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Edmond New Homes | Making The Right Decisions

Podcasts, six to 17, 18, matthew show homes. So I want to talk today about a few things here at shaw homes and that’s going to be some of the areas in which we can build for you when it comes to building your custom home. Um, you know, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’ll definitely see that we have more options and availability and opportunity for you to build and any other builder in the area of Tulsa, broken Arrow, bixby, jenks, et cetera. Edmond New Homes We’re always open to expanding more opportunity and we do have multiple facets of a in approaching, uh, approaching the sale of your current home and the building of your new home, whether it be a move in ready home that you like or whether it be a custom home from the ground up. We definitely have all the options. Sometimes it can even get lucky and catch a moving ready home that happens to be the floor plan that you love.

Um, but with, uh, you know, a few months left of a building and you can change some, if not most of the options before we break ground on the home. So it’s all dependent. But, um, ideally if you’re looking for the exact home that you want, where you want and the price point that you want, then ideally building is going to be the best option for you. So when you looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’ll definitely see that shaw homes has those available opportunities for you. We do build Edmond New Homes in 25 plus neighborhoods and communities around the area of the majority of them being in broken Arrow ranging from spring creek on 121st to Ashbrook half Acre home sites on 95th. Um, so ranging anywhere from 129th street in broken Arrow all the way over to 241st. We’re always expanding, like I mentioned, and one of the biggest benefits other than our communities is our availability to build off site.

So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can see that we do offer great offsite potential, which is anything within 15 minutes of any of our currently built model homes. So in Coweta, south broken Arrow, maybe more northern broken arrow. We have many model homes in many areas in which we could build for you. I’m just depends on which property that you find in which opportunity that you like. Of course, I always say when you’re looking for Edmond New Homes come into any of our model homes and uh, go ahead and get linked up with a model home tour. The model home tours. What we do here at Shaw homes is for every customer because we have more fully furnished and fully decorated model homes, have any builder in the Tulsa area. We actually take every customer on a model home tour.

And what this helps do is, I mean honestly who doesn’t live going around looking at beautiful homes, right? So when we’re on this tour, what we really do is focus on the function behind the floor plan and the design of the four plan, which allows us to really keep in mind the process in which we have in place that we’ve developed over 30 plus years and figuring out what is the best way to help this process for a customer develop and mature over the time that they spend with us. Edmond New Homes what is the easiest transition from step to step. So after many years of figuring out which works best, we find out that the model home tour is the first way to introduce the customer to what we offer. And then the next step is going into some of the more detailed aspects of finding a home.

So at first glance, this, um, the floor plan is most important and if you choose to build off site or if you choose to build one of our communities, we have 62 floor plans. So, uh, with, with being custom homes, broken Arrow leader, we offer a more than you can imagine as far as options go. Uh, and this flows into our design studio as well, where we have 400,000 plus options, not to overwhelm you or scare you off, but it really does help understand that we have endless options and no one ever touches nearly any of those. They’re just there because we’ve uploaded them to the software over time based on what people have asked for in the past. And one of the most common selections in that category of option for you. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken area, you’re really gonna find that we offer more options than any builder in Tulsa and broken Arrow specifically when you’re looking for any of our communities.

We have about 14 communities just in broken arrow. Um, we’re always expanding and we have offsite properties as well where we have purchased land and have multiple opportunities for people outside of our communities to be developed, but which we still own the land thereof. So it’s very easy to a need an acre or half an acre or something of that caliber in which we don’t have a community because community is more densely populated. You’re running a little bit more land. We haven’t, Edmond New Homes, we also have other areas around Tulsa, obviously more than anyone else. And this allows you to the possibility of really searching that out. So we do go onto her first and that tool allows us to, uh, introduce you to our product and you know, here’s the main thing is that we’re here to help you and we know that this can be an overwhelming experience for a lot of people to try to find a home.

