet in height. Uh, the Redford man, it’s a beautiful home. It’s a very special home and it’s one that we’re especially proud of here at shaw homes. Um, but as a custom homes builder in broken Arrow, we offer the Redford a lot of different ways. We also offer it with a game room upstairs. So Edmond New Homes that’s going to be our Redford one, a at 2,956 square feet. And then if you need a fourth bedroom we can add that. And a third bathroom upstairs. So your oldest son or daughter could just have his or her little Queendom or kingdom upstairs. Since we build custom mountains and broken Arrow, that’s what our buyers have told us that they want someplace where they can send their oldest child upstairs and just let them have all their friends upstairs and gather and have privacy from the rest of the family.

Then I’m at 3,343 square feet. Uh, we actually offer the Redford one h, which adds an additional bedroom upstairs. So this redford now suddenly went to a five bedroom home, Edmond New Homes, which is just really nice that we can build the coast homes this many different ways since we build custom homes in broken arrow. You can have the Redford, a two H as well, which eliminates one of the bedrooms downstairs, making that downstairs the print just a little bit smaller. So let’s say you have two older kids you want to put upstairs and maybe just use that downstairs bedroom as a true guest bedroom or um, for your younger child or so forth. The redford to h can accomplish that for you.

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