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Edmond New Homes | The Features That Wow

Edmond New Homes | So many features and fixtures

March eighth, 2018 podcast for Matthew. So today I want to talk to you about what possibilities there are when you build your home and how the processes are laid out in that fashion. So a lot of people ask me, you know, Edmond New Homes, they’re looking for certain home and they’re in, they’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, and they find shaw homes to be one of the top rated are companies out there and they know that we have some great options. Maybe they’d had a friend build a home with us before any of those features there that could be had with that, you know, we do always offer our customers to go and model home tour. Now, model home tour is obviously the place where you do find the majority of all of the, um, floor plans to be laid out to you in fully furnished and fully decorated model homes.

Um, and this allows you to choose that which floor plan best suits. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, understand that our first step of the process is really just looking at the function of the home and the flow of the floor plan, not really the pricing and how we’ll get into all of that. That is the second step, which is called the price out, the price, how it takes you to a place when you are looking for Edmond New Homes, we understand that you do want to place in things in the home that would be custom to your tastes and your desires and your design aspects and what you’re looking for in your home. And that’s completely understandable. And I definitely, uh, uh, compile that information onto her while we’re together and we’re looking at which homes fits you. You tell me what you like and I pick up on subtle cues about you, like wood floors.

He liked this trim, you liked that guttering, you like this and that. Edmond New Homes, uh, when we’re in the price out, I’ll already have an understanding of what you really like and we’ll go through and we’ll select those options and make sure that, that works for you as we go through that feature. We go through the price out, then we go to the home site reservation so you have the clarity of mind of what the homes cost and what the pricing is. And then we look at home site reservation and this is where we look at, okay, we have a, you know, these 25 neighborhoods to choose from which ones best suited. If you have kids, you want to look at school systems. If you don’t have kids, you want to look at this closeness to proximity of what you want and how far out in the country do you want to be?

How close to the city do you want to be? How close to highway access to you want to be. And, Edmond New Homes, you know, we understand when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you may be looking at your own home sites as well and you may be looking at your own property, your own land, you want a few acres, whatnot, as long as it’s within 15 minutes of video of our fully furnished and fully decorated model homes, custom homes, broken Arrow, shaw homes here to build you a home in that vicinity and what you’re looking for. But I always recommend that before you purchased the land, make sure you have one of our, uh, sales associates know and we will get our head of construction to come out and look at your property and make sure that you might have any, uh, understanding of what potential hidden costs there could be to develop your home on that piece of property, whether it be running, plumbing and electric, a driveway, extensions, extensions, etc.

So we always want to make sure we have that upfront for you before you purchase your land because you could end up atlanta that’s not buildable or you have a giant cost because the home has to be placed in a certain location or a whatnot, but that’s kind of the process there. Edmond New Homes we go through purchase agreement design studio, you select all of your features and all of your options. Then we move into construction phase and start building your home. But when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, something about the processes take place. So what I wanted to mention to you guys today was about our step by step process and how the construction holds. So the time that we come out, we put the pad down, a layout of the land for you, but a porta potty out front. That’s the cue that we’re going to be five to six months away from your home being complete and that time will fly by.

As we build your home. You will have the first things first which is going to be a. The land. The land is laid out. The footings put in and as the funding goes through everything that we have for every trade and every piece of the home, that’s the puzzle that we put together. Edmond New Homes, each individual piece has its own timeline and its own time frame and we have a buffer zone front and back of every trade, which allows for the appropriate a overlay to be had if needs. So whether changes a supply shortage, this, things like that, that just come as a common factor when you’re building something. We do have that buffer zone usually about three days in between trades. So not always will there be someone on your home 24 slash seven, building it out and working on it specifically weekend simply. A lot of them don’t work weekends as far as construction goes.

framing and roofing typically do work weekends, Edmond New Homes, but other than that, typically not. So it just, it’s kind of one off, it just depends. but our timeline works very efficiently. So after you go through the paddling phase, then you go into flooding and flooding is basically the outline of your home in concrete with the footing of the form boards. Uh, you’re kind of getting the prep setup for all of the foundation to be poured and how that’s laid out once they footings is poured, a giant crane comes in towards that, uh, all the flooding in there for you. And then we come into foundation. A foundation is where giant semen trucks and cranes come in and pour your foundation and it is a really cool process to watch and I highly encourage anybody who’s building a home with someone to really look into that and watch that, try to be there at the time that, that happens because it’s very, very neat to watch happen.