Although it’s fun in the initial stages, sometimes it takes so long at the time becomes a worry or consumption of too much time. Uh, and most people sometimes get a little flustered with all of the possibilities that could be had depending on going from different builders and different options and different floor plans and different elevation looks and designs. And there’s just so much going on. So many moving pieces that people sometimes get a little overwhelmed, which we never want. So Edmond New Homes we always just show the floor plans first. We keep everything pricing out of it. We keep options out of it. We keep a additional upgrades or anything of that nature, completely separated from the model home tour. We’re really just looking to provide you with the information that you need to upfront to start making decisions appropriately. Um, we realized that if we give you all the information at once, it’s information overload and we really just want to introduce ourselves to you.

Let you know a little bit about our company and show you our product. If Edmond New Homes we don’t have any product that suits your situation, then we understand that upfront and you haven’t wasted any time you’ve seen what you need to see and you’re onto the next. But generally that’s not the point. When we have so many options in which we do, you will find something that suits you most assuredly. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, rest assured that we have the communities, the offsite bill potential, the options for you and the floor plans for you to really combine, mix and match anything you’re looking for, whether it be a great community or a smaller community, more larger home site offsite. Any of that, we can take care of you here at Shaw homes and we encourage you to definitely go get one of those model home tours booked.

You can find those in any of our broken Arrow model homes, a highland creek, ashbrook, Brighton village, sevenoaks, south, any of these areas, communities that we offer, villages, southern trails, a rush, Brooke, North, all these different communities. We have either model homes in or move and ready homes that are available to look at. Now on the other side, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, a lot of people are looking for a homeless, potentially brand new but move in ready, so Edmond New Homes within the next month or two they want to move. They have either a job come into town or they have already sold their home and they’re ready to go or they’re coming out of a rental property and they don’t want to wait. They don’t want to design their home, but they still want a custom home. This brand new and how we can do this.

We have 40 plus move in ready homes that are available, scattered from jinx to broken arrow. Edmond New Homes, majority of them are in broken Arrow, so you’re in luck and when you’re looking for this particular side of town, we can offer more than anyone else. And in doing so we have more possibilities and more different variations, but we have a process in place that mitigates any confusion, worry, or anxiety about what possibilities there are in this field. Sometimes it’s, like I said, information overload or an abundance of information and options, but what are my job is and what everyone else’s job here at shaw homes is to do, is to take you by the hand lead you step by step, not show you any information or anything that would overwhelm you before you need to know it. So we take you one step at a time, show you the floor plans, then we go into pricing, then we go into home site, location and orientation.

And then from there we finalize some of those selections. So we take it step by step and this really helps mitigate any worry or feeling of overwhelmed, uh, decision making. Uh, we understand a lot of people have a tough time with that. So when you’re looking for a custom homes broken Arrow, you’ll find that we do have all those options ready for you and willing to help you. Um, again, if you’re looking for the Brooklyn area, specifically Edmond New Homes, you will see that we do show you the potential impossibilities upfront, um, as far as the communities go, uh, we have many to choose from and these are going to be neighborhoods of vast size differences. So Spring Creek, for example, has about 70 homes in it. Um, if you look at Ashbrook, it’s going to have about 70 homes in it. But if you look at highland creek for example, we’ll have about, oh, four to 500 homes in there and it’s a large neighborhood, but it’s also one of the most affordable but the one of the largest amenities packages.

And it’s also widen our taxes. So keep that in mind, broken Arrow schools, but widen your taxes. So we definitely have a lot of opportunity in this area. And when you look for custom homes, broken Arrow, look no further than shaw homes, we will always be there for you to show you many options and show you many different variables and we understand that this can be a tough time to going around looking at getting all the overfill of all the different builders, all the different plans. But really no matter what, if you buy used or if you buy with us and build with us or even another builder, everyone tells us how helpful our process has been because no one else takes the time to do this. Most builders aren’t even at their models. So when you walk in, you’re going to get us. You’re going to meet us. Face to face will show you all of our product within two hours. And it’s the easiest way to be introduced to the industry of new construction. And if you do choose somewhere else, you’ve learned so much on that tour and you’ve become so privy to the knowledge that it takes to look at a quality home. And you’ll realize when you walk in other homes where we stand apart here at Shaw home. So Edmond New Homes have you guys are blessed.

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