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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes | The Pines at The Reserve

Edmond New Homes | Different Communities Availble

Um, so here’s show homes today we’re gonna. Talk about some of the reasonings of why we would want to build and a broken Arrow as opposed to other areas in Tulsa that would be jinx, Glenpool bixby. Edmond New Homes is the, uh, leader in that and that’s because you get most bang for the buck. So when you’re talking about custom homes, broken Arrow, you’ll definitely understand that shaw homes, we have the most options of anybody in broken Arrow as well as anybody in Edmond New Homes. So this really allows us to, um, take the time and figure out what’s working for you as far as floor plans, location, amenities, bells and whistles in the home, and really a homesite placement. Uh, all of those things come

tions for you and your family to make the clearest decision possibly can.

So when you’re searching for custom homes, Edmond New Homes realized that shaw homes is the number one place you’d want to go. We are the number one builder in Tulsa. We’ve won more awards in the parade of homes than any other builder in Tulsa as well. And this does apply for broken Arrow a, when you’re looking for custom homes, Edmond New Homes in the area of broken Arrow, you’ll find that there are many builders you could come across and find that the ones that would suit you and ones that won’t. Edmond New Homes, I would say that before you spend the time and exhaust your options in doing that, uh, you’ll spend weeks and weeks looking at different builders all over the area. And this will not only waste your time, but you look at many homes that will possibly not fit what your criteria is and what you’re looking for in a home.

So if you’re looking for three bedrooms, four bedrooms, Edmond New Homes you’ll walk into homes that are six and seven bedrooms. You’ll walk into homes that are two bedrooms, just depending on what you’re looking at when you’re looking at USD or when you’re looking at other builders. We have a process in place here at Shaw homes that allows us to actually take the time and mitigate any wasted time that you would suit a in any of your home searching methods. So when you come to us, we start with what’s called a model home to her. And we do this because we have more fully furnished and fully decorated model homes in any builder in the Tulsa area. Um, we will say that, you know, ultimately who doesn’t love going around looking at beautiful homes, but you could spend weeks doing this with other builders or you can come to us and spent about two hours to see all of our product and all of our homes.

And this will give you the opportunity to really understand, uh, everything from the best builder in Tulsa within about two hours. And know by the end of it, will you actually see what you like and what are you going to? Are you going to go down this path of building a new home? You’re going to look elsewhere. I’m ultimately, this is to save your valuable time because we understand that time is more valuable than money and we will look forward to taking you on to her. If Edmond New Homes you want to book one of these tours with us, we highly encourage you. We do them the same times every week. We do them at Saturday at 9:00 AM, Sunday at 5:00 PM and Monday’s at 6:00 PM. Um, all you have to do to schedule one of these has come into any of our model homes and speak to one of our new home sales specialist.

Or you can come to our website at [inaudible] dot com and go ahead and book a tour online simply by doing that. And one of our new home sales managers will reach out to you and a book one of those times that works most efficiently for you and your family. Again, some of the benefits here, when you’re looking for custom homes, Edmond New Homes, and the area of broken Arrow, you will actually say some of the benefits are going to be priced bang for buck. So the same home that you had purchased in bixby or genx or Glenpool, anywhere over in the Tulsa area, closer to the Tulsa area, you’re going to have more land cost over there, associated with building a home in that direction. So this will also correlate in the higher prices of your home overall, uh, here in broken Arrow, you can get much more bang for your buck out here.

So we do encourage you that since you are looking at broken Arrow, consider broken arrow first things first, uh, because not only have great amenities in the area, you have a expanding opportunities as far as buildings and commercial retail spaces and all of that. So your shoppings close by, you’re still a little bit of touch of country, so you have that, uh, open airy feeling and you don’t feel confined to a city limits or the city hustle and bustle. Edmond New Homes, but we do recommend that you come check out broken arrow. We have more locations in broken arrow than any other builder since we are a broken Arrow based, a home builder. This is where we started and this is where we really magnify all of our efforts. Um, I will say that we have multiple neighborhoods in this area, so if you’re looking for the broken area and you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, check out show homes and we’ll be happy to take you on tour and show you that any of those locations and communities that we build in, some of the other great reasons as to why a broken arrow is a up and coming and, and a great opportunity for you to guys look when you were searching for custom homes, broken arrow.

And that is, um, we have a little bit, like I was mentioning, we have that country feel out here. There’s more land and more space out here. You’re just minutes removed from anything that is a city oriented. So you’re just a couple of minutes from any of your shopping and groceries and whatnot. A couple of minutes from any highway close to creek turnpike, access highway, 51 access through all of Tulsa. So really those main corridors and those, um, those made blood lines that run through Edmond New Homes will get you from anywhere in Tulsa with just in a matter of minutes. You can get to downtown in a matter of minutes and you’re out here in the broken area, so you’re getting lower taxes. If you’re in the wagoner county area specifically, you will also have quick access to all of your main shopping areas and everything flows out this way from the Tulsa area.

