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Edmond New Homes | Start the home process

Edmond New Homes | Start the home process

Two, 17, 18 podcast, one show homes. So I wanted to talk today about many things that people are curious about hearing the broken Arrow community. We haven’t Tulsa here at Shaw homes. Um, we are definitely the best community builder out here at Broken Arrow. We are number one in broken arrow. So when you look for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can definitely find out that we are the best custom home builder in the area. We do have 24 neighborhoods, neighborhoods. Edmond New Homes, we also have 62 floor plans at 500 home sites on average. Always growing, always increasing. Something that I could definitely say that opens up the line to many of our customers is the fact that we have so many options to place wherever you like. And if you’re looking for the broken Arrow area, a broken arrow has a great school system. Broken Arrow, school’s also a lot of our communities.

A window on that wagoner county of the taxes, which is a fantastic thing for a lot of customers being the lower taxes. Taxes is a helpful when purchasing a new home or a custom home, broken arrow, but in the area if you’re looking for us to start a home process for you, there is a definitely a lot of options that we do, so when you’re looking for custom home broken Arrow, you could definitely see that. We build in quite a few neighborhoods. Starting off the new brands would be ashbrook. Edmond New Homes Ashbrook is a half Acre home site community here in broken Arrow, so when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can definitely see that our community in Ashbrook half acre is the least expensive one of the neighborhoods around the area at broken arrow. It’s gonna be quick highway, access to highway 51 quick access to anywhere.

It’s also within 15, 20 minutes you’d get anywhere you like a few miles from anything that you like, gas stations and walmarts and all that are right there for you. I would also say that if you’re looking for a custom homes, broken Arrow, Brighton village is a fantastic option for you right there off the creek turnpike, quick highway access to anywhere. It’s all set. A highland creek is a great area of opportunity with multiple phases. They put in phase once, nearly fully filled a phase two is being completed and homes are being built in, finalized in there as well, but we have plenty of opportunity left. Phase two, phase threes coming down the pipeline. Phase four, force well, so that’d be a huge community over there with a, a great opportunity for many people to build custom homes, broken arrow. Um, I would say that, uh, if you’re looking for a little bit closer in, Edmond New Homes we do have many more such as seven oaks self seminar.

South is a great community for many people to come see, check out. We do have to model homes in there. The other ones that were mentioned swell, seven up south is going to be right by Nsu, northeastern state university, and is a fantastic area to raise the kiddos a. But I would tell you that a seminar itself has really close a good activity to all of broken arrow. Another great community is village of something trails. It’s a little more close to Tulsa. It’s a more western and that community is going to house many opportunities for people to build custom homes, broken arrow. Also, we have Rushford north. Now rushford north is north of the assembly dot Org Church that is right there on the corner of 100, one, 129. North of that, we’ll find the community to be a rush. Brooke north at Rushford north

is a fantastic community, uh, that we are currently incentivizing by the first five people to choose a hope site, rush north and purchase agreement. We will include an additional. So if you’re looking for a custom homes broken era, you can definitely find that to be the case. We have the best custom homes from the ground up. We have three different segments of homes, so we have many more neighborhoods as well. Sevenoaks south, like I was mentioning, great community, a village and something. Trails Rush, put north quite a few others that we have, but no model homes in there. So go to your nearest shaw homes model home and schedule a time to go on a tour with our sales manager, Edmond New Homes new home specialist, and they will explain some of that information to you and give you more input on all of the communities availability that we have.

Something I would say is when you were looking for customers was broken Arrow, you understand that we have three different categories of homes. So we have the Manchester series home, which is about 160 to $190,000 more craftsman style home. Uh, we have the signature inheritance collection of home, which goes from about to 25 on up to 4:50 plus. And then we have the waterstone, which is a complete custom homebuilder, uh, that we have a segment of our homes and those will be a 450 northward. So on up to millions if you like. It just depends. Now with as many lands, there’s many, many opportunities for land in broken arrow. Great opportunity to check. But Edmond New Homes I would say that if you’re looking for anywhere in broken Arrow, we do have more options and more suitable features that anyone else. No, it comes to all the land that we have a, I have $500, 700 home sites on a regular basis all around Tulsa area and I do have many, many to choose from in the broken area.

So a unit, that perfect piece of property, you’re looking to put your home on a. If you’re looking for a custom home broken Arrow, you can definitely see that we have the needs to be filled with what you need and we have the solutions to them as far as the communities, the home sites and the floor plan. So it depends on what’s most important to you. If it’s homesite, floorplan or amenities inside of the home, it just really depends. It’s up to you. Obviously you make that decision, but there will always be compromised when it comes to purchasing a new home and a building from the ground up specifically. Um, you know, knowing what’s important to you, whether it be floor plan, a home site or a amenities in the home, it’s up to you. So typically most people choose location, which obviously you can’t move from that point and floor plan because can’t change the home too much, uh, but amenities can always be added to the home.

Some people they don’t care about where the homes that they just want the floor plan they want and they want the amenities they want, but it’s up to you choose what you like. Some people don’t care about the floor plan, they liked the location and the amenities, so they just want close to somewhere they’re open to any type of plan. They don’t really care, they just want a home. I then want to put it within all their features that they want and all the options that they want. So it’s up to you. When you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’ve definitely found shaw homes and Shaw homes is the number one in all of Tulsa. And Broken Arrow included. Edmond New Homes, our main office is in broken Arrow, which is going to be right by Raymond Bible Training Center. You can find that on 71st and a 145th.

Um, it would be west, uh, excuse me, east of the intersection and you will find that we have our full design studio, which is the largest of any builder in Tulsa. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can definitely see that we have everything in house and it’s very easy of a process to actually design your home. Um, and we do so in our design studio, which is about 2,500 square feet and you can walk through and design everything that July, I’m to a point of picking out tile selections, Edmond New Homes carpet selections would selections, Trim colors, exterior colors, bright colors, all of the options, custom features if you want a really, it’s pretty much endless. It just depends on what you like and what you don’t like and how you want to customize the home. I encourage you to come out and speak to any of our new home specialist at any of our model homes.

And schedule a time to go on tour with them, learn about our process here at show homes and that when you are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you will definitely find that shaw is the number one Gotu. We encourage you to, uh, to check it out for yourself. Go online before the time that you come in. Go read about our testimonies or reviews and people love our process. They rated rave about our process. So, uh, we hope that you have gathered some good information from this and we look forward to it. Edmond New Homes The next time that we speak, you have a wonderful blessed day.

If you’re also looking for other homes in broken Arrow, we do have many move in ready homes that we can show you as well. We have about 40 moving ready homes that are available at the current moment, whether they be a couple of months out from being finalized and finished and ready to move into. Or we have them 100 percent complete. Uh, they’re scattered all amongst the broken Arrow, bixby, jenks, Glenpool, Tulsa area, and the majority of them are in broken arrow. So we’re happy to show you those as well. You don’t need to have a realtor. We encourage realtors to come along. We encourage that relationship to be built and we welcome with open arms are realtors. However, Edmond New Homes if you don’t happen to have a realtor, don’t think you need a realtor to go into the Medi moving ready homes that we offer, those moving ready homes that we do offer, guess what? You’re more than welcome to come check them out with any of our sales representatives for our new home specialist here in any of the model homes. Come set up a time and we will look at those homes for you. If you’re looking to potentially I’m not go completely custom and you want to just look at the move and ready homes that we have available, but we are hoping to see you all soon. And if you have any questions, please refer to our website at [inaudible] dot com.

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