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Edmond new Homes | Starting The Orientation

Edmond new Homes | Week by Week

The next step in your process to building your new shaw home is going to be building. I’m at this point, you have gone over your selections in the design studio. You’ve gone over your plan review with your builder, and now it’s really time to start building. This is the most exciting part of the process. Um, it’s when we’re breaking ground, it’s when we are starting to build your home. Um, we know that it’s, it’s a really exciting time for you guys as the customer, Edmond new Homes, and we encourage you to come out and watch the watch the process and the build of your new home. Uh, we know that it’s a really exciting time for you as well. Edmond new Homes so that’s why we want to encourage you to come out and, and watch all the different trades kind of take off and in building. Um, it’s surprisingly fast. Um, it usually takes between five to seven months to build a home, but when you’re watching it week by week, um, and watching the, um, the house be brought to life, it really is an incredible process. Um, so we really want you to be a part of that and be able to see what’s going on and that’s why we’re also really excited to have our, our builders, um, get in touch with you and through email, um, you know, kind of update you to what’s going on week by week with your new home.

We know that other bixby homebuilders may not be as hands on and we think it’s really important for our customers to be able to reach out to us and to be able to be a part of that building process because it’s really fun for everybody. Um, at this time you’re going to start that homeowner orientation and that’ll be done on site and they’re going to welcome every question from you because they’ve got an answer for all of those things and they’ve done this so many times before. I’m, like I said, be looking forward to those weekly updates, um, that they will be, be giving you, um, and kind of enjoy the progress of your new home. Um, this is gonna be your, Edmond new Homes, your new address. So feel free to, to drop by whenever. Um, and kind of talk to any of those trades to see what’s going on.

This is a, a really fun time for you guys and we just encourage you to kind of jump in and see what’s going on. Edmond new Homes so that’s going to take between five to seven months. I’m kind of that building process. So, um, even though it, it happens fairly fast, you know, this is a time where, um, you know, it’s kind of hard to be patient as well. You’re so excited and you can’t wait to see all the things come to life. And um, especially during that three month period, um, you know, it gets, I would say between the third month and the fourth month, you get almost ansi. I’m just waiting to see what those interiors are going to look like and I’m ready to put the drywall up and things like that. So it does take test your patients a little. I’m just being excited.

It’s like being a kid again and I’m waiting for Christmas. Um, you just, you can’t wait until that day where you finally get the key and that’s the next step in the process, a closing, that’s when you finally get those keys in your hands and it’s time to move in. So we’re gonna meet you with the title company and transfer that, transfer, that title, uh, that’s when the mortgage is going to be signed for. You’ll pay all the closing cost and that down payment is going to be fulfilled at that time and it’s time to start to moving to time to start moving your things in time to, Edmond new Homes, turn the key and open that door and be excited to be in your new home. You’ve, you’ve waited all these months, you’ve waited anxiously and now it’s finally here and you can see all of your selections kind of come to life.

And, um, you know, all of the, all the model homes that you saw, you kind of pick out the things that you like best in those homes and, and select those things for your home. And it’s just a really exciting time. And I’m as a bixby homebuilder this is the most exciting time for us. I’m closing and you know, and seeing the smiles on our customers’ faces, um, we know that it’s, it’s been an effort on your end, um, and we like to think that our process is really smooth here at shaw homes. Edmond new Homes, we know that you have a lot of options with other bixby homebuilders and we think that we do have a pretty great job here with our process. So it’s something we’re very proud of. And finally the last step here is just going to be the warranty. Our warranty is something that we are very proud of.

Um, we know that we stand alone as a bixby homebuilder and what we offer for warranties. So we’re going to be the only one out there that will offer you that 10 year structural warranty at two year mechanical warranty and the one year limited warranty. No, we joke about that, that the only thing we can’t cover, it’d be the shrubs out front. If you kill those, we can’t be responsible for them. Um, we know that it’s Tulsa’s best warranty and is a big homebuilder we know it’s big space, best warranty as well. We will always have a 24 hour emergency line. We have fulltime warranty coordinator on staff and that’s also something you’re not going to find with another Edmond new Homes homebuilder a, we will always do a 60 day follow up call to check in with you guys to make sure that everything’s going smoothly.

You know, if you have any, um, any issues or anything that you have any questions about, and that’s going to be a good time to discuss it at that 60 day follow up. And the second followup will be at 11 months. That’s just to make sure that’s right before the one month before your year limited warranty will be up. So we want to make sure if there’s anything at that time that needs to be looked at or needs to be done. Um, we want to make sure that we have plenty of time before that. Um, one year limited warranty is up. Um, so that’s why we’ll give you a followup call at that time. Uh, we really pride ourselves with amazing service and we know is a bixby homebuilder that that’s something that’s really important to be passed down to the customer. Um, and so that really sums up our process here at shaw homes. Um, and to go over those, again, it’s just the model home tour, financing, Edmond new Homes homesite reservation price out purchase agreement, design, studio plan, review, building warranty,

and those are going to be the steps in our process that it takes to building a shaw home. Um, and like I said, that the longest part of that process is really going to be the building process. Um, that’s what’s going to be the part that takes the longest. And I’m the design studio. That’s where you’re going to have the most fun. Um, I know that a lot of our customers and um, a lot of my clients have told me that that can, you know, it’s as fun as it is. Um, they always get excited too because, um, you know, they, especially those that haven’t built a home before and picking all the selections and not knowing what it’s gonna look like in their home. They’re, they’re so anxious about it, but because they got to sit in a design studio and talked to the designer and see those selections and the different models, they really leave those appointments confident, Edmond new Homes, you know, you, you really surprised yourself with, um, the ability that you have when you are given all of these, these keys and I think that really helps you to make a, an informed decision.

And that’s why I really am so proud of our design studio. Edmond new Homes, I know it’s something that other big ski home builders don’t have. And I think that’s really important. I also think the price out as an important part of our process and being able to give our customers a printed out line by line itemize sheet of every, every option in the home and telling them exactly what the, um, the price on all of those things are, um, really helps them decide and narrow down things that they want to add or things that they want to eliminate. Um, at that time, people really reconsider things they thought were a must have item and certain things that they thought were out of their budget. They’ve learned that, um, you know, it’s something that is very affordable that they, um, now are reconsidering. So that is also something that’s, that’s really important.

Um, and I know it’s really important for our customers to, um, educate themselves on those things as well and is a big speed homebuilder we really pride ourselves on being able to pass that information along to our customers because without that information, it’s so hard to make an informed decision. And, um, as a, um, as a big speed home builder, we want to be able to pass that information on to our customers, um, as best we can, as quickly as we can, um, so that they can make a decision and that they can go from there. Edmond new Homes, we know that that’s a really important part of our process and we really pride ourselves in that and we really pride ourselves in our process, um, to help benefit our customers.

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