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Edmond new Homes | Right off the bat

Edmond new Homes | Features that wow

As a custom with custom homes, broken Arrow, shaw homes is able to offer a wide variety of floor plans and I would like to discuss some of the other floor plans that we visit when on our home tour. So I told you about our highland creek neighborhood or Ashbrook neighborhood in our Brighton village neighborhood and these are going to be some of our southeast broken Arrow neighborhoods that feature the Prescott, the Addison and the Parkwood. These are going to be three totally different layouts that can be built several different ways that custom homes, broken arrow. We really build so many more options here. Edmond new Homes the next neighborhood that you were going to see on that model home tour is going to feature two totally different floor plans. That again can be built a multitude of ways. So what we’re going to do is after we leave Brighton village, we just drive down the street to seven ohp south 700 south is just also going to be between a county line and Lynn Lane off of 101st. And there are going to be two floor plans that you will see here. They’re actually right next door to each other, so it’s very convenient. Um, and those are going to be our Greenville and our stonebrook models.

You’re going to be able to tell and distinct these two differences right off the bat. Our Greenville, we’re able to build so many different ways, um, and a lot of people really fall in love with this floor plan because of the, the grand entrance that you see right when you walk in Edmond new Homes.

Now, let me explain. The, the smallest that we can build. The Greenville is just going to be our one story now, although I do say this is the smallest way we can build it. The Greenville is actually one of our largest floor plans. Um, so you have the option from going to 2,257 square feet to 3,712 square feet. So this floor plan can be built anyway that you want to build it. It is offering so many options for everyone out there. I really think that anyone could live in the Greenville. I think it’s a beautiful floor plan and I think we offer it so many different ways that it’s so accommodating to everyone. You’re really going to have a true master suite with the Greenville. Half of your downstairs is practically made up of your master suite. I’m your master bedroom is 12 feet by 12 feet, seven inches by 21 feet Edmond new Homes.

This is a huge master bedroom with a vaulted. You’ve got a large master bath that walks into the master closet and then into the laundry room. That is right off the entry as well. So it really flows all together. You’ve got a good size, great room. I’m a full size dining room. That’s completely open floor plan. I’m a kitchen and two bedrooms downstairs with a hallway bath as well. So this is going to be, if you were to build the Greenville, um, as a one story home, um, with custom homes, broken Arrow, we like to offer several different ways to, to do this layout. Um, you also can choose to do a game room upstairs with a bedroom and a bath. Edmond new Homes, you can also do a game room upstairs with two bedrooms and a bath,

or you can do a game room with three bedrooms and two baths. Um, so that’s gonna be how you would do the, the Greenville one. Um, we also offer a Greenville to layout and we offer the Greenville too is a one story. It would be at 2,556 square feet. The reason why the square footage on the two is a little bit larger is because we added two rooms off of the master bedrooms. So these two rooms are going to be just next to your master bath in your master closet. Edmond new Homes, a lot of people will use these rooms as a study or an exercise room. Some even use it as a personal library or sitting room. Um, we’ve even had some that have used those two rooms by knocking out the wall and they made a


and media room so they kind of darkened those windows and


and made it like a fun movie night room. So there are a lot of options when adding those two rooms off of the master bedroom and you can also have those two extra rooms with all of the different options you had in the Greenville one upstairs as well. A custom homes broken Arrow is able to offer all of these options for you. So you’ve got a game room upstairs with a bedroom and a bath at a game room upstairs with two bedrooms and a bath or finally a game room upstairs with three bedrooms and two baths. So again, you’ve got a lot of options here with the Greenville. Um, and it’s one of our most popular floor plans. Edmond new Homes, so I think that you will see that this is, um, this is something that

is for everyone. Really. The home next door is going to be our stonebrook are stonebrook and a lot of ways is similar to our parkwood because it will always be a two story home. I’m the only room downstairs in the stone broke, just like in the park. Wood is going to be the master. Um, so you will find the master suite downstairs and all the other bedrooms are going to be up with the stone brook. It is definitely the most economical way to build a floor plan like that if you are wanting just the master down and the other bedrooms at the stone is definitely the way to go. I’m at Edmond new Homes We built them that way because we want you to be able to have more square footage upstairs because as you know, building up is always going to be smarter than building out.

Um, you’re going to have a smaller footprint that way. Um, and that way you’re just gonna you’re going to save a little bit more money if you’re wanting a little bit more square footage. Now we both this stonebrook two different ways. We build a stone brook age, which is going to have a total of three bedrooms and we build a stone Brook v which will give you a total of four bedrooms. Now both of those four plans are going to offer one bathroom upstairs. Um, again, like the park would, you will always have the master bathroom downstairs as well as a powder bath. Another unique feature to the stone brook is it offers a huge pantry. We call this our prepper pantry. So if you like to go out to, um, to Sam’s or costco and really load up, this is a great option to be able to, to be able to have all that storage in that pantry. Edmond new Homes, you’re also gonna have the, um, the same, what we call the snooze button, designed a master suite. Um, and really what this means is

at, at custom homes, broken Arrow, um, we do have a few floor plans that feature this. And what that really means here is that you’re going to be able to shut the doors and that master bedroom and go into that path room, get ready in the bathroom than step into the closet to get dressed. And you can actually leave through the closet. So you’re not going to have to reenter that bedroom. Um, once you wake up in the morning. That way if your, if your spouse maybe gets up a little later than you do, um, you won’t be waking that person up, which is actually really a really cool feature. A lot of people are really excited about that. Edmond new Homes,

so that’s something that’s really nice in the stone brook. I’m in the Greenville a what the awesome features are. There were the, um, the high ceilings that’s, and that’s going to be offered in the story or the two story version. So you’re always gonna have those high ceilings. It’s definitely our most open design concept. And like I said before, that is going to be the largest area dedicated to the master suite. And then you have that unique option for the expansion to the master suite. Well, Edmond new Homes, so that’s gonna be really exciting for a custom homes broken arrow.

Some of the features that, um, that you saw in the park would custom homes, broken arrow. We’re that large two story entry, which you also saw in the Greenville at the park, would also offered a large island in the kitchen. It’s going to be one of our largest, um, the potential of a five bedroom layout that’s also really economical because you’re having four of those bedrooms upstairs. And the other feature that’s really nice in the park would that a lot of people notice, especially when they are going to have kiddos and all those bedrooms upstairs is the fact back that all of the bedrooms have a walk in closet. It’s just a really cool feature. Um, so that none of the bedrooms are going to be different from the other ones. Edmond new Homes, everyone’s kind of got an a and equal opportunity for closet space. So that’s a really awesome part about our parkwood. I’m with custom homes work in your own.

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