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Edmond New Homes | Sleeping In Today

Edmond New Homes | Stress Free

Has a big be home builder here at Shaw homes. We have a number of move in ready homes in addition to our custom homes that we can build for our clients. And so today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about, uh, the move in ready homes that we have in the big speed school district. I’m in the estates at the river, the states that the river is actually located on the South side of 121st street, about halfway between Yale and Sheridan. So, um, we have to move in ready brand new homes. Uh, well, one of them started, one of them’s complete, um, my gorgeous Monterrey [inaudible] h is available. It is complete and it is available for sale and it is located at, Edmond New Homes, it is located at five, five, two, two east, 122nd place sell. The Monterey H is a beautiful home with four bedrooms, three and a half baths, and a three car garage.

I love the Monterey h. um, there’s so many things that are special about it. Um, first of all, it’s just gorgeous from the exterior. The elevation is beautiful. This home is 3,448 square feet and I’m the, one of the things that makes the Monterrey so special is how private the master suite is. The master suite is kind of behind the kitchen, but it’s a long, uh, elbow shape the hallway to get there. Um, the thing that is that so special is I sell that Monterrey to a lot of old medical professionals say who do shift work because let’s say, Edmond New Homes you know, dad has to work at night and come home and sleep during the day. That master suite is so private that he could be sleeping back there while there’s still activity going on in the kitchen and in the other rooms in the home. Additionally, let’s say he just has to get up really early.

He can, you know, the couple can be sleeping in the master bedroom and the early rising spouse can get up, go into the master bathroom, close the door, shower, get ready, go into the master closet, get dressed and actually exit the home through the garage through the master closet. Need God rooms. So, so that way, um, the uh, sleeping spouse can just go on sleeping and not have to bother or the wakings basketball have to bother the sleeping spouse. The Monterrey is beautiful. It has a formal room as you walk in the front door on your left. And formal learning rooms are great because they stay pretty all the time. Most people only use them if you know a half dozen or so times a year. And um, so that’s something that’s always pretty right at your front door. And then your study is on your right and a, the study has a nice high ceiling in it Edmond New Homes.

The entryway has a tall ceiling in it, um, then you step forward into the very large great room area that can accommodate a lot of furniture and it has a beautiful corner fireplace in it. And the great room is completely open to the kitchen and the nook area. This kitchen has white cabinets in it. It also has a Butler’s pantry just off the, a walk in Pantry of the kitchen. So tons of storage, tens of cabinet space. Um, if you’re, uh, dishes girl like me and a cook like me, the Monterey might well be the home for you. Additionally, there is a downstairs on suite that is perfect for an older child staying at home or your guests because their master bathroom and their master closet are going to be, Edmond New Homes I mean their bathroom in their closet are going to be private just for them. And um, because it does have the on suite with a private bathroom.

The Monterey also has an additional half bath for your guests who come in the home and then upstairs has a large game room and bedroom number three and four, both with nice sized closets in it and a very large upstairs bathroom. And uh, even the game room has a big closet right off the game room. So this Monterey in estates at the river is gorgeous. It’s a beautiful neighborhood, a gorgeous home that’s actually on a nice, huge lot to, in a cul de sac on the backside of the property. It has a big lot on it. Edmond New Homes this home is for sale for only 400, $42,523 right there in the heart of south big ski as a bixby home builder. We know that states that the river is a very popular neighborhood for families who want to live in that part of town. One hundred 21st and Yale hundred 21st and Sheridan area.

Lots of shopping clothes, lots of restaurants close as a bixby home builder. We know that that’s important to our clients. Um, and having amenities close by grocery stores, there’s several of them just within a couple of miles of this neighborhood. Then additionally, as a big home builder in estates at the river, we have our, a 3074 square foot monroe, Emma Watson. He that we are just getting started, but because we already have everything picked out, it will go very quickly. We’ll have this home built probably in about a four months. Uh, the Monroe one a is like I said, 3074 square feet. This home is located at five four. Oh, six east, 122nd place south. It’s a four bedroom home with three bags, Edmond New Homes three car garage, the Monroe one, he has both a formal dining room with a vaulted ceiling and a nice steady just off either side of the entryway than a very large, a great room and open to the kitchen and Nook area that overlooks the biggest patio that a shell homes builds, a 26 and a half foot long patio.

So if you’d like to entertain outdoors, this just might be the home for you. Um, additionally, the Monroe one, he has a closet that goes all the way underneath the stairs, so there’s tons of downstairs storage space. And then, um, two, uh, bedrooms in addition to the master down. So, uh, the Monroe one, he is a, is just a beautiful floor plan and, and our designers have picked out the finishes and the light fixtures and all the pretty, that’s going to go inside the home so that home will be ready to go. I’m in the coming in the coming months. Additionally, as a big speed home builder, we have in Somerset, somerset is a gated community. Um, basically right at the corner of 121st and South Sheridan, Edmond New Homes there’s to a gated entrances into this neighborhood, one off of a hundred and 21st, and then one off I’ve shared.

And so it’s kind of a, an elbow shaped, you know, community or an l shaped community. Somerset’s a beautiful neighborhood developed by Tom Winter, a cup when development, um, who’s an excellent developer. I worked for him for a number of years before I went into the home building business 12 years ago. So he’s a great, a great man. And Edmond New Homes, he builds a beautiful neighborhood. Um, this home is our single story, Redford three at 2,354 square feet. Now let me just tell you all the things I love, love, love, love, love about this red for three. First of all, it has a beautiful front elevation with a large front porch. And then there’s a window to the study on one side of the entryway and a window to the front bedroom on the other side of the entryway, large front porch to dormers at top. It’s a pretty, pretty elevation.

And then inside this Somerset, um, it’s three bedroom, two bath, three car garage. It is, I’m 2,354 square feet. So it’s a single story home that might be perfect for an empty nester or maybe a single mom or dad. And literally right next door is big speed north elementary. So if you do have a Kiddo, they can surely just walk. They don’t even have to go out to the street, they can just walk right next door to the, uh, to their elementary school. So how handy is that? You don’t even have to fight the traffic as a Edmond New Homes We know that our clients expect a lot for the good money that they pay us. And the Redford really delivers.

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