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Edmond New Homes | The Beautiful Floors

Edmond New Homes | The Beautiful Floors

Continuing on, on our podcasts for a July, 16th of 2018, talking about our, um, waterstone new product line by shaw homes as a broken Arrow home builder. I was describing the, um, the Chelsea one, which is our single story, 2,937 square foot floor plan that we’ve been building several of of late. They finish out gorgeous. And the living space is just unbelievable. It’s a very large, great room with built in cabinets on either side of the fireplace as well as overlooking a huge open island kitchen with a, um, a secret hidden pantry behind some, a door, a door there in the kitchen that leads to, oh, just tons of feet of pantry space. Edmond New Homes, the side by side, fridge, freezer combination in the, um, in the kitchen. And um, all of the island overlooking a very large nook. Um, that’s actually 13, five by 12 for, um, then.

So you’ve got plenty of room to put a really nice size table in there as well as that formal dining room up front. Then just off of the kitchen and look, there’s a little hallway that leads to the master suite. Now this master suite is really, really spectacular. It is nearly 17 by 18, seven. So the master bedroom is huge and Edmond New Homes, it has a high, a ceiling in there that um, well we can do all kinds of custom things to it. We can put beams on it, car siding on it, just lots of pretty, pretty things in the master bedroom with three windows overlooking the back yard. And then stepping from the master bedroom into the master bath. Um, my clients often hear the angels start singing in, the birds are chirping and the cloud start partying because this bathroom is gorgeous. I’m, of course I’m custom tile all over the beautiful floors.

It has a, his and hers vanity with a, with a, um, raised, um, set of cabinets in between. Or it could be lowered to be a nice space for if you want to sit and apply makeup, blow dry hair, things like that. All of our waterstone bathtubs are going to be a freestanding, more contemporary style tub with they large window over the tub just letting natural light into the master bathroom. Um, and then the masters showers that we include our, Edmond New Homes, not only are they huge and beautiful with all the custom tile work, but they also have a transom window over the master shower just to let in additional light. And of course a private toilet room in the master bathroom as well as a broken arrow. Homebuilder waterstone homes by Shaw. Um, you walk from the master bathroom right into this huge master closet.

And when I say huge, I mean it’s huge. It is 11 feet by 14 and a half feet. So there’s going to be shelving all the way around with hanging rod space. Um, and um, we’re also going to build in a island with a, a bench seat on it. And I’m a charging station. You’re going to have a, a framed in full length mirror inside your closet as well as seasonal storage up high with the hydraulic, uh, pulled down rods. Then you can walk straight from your master closet into the laundry, Edmond New Homes which is so handy when you’re pulling up in the garage. You pull up, step into the utility room area, which is large, and it has the big built in mud benches in there as a broken Arrow, homebuilder waterstone homes by Shaw homes. We love to give our clients what they asked for and they asked over and over and over again for a large utility area with a big built in Med bench.

So there’s plenty of space there for the kids, grandkids, whomever, to hang their coats. Um, then, so you step in from the garage into the utility mud binge area. Then there is a pocket door that leads into the actual laundry room, which has a place for a washer and dryer, and a counter on one side. Edmond New Homes then a sink with cabinet space on the other side. So it’s a great area for being able to scrub muddy boots or little dogs or whatever you need to in there. Then from the laundry room, you can step right back into your master closet. So when you’re coming home from work and you pull up in that 31 by 23 and a half foot garage, you step straight into the bench area through the laundry room, in the master closet. I love that because then you’re kicking off your shoes there and your master closet and not having to kick them off in the kitchen and remember to go back and get them later or something.

It just is so, so convenient. Plus this setup is so popular so that if, let’s say one spouse is still asleep in the bed while the other person has to get up and leave for work, they can step straight from the bedroom into the bathroom, shower and get ready to exit through the master closet, laundry room, utility room without having to go back into the master bedroom and potentially waking up. They’re resting spouse. So, um, the Chelsea one is a beautiful home. It builds out as a single story in Timber Creek at $495,400. Edmond New Homes in shelby at Yorktown, it’s um, $514,300. Of course we’ve got pricing for um, you know, forest ridge, well stone, we’ve got several other neighborhoods, elgin estates, a mabel estate, several different places like that that we can build a waterstone homes as well. And in addition to the single story, Chelsea, we can also build a Chelsea, he, uh, as a broken Arrow home builder that includes all the features downstairs that I just told you about, but um, then upstairs with it adds a game room and a bedroom number four, and then an upper hall area with a bathroom in it.

So if you’d just like to have a home with a, with a game room up maybe four bedroom, this is a perfect home for you and it’s only 3,837 square feet. So then that becomes a four bedroom, three and a half bath, three car garage, a waterstone homes by Shaw homes as I broken Arrow home builder. Um, it is living the life of luxury for our clients. And Edmond New Homes, additionally we can build this Chelsea a number of other different ways. If in addition to the fourth bedroom, you would like a fifth bedroom. And additional bathroom upstairs, we can certainly do that. Um, that bedroom number five then has a big walk in closet that comes with it. So, um, it’s a beautiful. In fact, that’s how my. Well, that’s how my model is built down the street, except it also adds a theater room, which then becomes the Chelsea k, the Chelsea k is the downstairs just as I’ve described, um, with an upstairs bedroom number four bedroom number five, two additional bats, a game room and a media room.

So that a Chelsea k, then the square footage, oh, increases to 4,417 square feet. So that makes it a five bedroom, four and a half bath. Three car garage. Waterstone homes is built by shaw homes, comes with the same wonderful warranties that are shallow home does say a full year, a builder’s warranty. Then additionally a second year on your mechanicals and a 10 year structural warranty that’s actually backed by liberty mutual. So there’s not a builder in the Greater Tulsa area that is going to give you as many included features in your home as our new waterstone lineup offer offers. Nor is there a builder and the Greater Tulsa area who’s going to offer you anywhere near the warranties that we are. So and that’s because we have a, Edmond New Homes a 30 plus year history of. I’m not having any foundation failures. We have an a plus rating with the better business bureau. Our clients love us, our guests love touring, our model homes, and as a broken Arrow home builder, you can call candice anytime at nine, one, eight, seven, two, four, two, two, eight, zero to see any of these waterstone homes.

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