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Edmond New Homes | Shopping Around

Edmond New Homes | A Wide Variety

March 15th, podcast, one shot homes, Matthew Thompson. So here at show homes, we do have a process in place that, uh, we understand people absolutely love and specifically rant and rave about, um, we do encourage all of our customers to experience our process and that all starts with the model home to or however we would encourage you to check our reviews and testimonials online because everyone does love the process in which we offer here at Shaw homes comparatively to other builders in the Tulsa area. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, we do understand that there is a large benefit to the fact of having a process modular setup to where people can know exactly what the next step is. They know where we’re headed in the process. There’s no guessing it’s a very fluid system. You don’t feel like you’re lost at any point Edmond New Homes.

Um, it really is just a progressive state of where you start the model home tour and you, we walk you through the process in which you guys want to join. So it really has been official and it’s a kind of extraordinary to see the differences compiled from other builders, uh, and as well as ours. So Edmond New Homes in comparison it’s really fun to watch truly. Um, but I would encourage you that if you’re looking for a custom homes, broken Arrow look no further than shaw homes because our process is quite nice in tact, uh, you know, with, with all of that meaning I would say that, um, something that I want to talk about today and more detail is essentially the purchase agreement or the contract to some of the people call it, but the purchase agreement of what we do here is show homes and what to expect and how does that process layout and kind of what’s the, you know, the expectations behind that.

And to start it off, I’ll kind of talk to you. You know, when you are looking for customers, broken Arrow, you can see that there are many options for you, uh, in builders around the Tulsa area. So there are definitely, we understand that were gracious to have you shopped with us and potentially be, you’re a home builder. So at this point of purchase agreement, we would assume that you are about that place in life and um, if you are then fantastic, we’ll start to move forward. Edmond New Homes what we do start off with is our model home to her. So the model home tours where we see all the floor plans and we spent a couple of hours looking at all of our product and making sure we have something for you. Let’s see. You’ve found something fantastic. You’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, and you found our floor plans.

He’d been on a model to her and you love that possibility of building that floor plan. Well, Edmond New Homes we take that floor plan. We’d go to price out at priced out. This is where we talk about what options in the home we want. Again, this is a fluid list. However, it is a process that we go through to try to mitigate any wasted time in this experience for you. We want to make it fun, keep it light after price out. This is where we do homesite reservation homesite reservation. When you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, this is an important piece to match that, uh, the price out is, uh, the preliminary step, but the homes, that reservation is truly where we get to the point where you will choose where you want to live, what piece of property, what piece of God’s country do you want to go ahead and stake your claim on with your mom, regardless of where it’s at at any of our 30 neighborhoods were offsite.

Bill, this is a time where you are claiming your steak and this is your home site reservation. So you’ll have that reservation for seven days. Now, within the seven days we take a nonrefundable, excuse me, a refundable thousand dollars payment for seven days for you to think about it, pray about it logically to a pros and cons list and lay out what the best is for your family. Uh, within those seven days, we go to what’s called purchase agreement, where we’re going to focus today that purchase agreements also known as contract. And we understand that, you know, without, uh, without an exchange of funds and without that exchange of goods or services, Edmond New Homes you have no deal. And we knew looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, we like to emphasize the fact that, uh, we do pull the construction loan and all of our property and that means that we’re going to be forking over the money to the bank and we’re going to be holding that for ya, um, and putting all the, all the risk on our side.

So when you are offsite, you do pull the construction loan. That is your baby. You’ll take care of that simply because we don’t own the land that we can’t resell it. Now, let’s go ahead with the community of ours and you choose a home site on our home sites. What occurs? We do build a construction loan for you. And we go into the thousand dollars. That was refundable at seven days. If you used to be the purchase agreement, that thousand dollars is cached at purchase agreement. Edmond New Homes in addition to that thousand dollars to hold your property, we require total up to $250,000. We require a total of $5,000 deposit and this is your earnest money. Essentially. This is your handshake to us that you’re not going to walk away from this. Once we get started on the home from 250 to $300,000. So we ask $10,000 from 300 to $350,000, $15,000.

