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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Here at show homes as a custom homes broken arrow builder, we know we offer great warranties for our clients and our homeowners and we’re just discussing that a little bit today. I’m continuing to talk about, um, effects on your foundation. I’m placing a flower garden or flowerbeds are shrubs next to your foundation and watering these areas heavily could generally result in a net increase of this moisture content in the soil in that particular area. And that could result in soil expansions in that particular area of the foundation. So the homeowner mess maintained a balanced soil moisture content around the parameter of your foundation. Other general terms and conditions are Edmond New Homes, as a custom homes broken arrow builder.

The following terms and conditions of general acceptibility will govern the interpretation and operation of our warranty and the warranty is separate and apart and cannot be affected or altered or changed in any way by any other agreement which the purchaser may have the warranty period for any item completed by the builder after the commencement date or the day of closing shall be deemed to have begun on your closing date. All notices required under the warranty must be in writing and sent by certified mail postage prepaid return receipt requested, and should idi provision of the warranty be determined by a court of competent jurisdiction or applicable arbitration panel or an arbiter to be unenforceable, Edmond New Homes that determination will not affect the validity of any remaining provisions of your warranty.

Uh, as a custom homes broken arrow builder. The warranty is binding on shaw homes, the builder, and it’s any successors, Edmond New Homes, and it’s binding or the purchaser. So this warranty should not be assignable by the purchaser, by operation of law or otherwise, and no beneficiaries are or should be created here under including but not limited to persons or entities who have purchased the residents from the purchaser. So you can’t sell your home, send the warranty with it. The warranty shall be interpreted enforced in accordance with the laws of the state of Oklahoma as a custom homes broken arrow builder.

If the performance by the builder of idiots obligations under the warranty is delayed by an event not resulting from the builders own conduct, then such performance will be excused until the delaying effects of the event are remedied. Such events could include acts of God or a common enemy war riot, a terrorism, civil commotion or Sovereign Conduct or acts or omissions by the purchaser or any other person that’s not a party party to the warranty as a Edmond New Homes any and all claims or do this as a custom homes, broken arrow, builder, any and all claims or controversy overseas or disputes of every kind of between the builder and the purchaser, including but not limited to any unresolved disputes over warranty claims shall be submitting to binding arbitration pursuant to the procedures established by the better business bureau of Tulsa.

Subject to the foregoing obligations, uh, to arbitrate all disputes between the parties. The parties may elect to proceed with other bed is better. Business Bureau alternative dispute resolution means including the conciliation or mediation. The parties hereby stipulate and agree that the provisions of this section shall be a complete defense to any suit action or proceeding instituted in federal, state, or local court before any, Edmond New Homes a administrative tribunal with respect to any controversies, and of course additionally any obligations in injuring to each party under this section to submit any and all claims disputes and controversies to binding arbitration. It should survive the execution of this warranty and the expiration of the warranty periods. As custom homes broken Arrow builder, we shaw hubs have a

spelled out completely in our warranty. The purpose of our standards, the conditions, the conditions that are applicable and the standards applicable during the warranty term. I mean completely. So for instance, on your site work, let’s say the ground has settled around the foundation over utility transfers or in other areas. Our performance guideline as accustomed hub broken Arrow builder tells us that settling of ground around foundation walls or over utility trenches or in other field areas should not interfere with water drainage away from the home. So to correct the banner, uh, to correct this, the contractor provided the final grading. If the contractor provided a final grading, Edmond New Homes the contractor will one time only fill areas that settled more than six inches or that affect any proper drainage. So let’s say for instance, the site does not drain properly.

The corrective measure would be if grading is a part of the construction or the purchase agreement. The contractor is responsible for initially establishing the proper grades and swales. Now grass and other landscaping are a very integral integral parts of storm water management practice needed to minimize erosion from your home site. The homeowner’s responsibility to maintain such grass and other landscaping to help ensure proper functioning of the site drainage system. The homeowners also responsible for maintaining such grades and Edmond New Homes once the contractor has a properly established them as a custom homes broken arrow builder. Um, let’s say the site has soil erosion well, uh, in that case, no action by the builder is required because the contractor cannot be responsible for erosion due to acts of gods or acts of God or exceptional weather conditions or site operations by the homeowner or lack of maintenance by the homeowner or other conditions beyond the, Edmond New Homes, Shell homes control.

So how about water from a nearby or adjacent property flows onto your lot? Well, it’s the contractor’s responsibility to control water only in the immediate area of the new dwelling. So, uh, existing trees, shrubs, or other visitation maybe damaged in the course of construction. Well, no contractor action is required there either because we can’t be responsible for, uh, someone who came onto your property and damaged your trees. Here at Shaw homes, we are Edmond New Homes We know we offer the best warranties of any builder and the Greater Tulsa area with the one year limited worried d, the second year on mechanicals. And the 10 year structural warranty. So check us out at www dot [inaudible] dot com or call us at nine. One Eight, seven, two, four, two, two eight zero.

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