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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes | The Best Builder

Edmond New Homes | Oklahoma’s Premier Builder

Three, five, eight, 13 Matthew Shaw homes podcast one, so like to talk today about a custom homeless broken Arrow and people who look for that, um, when they’re searching for new homes, they do see that we offer more floor plans and any other builder in Tulsa and they see that we have more options in the other builder in Tulsa. So they understand that when they are looking for Edmond New Homes they have found the best builder. We’ve won more awards than any builder in Tulsa and the parade of homes. And we encourage anyone to try to combat that. We are always looking for feedback from our customers in many different ways when it comes to our floorplans, our layouts, how our architecture is the, uh, elevations of our home, the design aspect and anything really we can ask for help with based on the consumer a essentially it’s just a really ongoing large study of what people are looking for, what they’re wanting.

And what we’ve done is we’ve redesigned and rebuilt for plans based on what our customers and people walking through our homes and people living in our homes have told us that either want or don’t want. And based on that we’ve continued with the process of reallocating which space is more improved and more important to a customer. And we just try our best to make sure that we have the best floor plans, the best layout, the best flow and function of all the floor plans and evolve the builders and Tulsa. Um, so when people are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, what I always like to tell them is, you know, we do have something for everyone and that’s why we encourage you to go on tour. Our tour is fairly simple. We stood our tours every Saturday, every Sunday, and every Monday. Edmond New Homes, there are different, varying times.

So get with your nearest sales manager and new home representative to find out which those times might be, um, in any of our model homes. You can venture into those. You can go on our website, you can go, uh, uh, joined. One of our tours at any of those contacts, locations, contact points, whether it be our model homes with our new home sales managers or our website. You can peruse our floorplans, the communities in which we built at the home site, Shaw homes.com. So we do encourage you to come out to our model home tour and, uh, to enjoy seeing all the different variations that we have, a floor plans, but we know that when you’re looking for Edmond New Homes you’re looking for something that particularly fits your style and your design. So when Ron too, or I go over specifically about the differences of our floor plans and why we built them the way that we have.

So what I encourage you to do is go on tour and check out that, Edmond New Homes, in that process. But right now what I’m going to do is I’m going to discuss certain home floor plans that we offer and why do we design them the way we did. Why is the layout the way that it is? And if you’re online you can follow along and check and see what we’re discussing. So at the current moment when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, let’s say you’re looking for a five bedroom or a four bedroom and a study three car garage, you know, you want it to story. Well, we’re going to start off with the Addison, the Addison and the Addison P, a r one of our best homes. When you looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, it is a home that does have some great features to it and it has a wonderful flow throughout the home.

So what I mean by flow is that the home has a nice circular field to it. So when you walk in, you go either two directions to your left or to your right and the flow from the kitchen to the master to the laundry room, etc. Is a nice easy walk. It flows nicely throughout the home. So you need to come on home to her and see what we’re discussing when we’re referring to that. But I encourage you to, uh, enjoy, Edmond New Homes, the home tour and really soak up what opportunities there are. So one of the main design aspects of addison and why we’ve designed it the way that we have is a lot of customers were looking for custom homes, broken arrow, they wanted a home that had a study right off the master, so we looked at a lot of ways of doing this and the addison was the closest way that we could get it to where the master was appropriately laid out next to the kitchen.

But at the same tIme the flow was equivalent to being an efficient home and having a flow right into the study off of the master closet. What this has allowed us to do is create a duality in the nature of this floor plan, whereas a lot of people wanting to study right off of the master in which we’ve actually created a fourth bedroom on the first floor or a fifth in total. And on our floor plan it says it’s a study. However, it has a clothing closet, a closable clause that equates a true bedroom and the size is adequate for a bedroom. So I would encourage you to consider it that manner, that it could be a fourth bedroom on the first floor and in the addison it’s 1,857 square feet. But Edmond New Homes in the addison p we jump up to 2014. The other portion of this, uh, addison p that we’ve developed is that same study that we were discussing is actually a dual focused that you can use for a nursery, which is a big portion, a lot of people and what they want is the nursery.

So for new families love this floor plan because you have just your master bathroom and your master closet separating you from your child, your in your nursery. So, um, it’s a great opportunity for a lot of families because you have the, the jack and jill room downstairs and you have the upstairs mother in law suite. If you choose to do the upstairs version, great flow, nice sized kitchen, good sized nook, and it just has a great flow to the home. So you gotta come check it out. Again, Edmond New Homes when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, the best way to see everything that we offer is go to our, a model home tour on typically saturday sundays or mondays and sometimes fridays, but just go to your nearest a model home and have a discussion with your new home specialist and ask them about what, what possibilities they have to join in on one of their tours, if they have any openings.

So, uh, we do, we do encourage that as well. I would say that, uh, if you’re looking for another great floor plan that has a very similar flow to it and they’re nice, similar feel, that would be the either stoke broker, ventana, both of them have a wonderful family like atmosphere with the room count this necessary and the, and the nice flow of the home. So they have a very circular flow to them as well in the ventana, uh, definitely has that feeling. So one of the reasons we did the ventana ventana is actually spanish for windows and uh, we have more natural light in that home than any of our homes and has a great feeling. High ceilings, Edmond New Homes a great square, which is a very important factor when you’re looking at size and trying to feel it nice size of a room. The square living room is a fantastic way to emphasize that.

A with the staircase in the middle of the home, it’s easy access upstairs with a nice common area access point. You do have a two rooms downstairs, so again, you have the same nursery, a field that right off of the master ordinance, guestroom or craft room or something of that nature, uh, But It also have a study in the front that’s catty corner as well. So it allows a nice opportunity there to really get that, get that feeling of the baton of there. Edmond New Homes you can also use that as a dining room or however you like in the ventana with. Also what we offer is the stonebrook and stonebrook has a great reversed kitchen. So when I say reverse kitchen, you’re going really have to be on tour to see this. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, go onto her check one of our new homes and our model homes.

And you can join on tour with one of those new home specialist, but you’ll see on tour what I’m discussing in the ventana, whereas excuse me, in the stonebrook where you have a reverse kitchen, you’re able to look outside, out of your back windows, keep an eye on the kids or the animals, the pets, or also have a dual function conversation area when you have guests over friends over possibly watching the game or just entertaining while you’re in the kitchen cooking. You can have a conversation in your guests and your guests don’t have to look around a, they just turned to the side and they can see perfect view, open area of the, Edmond New Homes, of the great room and have a nice conversation area as well with a very large nook and a huge preppers pantry. So one of the benefits of the pantry being so large is, hey, you can buy in bulk and when you buy in bulk, obviously you can reduce your cost and savings because you’re going to drop down and drive down the pricing of individual purchases.

Plus you don’t have to go to the stores often. So it’s a great benefit to you in that facet. Again, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, you’re going to find the faults here. We do have more homes and more possibilities than any other builder in tulsa, which gives you the best opportunity to really find exactly what you want and having to make minimal changes, if any, is the best way to really go about building a new home. Edmond New Homes in doing so, it creates an opportunity to where you don’t have to go from builder to builder spending weeks and weeks and weeks and months and months looking at builders and truly get the best quality home that you can get for the price that you can afford in your budget. So it’s a, it’s a great win win scenario, uh, that we offer here at shaw homes with our process.

I would encourage you that when you’re looking for Edmond New Homes to make sure that you check out all of our floor plans and make sure you join on tour. Again, this is the best way to really see everything that we offer. So we do encourage you to join on that. We hope that you will get a lot of out of these and understand the differences between our floor plans and why we’ve developed the way we have a. But until next time when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, but no further than shaw homes. And we will see on the tour.

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