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Edmond New Homes | Several Different Changes

Edmond New Homes | elevation changes

As it bixby home builder, we can build custom homes for you. We have over 80 floor plans here at shaw homes that we can show you. We have 16 furnished and decorated model homes that we can show you. And then those 80 floorplans plans come from a little modifications or sometimes big modifications that customers continually asked for us to do for them in a particular floor plan. So let’s say that they liked, for instance, our monroe model home, the Monroe, I kind of call it the Queen Mother floor plan for Shaw homes. We’ve had it. Edmond New Homes It’s been around different versions of it. Well, Gosh, since before I got here over 12 years ago. So, um, the monroe has gone through several different elevation changes to make it a more appealing and more modern looking. And um, right now I just loved the front elevation of it.

It has a big, um, a big arched opening that goes, uh, up to, that leads up to the front porch that a lot of our clients do in stone or stucco or different things like that. Um, and we actually just, you know, Kim put a lot of different veneers on the front to make homes look different. We can do painted brick or we can do stucco or we can do stucco and stone or Stucco and brick or we can do just stone or we can do just brick or we can do a combination of stone brick and stucco. So I’m at Shaw homes, we don’t like all of our homes to look alike. Um, Mr Shaw calls that keeping the integrity of the neighborhood by not building cookie cutter homes there. They all look alike, Edmond New Homes, uh, as a big city home builder at Shaw homes, we, um, we work very hard to make sure that, that we keep up the integrity of the neighborhood and certainly keep up the integrity of our homes because nobody wants to live in a home that looks like exactly like their neighbors next door.

Well, the Monroe, a floorplan, uh, the single story poor plan is 2,274 square feet. So when you walk in the large front porch covered area through that arched stone or Stucco or brick opening to the front door in the entry hall, which is a nice sized entry hall at 11 and a half feet long, you have a formal dining room to your left, which is quite a nice size at 11th, at three by 13, seven, and this dining room is a. It has a vaulted ceiling in it, so it even feels even bigger than it than it actually is. Edmond New Homes then opposite of that opposite the entry hall, you have a nice sized study. This study has a great design in it because on one wall it has a perfect large large niche area that is perfect for like three sets of bookcases. They just fit in there perfectly.

And then the dining room and this study have two large pretty windows off the front of your home and then you step on into the great room slash open kitchen area as a big ski homebuilders at Shaw homes. We learned years and years ago that you got to give the people what they want and what they kept telling us they wanted was an open island kitchen, so we did away with a, with a wall that used to be there, and now we have a 10 foot island in, in this kitchen. The kitchen is quite large at 15 and a half feet long, Edmond New Homes so you have not only a 10 foot long island with the dishwasher and a sink in it, but then you have the, um, then you have the all the cabinetry and a corner pantry. And uh, of course that all overlooks the great room and the Nook area.

So I’m the Monroe is a beautiful floor plan. I love the master bathroom, especially in this floor plan. It has a corner bathtub, Edmond New Homes which is actually just cute as it can be and it’s got. I’m actually his and hers. Vanity is as a big speed home builder. We have listened to our customers when they have told us what they’re looking for and a lot of customers want those split vanities. Uh, his vanity and, uh, her vanity. And this monroe certainly delivers that. It also has a huge walk in closet. And um, this, um, and then of course two nice sized bedrooms, a hall bath, and a utility room as well as a three car garage. So we’ve got one of these men rose for sale in quail creek in big speed, uh, for 315,000. One hundred and $29. It’s in the paint phase, which means they’re paid to get right now, uh, which means it will be done very, very quickly.

This is a, um, this is a three bedroom, two bath, three car garage home located in Beautiful Quail Creek, which is on a hundred and 21st street in big speed, about halfway between memorial and share it in a quail creek is actually close enough. It’s right across the street from a bixby north elementary. So, um, this one will be done just in time to get kiddos enrolled for school. And it is a just gorgeous, gorgeous home that we’ve built there in quail creek. Um, it’s also perfect for maybe empty nesters who are downsizing maybe from some very, very large home there on South Yale or South Sheridan and they just don’t want to stories anymore or the pool to deal with anymore. Edmond New Homes this would be a perfect home for a couple like that that wants to downsize and have a little bit, have all the luxuries still, but still a little bit less square footage.

Then in, um, Covington of Yorktown, we are building a beautiful stone Brook v in a really nice called a sack. Covington at Yourtown is the newest neighborhood in your town. And um, it, uh, this Stoneberg fees and a nice culdesac just off the pond. There’s a very large pond in Covington of your town, if you’re not familiar with your town in big speed, it’s one of the most popular neighborhoods for big home builders to be in, which is why shaw homes chose to be here. I’m big fan, of course. It’s such a great school district and your town is a master planned community with, um, homes, uh, starting at 250, 9,000. And then we also have, um, a medium price point neighborhood called Birmingham of your town where the homes are 310,000 to 450,000. And then we also in Yorktown have our shelby neighborhood that features our half acre to one and a half Acre sized lots for our luxury, Edmond New Homes a product line of homes which is called waterstone homes by Shaw.

So as a big home builder, we, uh, we cover a lot of different sized homes for all of our customers. They all have the same quality with the, the one year warranty, the second, second year on all mechanicals. And then the 10 year structural warranty that’s actually backed by liberty mutual. So, Edmond New Homes, you can’t find a better warranty in the business than the show homes warranty and you can’t, um, find a homebuilder with more integrity and who just tries harder than we do here at Shaw homes shall homes. We have a large team and everyone on our team has a certain function. And I mean, we have people who work in the office who all they do is just look over the sales teams paperwork and make sure that our paperwork is correct so that you will get in your home what you think you’re in your home.

Um, we believe in open communication and we try really, really hard to make our customers feel comfortable anytime they have a question. Edmond New Homes, because on every home that we build as a big home builder, there are over, um, there are over 4,000 questions on every home that we build that we’ve got to find the answers to. And there’s over 400,000 options. So my goodness, there’s so many. And with the invention, invention of pinterest and, um, lots of other social media things out there. How’s Dot com? Things like that. Uh, people are coming up with new ideas for us all the time. And that’s where we get our great design ideas is from our customers at shaw homes. We want you to know that we’re here for you. We’re here to listen to you. We’re here to service your warranties. And we want most of all to take care of our clients as a big home builder.

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