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So today we’re gonna talk about bixby homebuilders and one of the things that I love about Shaw’s, Edmond new Homes we have five different communities that will give you the best options with shaw homes, especially if you’re looking for big SPI home builders. Now, one of the, one of the things that we pride ourself in is owning the most land. Now you may have walked into other home builders, um, communities are models and visited with them and you probably will notice they might have one or two areas that they have a few lots in. But as far shaw homes go, we have five different bigsby communities and it’s actually one of our hottest selling areas today. Matter of fact, I told a couple yesterday as far as selling their existing home, if it’s anything like our new home sells in the Big v area that they, their house would probably be sold within two weeks, two, three weeks tops, Edmond new Homes especially with a four bedroom and being located in bigsby bigsby schools.

So they were really pleased to hear that they did feel like their home would sell quick. I think there are only issue was they didn’t know what they were going to do once they’re home sold while we’re building their home. So I told him that’s a good problem to have. They agreed. Edmond new Homes, one of the things that I love, if you’re shopping for bigsby homebuilders and you’ve checked out show homes.com, you may notice that we have five separate locations in the big area that we offer land in a to build now. We have a lot of families today that will come in and they’re looking for at least a half acre or more. That would be our spring hill farms location. Currently we have 10 homesites before we’re sold out in there. We actually purchased the last 10 home sites that were fit for selling their recently because we were sold out of all of our home sites Edmond new Homes.

So this has been a very popular community as far as being close enough where you can jump on highway 75 and get to downtown Tulsa or to just about anywhere within 15, 20 minutes depending on where you’re going. And it’s located on 171st street. So it’s in south bigsby and it’s between Peoria and Harvard. Edmond new Homes, the reason that we chose this area to purchase home sites in our, we have a high high demand today for half Acre home sites or oversized home sites where they don’t have a neighbor just right on top of them. So this community has sold very well as far as a, if you’ve been looking for bigsby homebuilders, you will probably notice that there’s not much to offer in half acre home sites with other builders. I actually was with another home builder that stopped in my model just to ask questions because Edmond new Homes he has actually seen a lot of our sold signs going up in a neighborhood that they’re having a problem selling in.

But a lot of it is really other people’s process compared to ours. And to just put it bluntly, they don’t have a process and shaw homes, we have an easy process where, you know, if you’re looking for big home builders, our process is you walk in our door, your call us, we’re going to schedule a model home tour with you. And on that tour, we don’t talk about pricing, we’re not looking at anything else other than the function of the home. Edmond new Homes we like to point out three or four things in that model that will give you a reason behind. The reason that we created that model is what funk, what functions does that model serve a family. So when we, when we walked through those plans and we look at the function of the plan, some of them are going to speak to your family and some of them won’t apply.

So simply put after our is done, it’s about 90 minutes long. We usually see at least seven to eight models depending on what you’re looking for. If it’s a one story, there may be four models we look at, or if your budget demands a lower price point, there may be two to three models that we can do. We always keep our incentive in mind when we’re doing the tours. Edmond new Homes Just to know that we’re like currently we have a $15,000 incentive you’d be able to use on any market ready home, Edmond new Homes, which we’ve already taken off the price. Some of them actually, we have double that price off of the price of the model if you’re looking for move in ready, but as far as building from ground up, we’re going to have 13 furnished models at are at all times to walk through and see and each model may have seven different varieties of ways that we build that particular plan.

So the model home tour is the most important part I would say, because this is going to be able to pick out a plan that fits your lifestyle and the function of the plan that works for your family the most. So if you’re looking for bigsby homebuilders and you’ve checked out Edmond new Homes or you’ve walked in a model or you do our model home tour, our second thing that we do after the model home tour is we figure out within 48 hours, what is your favorite plan? Once you tell me that favorite plan, I’m going to meet you and schedule your second appointment at the end of our tour to meet back at that plan so that I can do a walkthrough price out for you. Now that walkthrough price out is really just a help you price out the home that you love the most and for us to price it out with everything that was on your wishlist of to apply to that plan because not everybody does the exact same things that you’ll see in our model and if you’ve been looking for bigsby homebuilders and you walk in our model and say, how much is this model Edmond new Homes?

Honestly, Edmond new Homes the answer’s going to be, well, we’re going to quote the base price with all the rooms you see because we know with our incentive you can get what most people put back in our homes today so we’re not going to quote it with everything we did in the model because in 13 and a half years of doing this, there’s not one single person that has put everything that we show in a model in their house. It’s never going to happen. People don’t understand. Edmond new Homes Some of the things that we do is strictly for our models in us in mind when we sit and work out of those models in so nobody would do it. It’s not practical to do some of the things that we did that are gonna be more geared to the salesperson sitting in that model versus you living in a functioning in that home.

So anyways, one of the things that we do after a price out is we get together and we go through that price out to chop off those things that are not important to you that maybe you just wanted to see the price, but it was an important to you and something you could do later in the home if you need to get your price point down. So we’ll get together on her third visit, do the choppiness, is what I call it, and get it right to where you’re comfortable with the price. Edmond new Homes then we’ll apply it to that home site that we talked about prior. [inaudible] usually on our model home tour, after we do a tour, we’re going to do a home site reservation to secure that homesite wall. I’m pricing while I’m pricing that model out for you to build in the neighborhood or neighborhoods, uh, that you’ve chosen.

And the reason I say neighborhoods is I have a lot of clients that come in, maybe they want the jinx areas, but they’re not quite sure which one they want over another. I’m currently working on one now and we’re between Oak Ridge of jenks and we’re between another neighborhood. So back to the bigs, be home builders. If you’re looking in the big ski area and you do our model home tour, then we do the price out. We do a lot reservation. Our next step is to set a time to do a purchase agreement. Now the purchase agreement as simply signing off saying we’re in agreement with everything we see today. However, it’s not in concrete. You can still change things at your two different design meetings that you have for selections. So if you’re looking for big, big home builders and you’ve checked out show homes.com, we have a process printed on our website that you can kind of read through our process Edmond new Homes.

And I would say if you’re looking at other builders, that’s just smart business, we expect that. Um, I think it’s great to do that that way. You see what a great deal that you’re getting with shaw homes and you’ll see you. One of the things you’re going to notice when you’re looking for bigsby homebuilders is other builders. If you ask him what your process, they’re either going kind, kinda go, well, I mean we try to find a house for you. You know first they don’t. They’re not really going to have an answer. Well, Edmond new Homes when you walk into a shaw homes model or you contact a shaw homes rep on our phone or you shop online, you’re going to see our process from contract to close and really I like to say from contact to close because from the moment I am in contact with you, you’re going to know our process from that point until you’re closing on your show homes, shawl, home or homes. I’ve had some people buy one or two for investment, so that’s true too, but bigsby home builders show homes.com. If you’re checking out bigsby homebuilders, you’re going to want to stop in one of our 13 furnished models and we have four of them in the bigsby communities. You’re going to want to check out Edmond new Homes or if you go online and you’re looking for Bixby, homebuilders, check out show homes that bigsby home builders show homes.com. The home of the 10 year warranty.

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