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Edmond New Homes | Showing You Around The Home

Edmond New Homes | More Options For you

Podcast to March 5th, 2000 Eighteen Matthew Shaw homes. So Edmond New Homes I want to continue today for all the customers out there and all of our guests that are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, the rest assured the show homes. We do have more options and the builder in Tulsa, and I say this with no lightness a involved, we do have many, many homes that are designed to leverage all of our floor plans. Have a very particular purpose and a very particular design behind them. Why we did them the way we did. Why did we design the functional? Why did we design the flow of the home in the manner that we did? Why do we have certain amount of rooms? Why do we have to lay out the way we do? Why do we have a split floor plan rather than together? Why don’t we have an open kitchen rather than not?

Uh, and there’s a lot of purposes. So I’m going through each individual plan and kind of giving you some of the key points of why we decided to plan the way that we did and what possibly would have been the reasoning behind that and how customers have affected us as well in our design and helping us redesign and rebuild a plan. So you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can definitely option any of our 62 floor plans for the purposes of your needs. Edmond New Homes today I’m going to continue with where I left off last time was the stone brook. Now the stonebrook does have one bedroom downstairs and that would be the master bedroom only upstairs. You have either two or three bedrooms plus a game room and a bathroom. So you have the version of two or three upstairs. So this would be a totality of three or four bedroom home.

Uh, you do have a powder bath, so a half bath right off of the common area in the living room. Again, this is that reverse kitchen that I was discussing. So it has a duality and a function that can be used multiple ways in the kitchen with entertaining and family and friends, etc. Edmond New Homes, so people looking for custom homes, broken arrow find that we do offer so many great floor plans that they never have to really worry about customization unless it’s something very small because we have so many variables, so many options available that all of our customers never find a need to really edit much or change much and this is a real big blessing to them because it allows them the opportunity to worry about less. FocUs on really just designing the home and having fun with the experience with, with the stone brook.

One of the big selling points of the stonebrook not only is the flow with the reverse kitchen, but also the dedicated laundry room and the dedicated mud bench utility area. So the utility areas directly off of the garage and it has a great design and how you can walk in and can feel that vibe there. Edmond New Homes then to your right, you have your laundry room and your master closet to your left, you have the common way and the entry with your study. So it has a nice split floor plan specifically for families, which is really helpful when you’re trying to, uh, uh, have families or in the manner I would tell you that with our master bathroom, this is a big drawing point to this home because the master bathroom has a l-shaped vanity, which is an oversized vanity dual vanity. Uh, then you have an l shape that has a mirror that is l shaped as well together.

This mirror really coordinates itself to lending a much larger feeling, although it’s already very spacious, a much larger feeling in the stone. So I love a lot of people when they’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, they’re looking for very unique items and very unique rooms and a home that really speaks to them and feels like home and would impress their friends and make their, like themselves feel at home and just have a really pretty home. Edmond New Homes a lot of people want this and look for this. And it’s interesting that when we’re on tour, which I encourage you all to come on, I’m seeing all these beautiful homes and seeing the variations that a lot of the folks who see these homes really just get really excited with how they are designed and why they’re designed the way that they are. So the stone is a phenomenal home.

You got to come check it out again under these tours, saturday, sunday and monday when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, you’re going on a tour and it saves you a lot of time rather than looking at a bunch of different builders. Edmond New Homes, the next time I’d like to discuss is going to be an monroe. The monroe is going to probably be the remaining of this entire conversation we’re going to have here. the monroe has 15 different versions now that will be three downstairs versions and five upstairs versions. When you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, a lot of people want different variances. They love a home that we have, but maybe they want to tweak this or tweak that. Luckily with the monroe, we have such a vast opportunity with the layout of the first floor and the layer of the second floor that if you choose to only do a first floor, we have three different locations of all of the bedrooms, which is fantastic and the way that they connect together upon entering the monroe.

When you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, a lot of people want a formal dining formal study. They want a nook, they want everything. They want. All these extra rooms in the monroe one really gives you that, so in totality, the monroe one has five usable rooms and that would be the master two spare bedrooms, a formal dining and a formal study. So you can use these how you like, but the monroe two and three reduced from a five room down to a four room. Now this would equate usually getting rid of the steady, depending on if you only stay on one floor plan and not a level. One story with the monroe, one of the main reasons we designed this plan, the way that we have is with the largest possible a patio that we built in any of our homes. It’s 26 feet long, about 10 feet deep, and this is a beautiful outdoor living space patio.

