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Edmond new Homes | The Drive Is Great

Edmond new Homes | Live In The Woods

If you’re looking for bigsby homebuilders and you’ve checked out show homes.com or maybe you haven’t been on the web lightly and you just stopped in one of our models, you’re going to notice that we have five bags. Be Locations to choose from, one of which is going to be our half Acre home site, which I talked about on the podcast before. Uh, one of the things I didn’t mention about Spring Hill farms that I love is this, a location that has surrounded by horse ranches. Edmond new Homes It’s really hard to find a location that you feel like you’re out away from everybody and you kind of have that country setting with beautiful landscapes, a neighborhood and community that is surrounded by heavily wooded areas. It’s got to catch and release ponds in it. We even have a asphalted sidewalks throughout the wooded areas where you can actually walk through those areas, whether you’re jogging or strolling with your child or just walking your dog out Edmond new Homes.

I’m just really beautiful wooded areas so that you’re next to nature and even the drive, the drive alone to spring hill farms is amazing. If you go down elm, Peoria, going all the way south to 171st, if you go that way you’re gonna Kinda come into an area that’s kind of rolling hills and you’re going to see people that own massive acreage is, I mean anywhere from 10 acres to 80 acres and you’ll see beautiful homes and they have horse ranch’s, Edmond new Homes white picket fences as you drive out to that community. And when you pull up to a hundred and 71st and you go left heading east on 171st right between Peoria and Harvard, um, you are going to see Spring Hill farms on the south side of 171st street in the. Edmond new Homes It’ll have a white picket fence that lines the entrance in a huge catch and release pond with a fountain right in the middle.

And in Nice weather you will actually see families or a father and a son or even daughters out there fishing in that pond. Edmond new Homes, so it’s just a nice scene. You’ll see duck in virtually from time to time during season you’ll see deers family, a deer because it is heavily wooded at the entrances in the middle of the property and then surrounding the whole entire community. It’s got heavy trees and nature trails and another fishing pond in the very back, a south end of the community. Now, like I said, we have 10 home sites and actually as of today, I think we’re down to nine home sites available. So it’s just going to be a really, really nice community for you to call home. Now the other thing that I love, if you’re looking for bigsby home builders and you’ve shopped and you like the half acre idea of not having a neighbor right on top of you and just having some room to grow or maybe you want to shop, um, you know, a big shop to do stuff in or tinker around with or you just want that nice space Edmond new Homes.

All the homes throughout their. I mean, they’re going to start in the two ads. They are going to top out around $320,000 for that community. And um, I mean we’ve had some in the $350,000 for sure. So I guess you top out around 350,000, but that community is beautiful. Edmond new Homes, we have to one story plans to choose from. And if you’re looking in the bigs looking for bigsby homebuilders and you’re looking in the big city area, I can promise you you’re not gonna find any other builder that’s going to give you a $25 minimum square foot home given you either a five rooms, a formal dining, a three car garage, half Acre sidewalk to the street, full sod on the home side and a full aerobic septic system and all included for two seventies. There’s no other builder that’s going to give you that. Edmond new Homes I can promise you that we’ve shopped anybody that we felt like was our competition.

We really don’t have any competition. Edmond new Homes the ones that we felt like were competition, we’ve shopped those. And I’ll tell you, if you’re looking for bigsby home builders, you’re not gonna find anything like you see there. And, um, uh, you will just absolutely love that area. And what you can get for the money. So, uh, looking in the bigs, be home builders and your shop fanshawe homes, or you’re looking@showhomes.com, you’re just going to find a lot for your money. Um, I was with a couple yesterday and they said in our budget, 300,000 on a house, we only need a one story. We had two plans. One of them given them 25 ride over 2,500 square feet, uh, is about 25. Oh, Edmond new Homes seven square feet. And it was our Monterey model, given them three bedrooms, a dining in, a study in a three car garage. And plus they had our 15,000 incentives so that his wife could get her hardwood floors, all the had mold and everything that she wanted.

So if you’re looking for bigsby home builders and you check out show homes.com, you’re really gonna find everything that you could possibly want. And more in Spring Hill farms, uh, it is bigsby school. So for people that really want to keep their kids in the school district has, Edmond new Homes maybe they’re there now this is going to give you what you’re looking for, uh, any other communities around there, you’re going to start at probably $400,000 on up easy. So I would say we’re going to give you the best bang for your buck. Plus we have an incentive and this month, during the month of February 2018, we actually have three lenders that are offering help with closing cost. Who does that? I don’t know of anybody that does it. So as far as bigsby home builders go, you’re going to want to check out [inaudible] dot com in honestly for bigsby homebuilders, you’re going to see that shall homes is going to not only offer you the best variety of the homes because we have 13 models to choose from.

We’re also going to give you the very best incentive, the best lending fees, with the lowest closing costs. Edmond new Homes we’re going to give you the biggest and best home warranty out of any builder in this town. Our home warranty as a 10 year structural warranty, it’s two years on your plumbing and electric and it’s lifetime on the roof, which is your rafters. The actual roof material is going to be a heritage shingle in and we’re going to give you a 30 year warranty on that and uh, and a one year on the house itself. And so it is built on a post tension slab. And with our homes, one thing if you’re looking for bigsby home builders that I noticed is we actually give you a full three car garage driveway. Now there’s a lot of builders out there that are gonna. Uh, I called cheap the home and you’re going to drive by and their driveways are going to have that little curve where you, you can’t even fit a two car in the driveway.

You might be able to fit three cars inside the garage, but they’re going to cut cost and cut corners. Edmond new Homes those are things that you want to avoid. A, you want to have a builder that has your family in mind. And we’re not going to cut corners at shaw homes. We’re going to give you the best bang for your buck, so we’ll do full three car driveways and another thing that I love that we do, it’s just another thing that separates us from other builders is you’re going to have steel rebar reinforcement in all the drives and all the rear patios and when you ask those other builders, they might charge you about $3 a square foot on the rear patio and they’ll probably charge you more on the driveway because it’s a little bit more work and hassle to do it. But as far as we’re concerned, we want the structure to be sound Edmond new Homes.

We want you to love your home from the years that you’re gonna live in it. And for some people it’s their forever home. So Edmond new Homes this is the last home they’re building and we want it to be there for the life that they’re in it. So when you check out [inaudible] dot com and you go to a big home builders, you’re going to see that show homes is going to offer you by far more than any builder out there is going to give you in a home. We call our place a one stop shop, so bigsby homebuilders shaw homes, home of the 10 year warranty. And the thing that I love about our company too is we have nobody that is going to give us any kind of, um, you’re just not gonna have anybody that’s going to give you what we give you in a home.

Hands down. And I tell people, give me what that other builders promising you. I’ll do an apples to apples comparison and I promise you at the end of the day, those little things that you didn’t think about, like maybe that builder was given, you two can lights in the kitchen. Edmond new Homes I used to work for another builder and that’s what they did. I didn’t think that was a big deal. I thought that was normal until I came to work for shell homes. Well Mr. Shawl gives you six recessed can, lights and a kitchen. And if you think about it, price wise, those are around 95 bucks each to put them in an existing home and we give you six. That adds up. I mean six can lights. That’s almost $600 worth of lighting. That’s included in our shell product home in a kitchen. Some of our plans we give you for recess lights just in the Nook, like our Redford plan a, all the others we give you two because the nook is not 16 foot long like the Redford, but we give you lots of lighting. Those are little things that to clients. Those are big differences between us and another builder, Edmond new Homes so I’d be more than happy to show you a comparison, but shaw homes.com. Bigsby homebuilders shaw homes.com. Home of the 10 year warranty.

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