And from 350 on up we asked five percent of the home. So how this works is that thousand dollars. Let’s say you had a $275,000 home and you land in between that 2:50 and $300,000 category. That’s requirement on our behalf for you have $10,000 that we asked for you at purchase agreement at the time we write the contract, we asked for $10,000. Now keep in mind you’ve already laid a thousand dollars on your homestead reservation. So if you might have $10,000, that leaves $9,000 that you need to come with at purchase agreement. This is a process in which we are basically holding because of the value of your home. This is what we require to make sure that we’re not left in the wind, Edmond New Homes if you will. Now, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, many different builders do this many different ways, but the risk factor goes up on your side when you don’t have these types of credentials put into the purchase agreement.

When you don’t have this monetary exchange, there is a larger risk for you as a customer and for the builder as well, so being that we built so many homes were quality homes than anybody in Tulsa and being that we do have such a long, extensive history of doing this, we have found the easiest way to make sure that we have these principles in place. So again, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, this is the purchase agreement on our end of what we require here at Shaw homes, Edmond New Homes this is really just a safeguard for you as a customer. Now, after the purchase agreement, a deposit has been given over a. We write purchase agreement now before the purchase agreement occurs. We do have an expectation video. This is basically a orientation into what to expect in the process of building your home. Although your sales person and your new home specialist should have already gone over in great detail all of these points of interest, it’s very, very beneficial for you to hear this right before purchase agreement.

Just in case you do have any questions and you can have the proper set expectations, which is very, very important. So this video will be about 46 minutes long and it will be a preliminary understanding of all the in depth knowledge of what the process goes through, what you’ve already heard on tour many times which you’ve heard with your sales associate. This is a process that we have to reiterate to everybody because everybody wants to hear what they want to hear and sometimes we don’t always grasp all the information that’s given to us on the first try. So because of that, we like to make sure we reiterate it to you and to every customer to make sure that we’re on the same page. Edmond New Homes that you have the proper expectations. We found that when people are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, they have expectations in mind.

And if you don’t set those appropriately before we start building the home, you as a customer and anyone rightfully so, it expects a perfect product. Well, this is a manmade product. Fifty four trades, 200 people on your home working over the months. Lots of things are going into place. Lots of different trades are occurring. Many different people in the home at once. A lot of different, uh, you know, dots to dot our i’s, to dot and t’s to cross. And because of that, there will always be imperfections, but mainly what we’re trying to sit here for expectations is knowing that your home won’t be perfect because no home is what we can promise you is that we will maintain the model quality in which you see at the model. Homes will maintain that quality and our customer builds for you and your home will also understand that when you’re looking for Edmond New Homes, you may have an understand that there’s nothing that I’ve heard.

It’s different role. Let’s say to two custom changes in your home, a small nonstructural issues extending the granite and putting a pantry door that was glass a or a pocket door, something like that. Well, what occurs is when the plans are pushed through and the purchasing order and the work orders are pushed through, not all the time does it get caught down the road in the midst of construction on the site. So what we always say is that there will be three mistakes in your home. We guarantee there’s three mistakes. However, knowing that those expectations are set, you will have mistakes in your home. This allows the customer or you to feel much more competent and much more comfortable with an issue that would occur and a mistake that would be happened. Um, so in doing so, we will do our best to make sure it’s resolved and fixed adequately, Edmond New Homes, and superiorly to what we want it to be at, what you ordered as a home and what you wanted in your home.

So we make that very clear up front that it’s something that we reiterate multiple, multiple times to where the customer or you can definitely understand that and have to set expectations properly. What we don’t want to occur when you looking for new, uh, you know, custom homes, broken Arrow, we don’t want you to think that everything will be perfect and then deliver on none of it. Well, we want to do is tell you that there will be some mistakes that it’s not a perfect product, but we want to give you, instead of the idea of promising you the moon and delivering nothing, we want to promise you a good amount but deliver the moon. And it’s much easier to do that when your expectations are set properly. So again, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can rest assured that show homes is the home for you. And it definitely is the opportunity to see the most options and have the best process to walk through and really familiarize yourself with that purchase agreement because it is the part that uh, uh, definitely tax comes down to brass tacks. So I have a blessed day Edmond New Homes.

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