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Edmond New Homes | Starting The Discussion

Edmond New Homes | Start Working Together

So today I’d like to discuss a lot of things when people are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, they always want to know a lot of different difficult situations and scenarios that they paint themselves based on what they’re looking for, a new home or if they want to buy used or whatnot. So it’s not really a, a, a knowledge to the customer as if they want to go a certain direction or not. Not everybody has that idea in their mind already. Edmond New Homes sometimes other ideas look more appealing and more appeasing based on the situation that, uh, the family finds themselves in, the customer finds themselves in. And uh, a lot of times when people are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, they’re either getting ideas for remodels or maybe the considering a new home, but, uh, have been looking at pre owned homes as well.

And it really just comes down to the dependent, uh, a necessary situation where a customer will decide what’s best for them and what works best for them. So when people are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, one of the big things that they look for is a location, but, Edmond New Homes, another big things we’re looking for is really just to find what they want. And today I want to talk about some of the differences you’ll find with us and other builders here at shaw homes and how we differ from other builders in the Tulsa broken arrow, big speeches, the whole area. There’s a lot of reasons to this. And um, I’ll start off by saying number one is options. So when people are looking for custom home for broken Arrow, they’re going to find that options are not nearly as relevant when people are looking at other builders.

But when they look at us, they realize that they have more options in any builder in Tulsa. Edmond New Homes that is a fact. We have 25 plus neighborhoods. We have a 60 plus plants and anywhere from 500 to a thousand home sites, uh, at any given time based on land that we have developed as well as land is coming into fruition. So people are looking for custom homes, broken arrow. We realized they can look anywhere, but ultimately it comes down to the customer wanting to have what they want. And you know, something I always tell customers when I meet them is, you know, there are three points to purchase a new home regardless if it’s pre owned or who or what have you. And those three points typically our location, which is obvious because it’s real estate, a floor plan, which is the biggest possibility for most people’s concern is they want to have the right floor plan, right flow to their home.

And then lastly is the amenities inside the home. So how, how’s the home dec out, how many bells and whistles are there and what type of granite, what type of tile, what type of this and that, uh, what options will fill the homes built. And uh, when people are looking for Edmond New Homes, they find that the homes that they have looked at, the homes that they have selected or the homes that they have in the top running, you know, it always comes down to a compromise. One of them doesn’t have extra room they wanted. One of them is 70,000, too much, one of them is, you know, has a lot of upgrades that need to be done later on and there’s always something somewhere. The whole no home is ever perfect. The only way that comes about as if you have an unlimited budget. Now, if that’s the case, then congratulations. You can get whatever you like, but 99 percent of a customer’s couples and families that walk into our doors or are looking for homes general have a bunch of that they have to stick to regardless if it’s a healthy budget or not. Even if you’re looking at 400,000, $500,000 a year in Oklahoma, which is very, very, very healthy budget.

You still have a compromise in one way or another depending on what you want, what you really want to get out of a home. So there are a lot of different variables to this as well. But generally speaking, uh, you will have a compromise somewhere take place. So Edmond New Homes when people are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, typically they choose two of those three options. So let’s go with a location. And floor plans, amenities is something that they like, but it doesn’t have to have it entirely. They more importantly what the location and the floor plan. So when this does occur, you know the customers will understand that the options that they choose in the home. Although we have fantastic incentives here at show homes, the options that they choose are going to take the time to understand that those options aren’t going to fulfill the home as to their pinterest dreams, if you will, where their home and garden channel dreams, the floorplan will and the location will, but they’re going to have to sacrifice on some of the amenities just depending on where those are.

So it’s also good to remind customers along the way because sometimes they get excited about the floor plan and another one to fill it all out. But when you asked the question, the very beginning, what’s most important to you? They say location and floor plan. Well, the humidity is something that will have to be reminded. Hey you guys remember that you said location and floor plan is really what you’re wanting. So you know, with that being said, you have to have some sacrifice on some of the options if they’ve put $50,000 of options into their home, but they only had a budget for 30, we have to try to scrape away 20 grand a around that options list because we’re not trying to change the floor plan or we’re not trying to change the location they’ve chosen, but Edmond New Homes we do need to get their budget and tax.

So our goal is not to make the house broke. Edmond New Homes Our goal is to get you in a home with an excellent experience and to build a proper home for you with the quality that you expect in the options and the choices that you want. So we understand what people are looking for. Customers homes, broken Arrow when they find shaw, they understand our options. Selections are really the best. Uh, there aren’t too many builders that even really come close. I can say confidently that we do have the most options when it comes to floor plans, when it comes to home sites, when he talks the neighborhoods, when it comes to options I, everything that our system is built over 33 years of experience and a customer interaction that would have been common upgrades and common selections in common custom options. We’ve kind of included as a feature that we just option into the home and this is ever changing ongoing experience that we have in our business and that continues on with the uploading and changing of all of our features and what we do at a home or a lot of our customers.

There’s many times that we rebuild a redesigned at home simply because of the options that we have or the pop of the trends or the customer feedback that we’ve gotten based on the home’s design. So there’s a lot of that goes into it, but you know, Edmond New Homes we understand that if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’ll find that we do, uh, we do try to obtain the best pictures area for you based on everything that he was. So even if you are planning and location, we still want to try to get you all of those amenities that you want and make sure the whole visit which you want because the purpose of building a new home is to get exactly what you want or close to it closer than anything else as well. And also not having to worry about the, you know, she needed to support a pre owned home and the things that might break on that home.

So we do encourage you to come out any of our model homes that come see our new home specialist and actually get a time together with them that you can join one of their model home tours. This is really the first step into being introduced to what we do here at shaw homes and seeing all the options that we do have a, we have a 62 floor plans of the current moment working with quite a few more actually 63 floor plans and working with quite a few more that we’ll be releasing your shortly. But we do encourage you to come into our model homes and get on those Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. Typically we also do private tours during the week. It just depends, but it’s all by appointment and we also schedule those out weeks in advance because they do fill up quite nicely, Edmond New Homes specifically in the spring time here in March that we are a march, April, May, June, July, and August.

Definitely become very, very, very busy for us. And we encourage you to get your spot reserved before it’s taken by someone else because our tours are always booked up, uh, during this time of year. So we encourage you to come along and see everything that we have. Come see the award winning great homes that we offer here at Shaw homes. And when you’re looking for customers, broken Arrow, really look no further than newer. Shaw helps you start with us. If he ended up going somewhere else, you know, unfortunately we didn’t have exactly what you need, but the benefit is, is that when you lived with us, most likely we do and we really have something for everyone. So I say that with a grain of salt because, uh, you know, understanding that we could do consider there are so many builders and so many different designs out there, you come to us and most likely on to her, you’re going to find at least the style you like and uh, that will lead itself into understanding what the industry has as foreplay, as, Edmond New Homes as options and you’ll learn a lot of information and become privy to the knowledge that is needed to purchase a new home in this industry with all of the builders out there.

And, um, you know, all of the code that’s out there and making sure it helps are built properly. It with quality. You’ll learn a lot while you’re on tour and it will actually help if we do not earn your business and you end up going elsewhere simply because of location somewhere that we don’t build or to foreign out on an offsite or something of that nature. Then, uh, you know, at least will be educated in that is our main goal is to educate you and put you in a dream home that you have. So we’ll be looking for a custom homes broken Arrow, make sure you check out all of our broken arrow communities. We have more offices into what else? Here’s shaw homes. Edmond New Homes We wish you a blessed day and we hope to see you soon on the tour.

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