So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can understand that there’s a lot going up and a lot developing in this area. If you do happen to choose to build a home in the broken area, I’m a city limits, then you will most likely reap benefits from the appreciating values of all the, uh, a city that is expanding this way and the retail spaces that are expanding this way. Um, schools are voted number one in the nation last year. And, um, we would encourage you to really come check out a time to come to our, one of our home tours. And we understand that when you’re looking for custom homes, broken era, you have a lot of options to choose from, but we hope that, Edmond New Homes, you know, seeing our website and talking to our sales managers will definitely put you in a position where you’d like to enjoy looking at a tour and using your time wisely to find the homes that would best suit ship.

Um, if we’re not the right builder for you, then you know, we hold nothing against it. We’re simply here to educate you and make sure you’re privy to the industry. So when you do elsewhere, you know what to look for as far as the follies that could be a forthcoming with other builders. We tell you everything up front and expect you to be, um, you know, fully entered to all your questions. Anything that you’re curious about will, uh, if we don’t know the answers, we’ll find them out for you within a matter of minutes. Um, and we do try to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with your experience here at Shaw. We really try to make this a light and fun experience. We don’t want this to be stressful as building a home could possibly be. Maybe the pitfalls of what you heard in the past of what, Edmond New Homes, you know, some of those horror stories you hear on Hgtv or watching the homes magazine or any of those channels or networks that you may see, those horror stories that come about.

We really try to mitigate and get rid of all of those issues that could be. So, again, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, look no further than shaw homes, we really, uh, we really do have an effort put together to create an environment and create a process that takes away the stress and the worry and the anxiety and the fear, the doubt that can come along with this. Our process starting with the model home tour really helps alleviate that. Then we’d go into price out where we fully optimize all of the options that you would want to add additionally to the home, not in the standard included features. However, we will. I’m a tell you what those are upfront, but in the price out, we’ll sit down and do a full itemized list of each individual option you want to add to the home Edmond New Homes.

Uh, from that point we go to the home site reservation and this is where we start talking about broken Arrow specifically. We have more land than any builder has in the entire city of Tulsa and surrounding areas. So we have a land that is stored up, ready to be developed and no matter if you’re looking for right now, we have many neighborhoods currently in the Brooklyn area, but if you’re looking for a year or two in the future, we have many a home sites that are going to be in the communities that we develop in the next couple of years here in broken arrow. So keep an eye open and keep shaw, uh, in the forefront of your mind because we do have more neighborhoods that are coming in the future. We’re always expanding and always trying to obtain a better status. We’re always trying to become a better company and we use the feedback that you guys give us as customers and it really helps us further ourselves, Edmond New Homes, in the manner of helping customers and making sure they get the best product for the best price, the most quality home and, uh, most relevant area that you’re looking for.

Um, so when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, we do understand that broken arrow may be the best place for you if you’re looking in that direction. Um, we have brightened village, we have ashbrook. These are some of the great communities that we offer in highland creek is the most popular new construction neighborhood and all of broken arrow. So make sure you come out there and speak with any of the new home sales managers. We have seven new south is very popular. A stone would crossing a well stone at forest ridge. Edmond New Homes, we do have a, the highlands at Forest Ridge. We have opening a more home sites in there as well. There’s other neighborhoods that are coming down the way we even are expanding into quita most likely. Uh, so we do encourage you to come on out, check these possibilities out here in the Brooklyn area area.

We have silver leaf, we have the pines at the reserve, this is coming by the end of the year now. We’ll be taking reservations shortly. Uh, so we do hope that you come out, check these neighborhoods out because we will be developing these areas and really tying to get the best neighbors, the best community. And we know you guys since you’re looking at Shaw, you will be those people were hopefully to be here to help you. And when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, we understand that there is no, uh, there is no definite answer to what you’re wanting. And this is always a industry when you’re looking for used homes or you’re looking for new homes, they’re looking to build a custom home, broken arrow. Then you will see there will always be compromised as to be had. So, uh, whether it’s location, whether it’s floor plan, whether it’s what’s in the home as far as additional features, uh, we’re here to make that process easy, smooth, fun and exciting for you guys. So, uh, if this is your first home or if this is your last home, no matter what, we treat you like gold and we’re trying to get the best experience possible. But here at Shaw homes, we know that you’re looking for custom homes, Edmond New Homes, and we’re here to fulfill those needs for you. You guys have a blessed day.

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