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Edmond new Homes | Running Parallel

Edmond new Homes | Running Parallel

So if you’ve been looking for custom broken Arrow homes, I want to talk a little bit about some of our communities. One of the communities that is a brand new community on south broken Arrow, a, that’s our, we call it, consider it, our Manchester series homes, and all that means is it’s homes that instead of being in an apartment or for the first time home buyer or the empty nester that just doesn’t need all the square footage or maybe their budget doesn’t allow for two thousand two hundred thousand dollars or 2000 square feet. Edmond new Homes Our Manchester series homes are going to help families qualified and get into beautiful brand new homes that are affordable. I’m getting in a payment around a thousand dollars a month and they start at three bedroom, two bath in the eighties in Tucson village. Now tucson villages going to have its own community swimming pool and a community park.

It’s located on 193rd east avenue. And uh, or no, it’s located on county line, which is 193rd. Edmond new Homes It’s on hundred 21st and 193rd. So it’s just about one block south of the Creek Turnpike, so you’re really close to your close to jumping on the clear creek turnpike and being 15 minutes to downtown Tulsa or if you happen to go to Nsu, you’re not even five minutes from the school. There is also a brand new Chisholm, trills, um, area where they’ve developed and made a huge outdoor park facility for families. They have catch her least ponds and they do a lot of events throughout the year and a Tucson villages also a quickly accessed where you can jump right a lot parallel to the highway or the creek turnpike rather. Edmond new Homes you can ride bikes and it’ll take you on the bike trail all the way down to riverside drive if you want to.

Um, but Tucson village is going to have pricing starting in the one eighties up on, Edmond new Homes, I would say they top out around 225,000. You’ll have one stories and two story plans to choose from. Three car garages are going to be an option. And uh, this will get you into a brand new community that’s going to be south broken arrow. It’s going to be Spring Creek elementary, childers middle school in Broken Arrow high school. So really great community, great schools. If you have children that are still in schools and um, even for empty nesters, it’s just going to be a really nice community being. One thing I love is when they developed this community, the whole outskirts of this community as nothing but trees. Edmond new Homes so it will be outlined with beautiful trees and green belt home sites called acts oversize, homesites corners and a small home sites for empty nesters that may be don’t want all the maintenance.

So if you’re looking for custom broken Arrow builders, you’re going to want to check out Edmond new Homes We just have probably, I would say at least 20 of our communities are the ones that are located in the broken air area out of about 28 communities that we currently have. And we’re still growing. So we’re constantly adding on more because our rate of sale is about one home every 24 hours. And so we’re really expanding and growing, the broken Arrow community is blowing up and so you’re just going to see a lot of great options today, but they may not be available months from now, so you definitely want to come in and do a model home tour. So if you’ve been looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, and you happen to see show homes.com, you’re going to notice that we have the most land owned out of any builder around period Edmond new Homes.

Um, we just have a really nice objective and that is always sees and grab land that’s available that we see as the next best thing that we can pass on to the buyer or the future home builder, home buyer, homeowner. So check us out. Show homes.com. If you’re looking for Edmond new Homes you’re definitely gonna. Want to come and sign up and do a model home tour? Uh, you could speak to any of our sales reps. I’m shannon cut singer. I’ve been with them for 10 years and I’d love to help anybody find their next home and facilitate that. I have a love for working with people and I love working for Shaw homes and I could not be with a better builder. I can say one thing about shaw homes as you’re, you’re going to be purchasing or investing in a new home from the best builder I’ve ever worked for.

He is a man of integrity. He’s the only builder I know in this town that gives you a 10 year structural warranty on your home, two years on plumbing and electric and lifetime on the roof, which is your rafters. Um, you’ll always have a 30 year shingle. It’s an architectural shingle. It’s a heritage series, a shingle. So it’s the best shingles you could have on your home. And, uh, we’re going to be able to have a process that we’ll be able to show you. And there’s not many builders that have a process. There could be some really great builders out there, but maybe they have a horrible process and so they might be great, but their process may destroy couples when they’re trying to go through the building process. If there is no process. And it kind of winds up being that they end up in a horrible home building experience and they just don’t want to build again Edmond new Homes.

But with Shaw homes we’ve kind of perfected that. We’ve taken what people in the public have suggested a. we’ve taken things off of facebook and out of 28 years we’ve kind of built the largest custom homes, broken Arrow design center that you could find where you go to one place and pick everything out for your home. Edmond new Homes Do you have to two hour meetings with our designer. And the third meeting is really just a 21, 20 minute follow up meeting just to sign off on your selections. A week later you’re in our construction meeting where you’ll actually meet the construction manager that will oversee the building of your investment, which is your shaw home. The they’ll go over your plans, a line item by line item that you added to it and room by room to make sure that you understand what the ceiling heights are, what the cabinets are going to look like, what the flooring’s gonna be, what the window types and sizes will be.

What they’ll look like if they’re clear view or divided light and he’ll go over each one of those items so everybody’s on the same page and it’s a smooth process. You sign off on your shawl plans and then you just watch your home going up and being built and we keep you involved through the entire process. But with Shaw homes, Edmond new Homes we definitely have a process and we’ll talk a little bit more about a process here in a minute, but if you’ve been looking for custom broken arrow homes or custom homes, broken Arrow, you’re definitely gonna. Want to walk into one of our show homes or just go online and sign up for one of our model home tours. We take about 90 minutes and we show you every plan through furnished models that you can choose from with the budget that you give us, so we listened to our buyers.

It’s not about us. It’s not about what we like or what we think will fit you. It’s all about what you and your family like in which home that you walked through, which furnished model home you walked through, function best for your family. So we keep you in mind 100 percent through the entire process. Edmond new Homes, uh, it’s kind of like a marriage we’re going to walk you through in the beginning and we’re going to get you down to that altar. We’re going to stay with you through the building process all the way to the end and even after because we’re going to deliver a product to you that you’re going to love and be glad that you invested in. So if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, please come and check out [inaudible] dot com. See what everybody is talking about. See why people are suggesting, go see shaw homes.

Because we are the builder of choice. There’s no other builder that’s going to back your home with a 10 year structural warranty. It’s not going to happen. They’re going to give you a one year and that’s it. And we believe in our product stronger than that. So please come and visit us at Edmond new Homes Come walk into one of our models, sign up for a model home tour and let us show you why people are choosing shaw homes over the rest. So if you’re looking for custom broken Arrow Holmes, please check out shaw homes. Come and let us show you why people are choosing us over the others. So custom homes, broken Arrow, shaw homes.com. You’re going to be so glad that you stopped in to see one of us and we’re going to actually hand walk you through the process and explain it before we ever go on a model home tour. We’re very proud about our process. It’s taken us 28 years and growing to get there, but our clients love it. They love us in our reviews. Will show that, but come see us. Custom homes, broken Arrow, shaw homes.com, the home of the 10 year structural warranty, two years on plumbing and electric and lifetime on the roof. Come and see why you should buy your next home with Shaw homes. Edmond new Homes

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