We also have one of the largest islands of any of our homes, just nearly about nine feet, 10 feet depending on how you build it. Eleven feet if you want, uh, we can always do extensions and whatnot, but it’s one of the most beautiful layout. Has huge living room, huge common area. And when you’re on tour you’ll see some of the differences. One of the big key differences between the monroe two and three versus the monroe one is that the monroe one does not have a walkthrough from the master closet to the remaining guestrooms, which a lot of our floor plans do. The monroe, two and three actually remove the bathroom. That is where the monroe one bathroom for the guests are and it allows us to place it now a laundry room with old back entry to the master bathroom master graham master bedroom as well.

So the monroe two and three have a flow that you can exit the back of the master. So you have two entry points to the master suite on a monroe one. You’ll only have one entry point, Edmond New Homes which is the main door, if that makes sense. Please go onto her. Check him out saturday, sunday money. Any of our new home specialist at any of our model homes will help put you in one of their tours to see that a function. But when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, a lot of people want different layouts. And what’s great about the monroe is we have some with side rooms, front rooms, office, no office study, you know, study. If you want to take the, um, a dining room and convert it to a study in the monroe, two or three, you’re more than welcome to do so.

There’s a lot of benefits about this plan and it’s one of our most popular actually has led one of our lead, our sales of homes and different permits built which floor plan the monroe has been built more than any of our other homes. So it’s one of our most popular top selling home. Edmond New Homes, and the reason probably is because of the diversity in that home. So when you’re looking for customers, broken arrow, that monroe might be a great place to start simply because of the possibilities that can be had with the design layout already. So if you’re looking for something particular, say you go into monroe one, you’re like, I like it, but it doesn’t really speak to me. You go and you’re like, I want it a little bit different. How about this room and that room be switched. You go to monroe too and you fall in love or you go to row three and you fall in love.

So Edmond New Homes it really depends and you really got to be on tour to see it all. If you’re not, you won’t really know until you see these in person. You can look at floor plans all day or you can listen to what we say all day about which floor plan fits you properly, but in reality you have to be in the home, see the space, get the feel, have a real life experience, emotional connection to the home, walk in, does it feel like home to you? That’s really important. And that’s really the key to um, or the home’s going to be suitable for you or not in the floor playing, going to be functionable for you and your family. So if you don’t have a functional home with you and your family, then why are you in that home? Right? So this is exactly why we do this and exactly why we have a process that we do.

Uh, but when you’re looking for Edmond New Homes really look no further than shaw homes. The monroe has a great upstairs versions, five different versions upstairs. I won’t get into all of them, but some of them have a game room that you walked directly up from the stairs. Some of them have an oversized game room that is above the living room. Some of them have a bonus room above the garage. It’s really just dependent on which hole you need and how much square footage you need. They range anywhere from about 2000 square feet to 3,600 square feet. So really it’s up to you depending on what you like in your home. The monroe is a great floor plan and we highly encourage you to see it. Um, and if you, if you do get a chance to see that home, make sure that you understand that if you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, we can build this in any of our communities as long as the floor plan fits on the home site and the building envelope, which a lot of our new home specialist can help you achieve that knowledge to know that upserve for sure.

Edmond New Homes, but we do encourage you to come to our model tours. Again, you can go to our website at Edmond New Homes and simply fill out a tour application to where you can join and get a spot on any of our tours. One of our new home specialist will call you and set that up and put you in the appropriate to or for the appropriate criteria based on what you’re looking for with your budget as well as your home preferences and where you’d like to live, et cetera. so we try to keep it short and sweet, but we also tried to be very informative and educational. Along with that, we always want to pursue the opportunity to open up insight and, Edmond New Homes, open up possibilities within your home and give you some diversity and a lot of different applications you can apply to your current living situation and what you’re wishing you would have in your next home. So we encourage you when you’re looking for shaw homes and, uh, you understand that you looking for custom homes, broken arrow. I understand that we are the company for you and we have the options for you. So best of luck and we’ll see you on the tour.

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