It’s very cool to see your home being laid. Um, but I would say that if you are a, if you’re looking for a custom homes, broken arrow, then, uh, understanding the processes, a big point when you do build a home, hopefully build with us here at shaw a. When you do, you’ll see that there’s a great potentiAl to have that. Mark. I’m in your home when you’re, when you’re looking at it and know what’s going on with your home. So after the foundation is poured Edmond New Homes, then we start going into post tension in this lab and we’ll pull in tight cable tighteners and we’ll tighten all the cable down and pull up to 32,500 pounds. That foundation will be highly secure at that point. It allows for a few days for it to dry. And then we start framing the home framing goes up and when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, you got to kind of know that um, each individual trade has its timeframe and I would recommend at least popping in once or twice during that trade is, is you know, occurring.

So, um, just to kind of see, it’s fun to see your home being built, right? So we are looking for custom homes, broken arrow, you understand that our process has a time schedule and that we go from footing foundation form boards, right? Take those away. Then we go into framing the house and once we go to the first story, then we start framing the roof and then we start adding the roof on the next trade. So the roof comes off the walls. Come on, Edmond New Homes on the outside of the home, tie back home, wrap, switched protection of the home, and then, uh, we go into a lot of the interior. I’m starting to work on that and get things ran and then you have the brick on the outside of the stone on the outside or whatever, exterior finishes. Um, and then the instar starts to get pulled together a little bit.

So the first time is all exterior, usually the home of the exteriors getting done, all the main stuff, not the final stuff, but the main stuff is taken care of. And when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, uh, you know that we have a lot of, a lot of trades. There’s actually 52 trades that go into your home or 54 trades that go into your home on average, hundreds of people working on your homes. You know, there’s always going to be human error, but we’ll do our best to fix it and set you with the proper expectations beforehand. So you understand what your, uh, you know, looking like as far as building a home and how it would affect you. Edmond New Homes, I will encourage that when you’re at your home looking at them, just let the, let the employees do their jobs with the crews, do their jobs and just kind of watch from a distance and check out your home and you can walk through and obviously it’s your home, but you can look through and just make sure that, you know, whatever’s done there, if you see something that’s of error, just let us know and we’ll probably already know about it before you do and we’ll be fixing it are on our way to fixing it.

And um, it’s always nice to have another set of eyeballs on the project, but they will do their job and they will be expedited with that process and make sure that your home comes out as soon as possible with the best quality as possible. So when you look for custom homes, broken arrow, understand that we do know that you want a custom home, you want, it’s your home, it’s the right home, it’s built the correct way and it’s in the right location. Everything we’ve tried to do for you up to this point, we’ve tried to make sure your experience is phenomenal and that it will continue to be that way as through construction. there will always be errors. You’ll see more errors and construction then you will throughout the entire process because that is where you have hundreds of people working in your home at once and, uh, you know, when you get to custom changes and custom options outside of what we’re offering in our, in our construction, how we build our homes, then there’s even more room for error simply because Edmond New Homes they don’t know how to build it.

If the instructions aren’t detailed enough. If we don’t know exactly what you want. So we have to come out to the customer a lot of times concerning that matter. But when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, understand that we do have many, many options for you. Edmond New Homes when it comes to that process in place, in that timeline in place. Once we get through all of the rough plumbing, rough electrical, and we go through and we’re starting to add cabinets in and flooring in and trim levels in and all of that, then we go into, uh, the final trades, which would be the making things look pretty, but when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow look no further than shaw homes. We, uh, we Appreciate you. We encourage you to come on to her, uh, and that’ll be saturday, sunday or monday, come to any of our new homes and see our new home specialist and get those, uh, go ahead and fill it out for you. All right.

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