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Edmond New Homes | The Biggest Walk In Pantry

Edmond New Homes | The Kitchen Cabinet

Okay, as a big speed home builder in Yorktown, the smallest home that I can build is our single story. Greenville one that’s 2,257 square feet, and that’s going to be a three bedroom, two bath, three car garage home. It’s a beautiful home. When you walk in the front door, it has a huge tall entry ceiling and then just to your left, a little hallway to two bedrooms and a full bath. And then on the right, I’m just a secret doorway and I’ll tell you about hearing a little bit. Then you step forward in this very tall ceiling area entryway into the biggest open dining room you’ve ever seen. I mean, there’s literally no, I’m only two walls in the dining room area and it’s huge at 14, three inches by 13 feet. Edmond New Homes, then you walk on into another very, very, very large great room that 16 feet five inches by 23 feet, two inches.

So from the front door you can see all the way through to the windows off the great room that overlook the large, a 17 foot patio and straight out into your beautiful backyard. Um, as a big speed home builder, we like to offer you open island kitchen. So of course that’s what this one has off of the great room with a good size nook at 10 foot seven inches by 11 feet, two inches. And then the open island concept with the biggest walk in Pantry you’ve ever, never seen. Edmond New Homes I mean it’s just huge. And then another section of cabinets that is next door to the refrigerator. So, um, and the nick of course, uh, has uh, two windows and a glass door that walks out back. So lots of natural light coming in from the backside of that home. And then kind of just past the dining room area.

I’m heading toward the great room area. There’s a little, I’m a very, very, very short landing to your right. That leads into the massive master bedroom. Master bedroom is just huge. It gives you that resort, a feeling at home. The master bedroom is 21 feet, one inches by 12 feet, seven inches, so it more than accommodates big king size bed with tables on either side and um, lots and lots of room for furniture. Then from your master bedroom, you walk into this really, Edmond New Homes, really large bedroom sized master bath. This master bath is actually 11 feet, three inches long. It has a full six foot a soaker tub with a very nice sized, a linen closet, and then a long, long vanity with double sinks in it as well as a nice large shower and a private toilet room. Then from the master bathroom, you walk into this bedroom size, the master closet.

So if you’ve got a lot of clothes, uh, this is the one that you want to choose, certainly big enough to build a good size island in the middle of the floor of the master closet because this, this thing is just massive. It’s 10 foot four by 10 foot nine. So it’s a huge master closet and the master closet walks into the utility room, laundry room, which also brings you to the garage area. So when you pull in the garage and you step into your home, you’re actually stepping into the utility room, just run off your master closet. So I was called at the sheddings zone where you start kicking off shoes and coats and sweaters and dropping your briefcases and things like that. Edmond New Homes, so when you’re walking into the Greenville, you are shedding your clothes right there in your master closet, which makes it so nice.

Um, this home is 2,257 square feet, our Greenville and you could purchase that home in one of our big speed neighborhoods as a big home builder here in Beautiful Yorktown, which is the neighborhood that offers you all those great amenities. So if, if toys is what you’re looking for, your town’s got it. We’ve got catch and release fish fishing. We have got a swimming pool, we’ve got splash pad for the little ones. We’ve got miles and miles of paved, jogging, biking, hiking trails, full sized basketball court. Edmond New Homes, a shaded Gazebo area for you to sit under and enjoy watching the kids play on the playground or on the basketball court or even on the soccer field, we have a full size soccer field there and you can build this Greenfield, this Green Ville, one in Yorktown, starting at only $290,800. Now that $290,800 also includes the average lot cost your sprinkler system, your full gutters, upgraded landscape package as well as a, a nice solid wood knotty alder front door ceramic tile in the master shower at three centimeter granite in the kitchen.

So course, this is a fully finished home, but it also that $290,000 also includes our $15,000 incentive. So you could take $15,000 off that $290,800 and get the home actually down to two 75, 800 in your town, which is pretty incredible. Um, or you could use part of that $15,000 incentive towards a upgrades in your home, like hardwood flooring, Edmond New Homes, granted in the master bath, that kind of thing. So that’s where the homes in Yorktown start as a bixby, homebuilder, Yorktown and well out of all of our big Spi neighborhoods, uh, Yorktown is going to be the least expensive. We also have a number of other Greenville plans that have sprung from that Greenville one, Edmond New Homes, you can actually build, you put a second story up there with a game room and up to. I’m taking the Greenville to a six bedroom homes. So depending on how many kiddos you have and how many bedrooms you have, I can just keep, keep on adding those bedrooms and those bathrooms upstairs.

We also have our Greenville too, which is a single story home at 2,556 square feet, which basically is the exact same Greenville. But as a bixby home builder, we have, um, expanded the downstairs off the master to include a private study that overlooks the back yard with windows that overlooked the backyard. And then an exercise slash craft room off the back of the third car bay. So that’s also a perfect area for a nursery, um, because it’s right off the master mom can get into the nursery quickly to help that baby or comfort that baby in the middle of the night. Um, as a big speed home builder, we want to accommodate our customers needs by offering them so many different options. And of course, the Greenville is actually named for our owners, Edmond New Homes a hometown of Greenville, South Carolina. Mr Shaw was raised in Greenville and uh, then came to Tulsa to go to or Roberts University and a continuous education and actually got his masters degree here and then started his company in the Tulsa area. So, um, of course we build in a broken arrow jinx and big speed. But as a bixby homebuilder, we offer a 65 different floor plans that we can build for you. And the greater big speed area.

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